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10 Lifestyle Loyalty Programs That Celebrate Customers Being True to Themselves

CEO Tinh Phung
Can companies reward their customers for making positive lifestyle choices as a way of boosting loyalty? Absolutely! A lifestyle loyalty program is a great way to connect with your customers, even when shopping isn’t at...

Can companies reward their customers for making positive lifestyle choices as a way of boosting loyalty? Absolutely! A lifestyle loyalty program is a great way to connect with your customers, even when shopping isn’t at the forefront of their minds. By understanding how customers prioritize their time, what they care about, and aligning your brand with their values and aspirations, you can build better relationships with them.

Lifestyle Loyalty Programs in Motion

Rewarding customers for spending more money is great, but it's no longer enough. A loyalty program that embraces its members’ lifestyles can be an excellent way to build advocacy. This is especially important for companies targeting Gen Y and Z, as 83% of millennials say it’s important for the companies they buy from to align with their beliefs and values, according to a report by 5W PR.

For instance, as the demand for sustainability has grown, lifestyle loyalty programs have emerged to reward sustainable behavior. Loyalty programs can also integrate with a variety of tracking apps, allowing members to receive points immediately after completing fitness or other activities. By encouraging members to live actively or care more for the environment, brands can engage with them outside the buying cycle. Let's explore some real-life examples of how companies reward their customers for non-transactional activities.

Inspiring Health-Focused Loyalty Programs

If you want to make your customers feel good about themselves and attribute this positive change to your brand, consider creating a lifestyle loyalty program that rewards customers for making healthy choices. Encourage them to move more or buy healthier food. Acknowledge their efforts such as going for a run and offer rewards in your stores afterward. You can also provide them with benefits for tracking their weekly exercise. The encouragement will surely be received positively by an athletic-minded community.

1. Vitality - Rewarding Better Living

Vitality, the insurance company, takes rewarding healthy living to another level. When customers become members, they complete a Health Review to find out their Vitality Age. By linking their activity tracker to Vitality, they can earn points for being active, like walking their dogs or going for a run or swim. The more points they earn, the higher their status, and the bigger the rewards get. Members can work their way up from Bronze to Platinum status, unlocking access to the best rewards on offer. Vitality also offers partnerships with brands like Amazon Prime and Apple Watch for additional benefits.

The Vitality Programme rewards their customers for living a healthier life. Vitality teamed up with several Active Reward partners like Amazon Prime and Apple Watch, so members can benefit from these partnerships as well. They also receive discounts on hotel bookings, running shoes, and gym memberships.

2. Bergzeit - Encouraging an Athletic Lifestyle

For outdoor enthusiasts, Bergzeit rewards customers for completing activities through an integration with the popular athletic app, Strava. Bergzeit wanted to reward their members not only for shopping but also for living an athletic lifestyle. Members of Bergzeit Club earn points for climbing to certain heights and reaching different milestones within the program. By combining "earn & burn" and tier mechanics, Bergzeit delivers short-term reward experiences while maintaining long-term engagement.

Bergzeit Club members get rewarded for completing activities. The most recent challenge in Bergzeit Club encouraged members to cycle or mountain bike 400 km within two months.

3. Walgreens - Promoting Health Challenges

Walgreens' loyalty program, myWalgreens, goes beyond traditional rewards. Members can earn bonus Walgreens Cash for achieving physical activity and lifestyle goals through health challenges or by donating Walgreens Cash to charity. Members can participate in two challenges simultaneously - one focused on physical activity and the other on lifestyle. Additionally, members can earn rewards for making health and wellness purchases outside of Walgreens and staying informed on real-time local environmental and health forecasts.

Members earn bonus Walgreens Cash for achieving physical activity and lifestyle goals. Upon completing a Walgreens health challenge, members can earn up to $1 in Walgreens Cash rewards per month. Those who complete all four weeks of the challenge receive a bonus spin worth up to $2 in Walgreens Cash rewards.

Loyalty Programs That Are Making the World a Better Place

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is crucial in today's world, as customers are increasingly conscious of social and environmental issues. Implementing CSR in your loyalty program can help build your brand image, attract customers with shared values, and make customers feel better about their purchases. Let's discover some loyalty programs that focus on making a positive impact.

4. The Body Shop - Making Lives Better

The Body Shop has long been known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Their loyalty program, the Love Your Body Club, acts more like a community than a points program. Members get rewarded for each dollar they spend, receive invitations to special events, and are given a $10 coupon on their birthday. What sets this loyalty program apart is that members can choose to use their points to treat themselves or donate them to a charity of their choice.

Rewards customers receive when signing up for the Love Your Body Club. Love Your Body Club members receive $10 worth of points for every 100 points they earn, which they can then donate to one of the charity partners.

5. Ben & Jerry's - Contributing to Social Justice

Ben & Jerry's, known for their delicious ice cream, has a loyalty program with a cause. They have created social justice-themed ice cream flavors and donated sales to charities supporting animals, the environment, social programs, and other causes. By standing for good causes and raising awareness, Ben & Jerry's rewards customers for joining these aspirations.

Ben & Jerry’s Justice ReMix’d flavor ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s Justice ReMix’d ice cream is just one of the many flavors that support a good cause. The company donates a portion of the proceeds from its sales.

6. Cuyana - Supporting a Good Cause

Cuyana, an apparel and accessories brand for women, believes in the philosophy of "the fewer, the better." They produce only what they believe they can sell and focus on sustainability. Not only is 96% of Cuyana's assortment made from sustainable materials, but they also support victims of abuse through their partnership with H.E.A.R.T. When customers spend their Cuyana shopping credit, the company donates 5% of the profits from their total purchase amount to H.E.A.R.T. This connection between sustainability and their loyalty program creates an opportunity for extra discounts for donating members.

Cuyana’s customers fill a box with high-quality apparel and accessories that they no longer need. Cuyana's customers can fill a bag with high-quality apparel and accessories that they no longer need and send it off to receive a $10 credit towards their next purchase. Once their bag is processed, they receive an email about the credit they have earned.

Rewarding Sustainability

As customers demand more sustainable practices, companies have a moral duty to reduce their environmental footprint. Implementing green elements in loyalty programs not only helps protect the environment but also increases brand loyalty and attracts eco-conscious customers. Here are some examples of loyalty programs that reward customers for making sustainable choices and recycling.

7. Vans - Turning Old to Gold

Vans takes a step towards sustainability by allowing customers to recycle their old or unwearable shoes. The shoes are then transformed into park benches, phone cases, skateboard decks, and more. Customers who take part in Vans' WEAR-ON campaign and donate their unwanted shoes at a Vans store receive special discount vouchers, bonus points, and the satisfaction of contributing to waste reduction, poverty alleviation, and empowerment.

Vans lets their customers recycle their old or unwearable shoes. Every time Vans collects 20kg in shoe donations, they pass them on to partner organizations that redistribute the shoes to people in need, creating jobs and sustaining small businesses.

8. Beer Hawk - Empty Kegs Are Welcome

Beer Hawk, a beer retailer, encourages customers to return their kegs for recycling. For each keg returned, customers earn £5 worth of Beer Tokens and contribute to waste reduction. In addition to the keg return program, Beer Hawk rewards customer reviews and referrals as part of their loyalty program. By engaging customers in valuable ways, Beer Hawk cultivates brand loyalty.

The process of returning empty Beer Hawk kegs. On their website, Beer Hawk provides customers with detailed instructions for returning their empty kegs.

9. H&M - Standing for Sustainable Choices

H&M has incorporated sustainability rewards into its loyalty program. Members can earn Conscious points for purchasing Conscious items, which are more sustainable options. Additionally, customers can earn points and receive a digital voucher for recycling clothes they no longer use through H&M's Garment Collecting program. H&M also encourages a more sustainable lifestyle by rewarding members for bringing their own bags when shopping at their stores.

H&M rewards members for making more sustainable choices. Conscious points are transformed into vouchers that can be redeemed on future purchases. These points are separated from regular points, so customers can easily keep track of their sustainable choices.

Recognizing Good Behavior

By rewarding customers for following the rules and making responsible choices, you can encourage improved behaviors and build loyalty. Customers not only feel motivated to do the right thing but also appreciate earning points for their actions.

10. The Hanover Insurance Group - Promoting Safety

The Hanover Insurance Group launched the SafeTeen driving program to educate new teen drivers and give parents peace of mind. Through the program's mobile app, parents can monitor their teen's driving behaviors, including distracted driving, speeding, and hard braking. Teens who achieve high scores may qualify to receive Amazon rewards, while participating parents enjoy a discount on their auto policy. This loyalty program promotes safety and responsible driving.

Hanover launched its SafeTeen driving program to educate new teen drivers. The Hanover SafeTeen Program's driving safety course helps inexperienced drivers improve their skills and reduce accidents.

Aligning With the Interests & Core Values of Your Customers

Being part of your customers' everyday lives presents a great opportunity to reward them for living well. By sharing the same values and interests as your customers, you can strengthen the emotional bond with your brand. Remember that your lifestyle loyalty program should align with your company’s mission to create a cohesive brand image.

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