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11 Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Colorado: Discover Unique Style and Unbeatable Quality

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Welcome to your ultimate guide to the best vintage clothing stores in Colorado! If you're a fashion enthusiast seeking unique and stylish pieces, vintage clothing stores are the perfect destination. Whether you appreciate designer labels...

Best Vintage Clothing Stores In Colorado

Welcome to your ultimate guide to the best vintage clothing stores in Colorado! If you're a fashion enthusiast seeking unique and stylish pieces, vintage clothing stores are the perfect destination. Whether you appreciate designer labels or classic accessories, these shops have something to cater to every taste.

With an abundance of amazing options across Colorado, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. That's why we've compiled this list of the 11 best vintage clothing stores in Colorado. We've carefully selected each store based on its unique offerings, exceptional customer experiences, and high-quality merchandise. So, let's dive in and find that perfect piece to elevate your wardrobe!

1. Fifty-Two 80's: A Totally Awesome Shop

Fifty-Two 80’s : A Totally Awesome Shop

Housed in an unassuming building, Fifty-Two 80's: A Totally Awesome Shop offers a truly unique and exciting shopping experience for vintage fashion enthusiasts. This vintage clothing store boasts a diverse collection of affordable items, ensuring there's something for everyone. The store is well-organized, making it a breeze to find your perfect vintage piece.

The friendly and helpful staff at Fifty-Two 80's are always ready to assist you, whether you have questions or need help finding something specific. The selection is impressive, with items that would appeal to any vintage fashion lover. The reasonable prices are a bonus, considering the age and quality of the merchandise. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on the great deals offered here!

2. The Shop

The Shop

Tucked away in a quaint antique shopping area, The Shop stands out as a vintage clothing store with its unique selection of clothing, footwear, and home accessories. This gem has gained quite a reputation for its carefully curated pieces that are both fashionable and affordable.

Everything at The Shop looks beautiful and well-priced. From the moment you step inside, the warm and welcoming customer service adds to the overall experience. The sustainability focus of the store makes it even more appealing, allowing you to shop second-hand while supporting a small business. With different themed rotations, such as Fancy & French or Garden Party, you'll always find something new and exciting here!

3. Old Crows Antiques

Old Crows Antiques

Nestled in the heart of the city, Old Crows Antiques is a vintage clothing store that truly stands out. Offering a wide selection of unique, high-quality items and providing excellent customer service, this store has earned its spot on our list.

The inventory at Old Crows Antiques is constantly changing, guaranteeing you'll find something new and exciting with each visit. The affordable prices and ample space to browse make the shopping experience even more enjoyable. The friendly staff is always ready to answer any questions or offer advice on your purchases. From music to toys, furniture to kitchenware, you'll find it all at Old Crows Antiques.

4. Coralun Vintage

Coralun Vintage

Located in the heart of downtown, Coralun Vintage is the go-to vintage clothing store for those seeking high-quality, sustainable fashion at accessible prices. With an amazing variety of clothes and jewelry, all of which are unique and affordable, this store is a real treasure.

The knowledgeable and friendly owner of Coralun Vintage makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable. You'll find everything from retro 80s clothing to 1960s vintage outfits from Peru, all at reasonable prices. Even if you don't find something in your size, the quaint atmosphere and engaging conversation with the owner will make your visit worthwhile. Supporting small businesses and environmental sustainability efforts has never been easier!

5. The Ten Penny Store

The Ten Penny Store

The Ten Penny Store offers an enchanting vintage shopping experience that transports you to a different time and place. With its vintage décor and carefully curated selection of clothing, this store is a must-visit.

The store boasts a diverse range of sizes, styles, and colors, all in great condition. The prices are reasonable, and the customer service is friendly and helpful. The selection of items is well-curated, featuring quality pieces from decades past. You'll find sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, coats, shoes, and more for men and women, catering to all sizes. Don't forget to explore their amazing vinyl record collection too!

6. Fourth Place

Fourth Place

Fourth Place is a hidden gem that stands out among downtown second-hand shops. This clean and well-organized vintage clothing store offers top-notch items at very reasonable prices.

The owner's deep knowledge of vintage clothing and selection expertise enhances the shopping experience. The friendly staff, inviting atmosphere, and high-quality clothes make shopping here a true delight. From t-shirts to jeans and jackets, Fourth Place has something for everyone. So, put this store on your list and prepare to discover your new favorite vintage piece!

7. Snatchy


For vintage clothing lovers in the Denver area, Snatchy is an absolute must-visit. This store offers an excellent selection of vintage clothing at competitive prices, setting it apart from other stores on South Broadway.

Filled with cool shirts, sweaters, and other items from the 80s, 90s, and even some great 70s pieces, Snatchy is a treasure trove of unique fashion finds. The inviting and cheerful atmosphere, along with the friendly and efficient customer service, make every visit a delight. Snatchy is a haven for thrift shopping and vintage fashion lovers alike. Don't miss out on the extensive selection of quality items and the warm welcome you'll receive!

8. La Lovely Vintage

La Lovely Vintage

Packed with vintage and contemporary pieces, La Lovely Vintage is the ultimate destination for finding something special. This clean, well-organized store offers a friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide you through their extensive collection.

La Lovely Vintage has achieved the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary fashion, ensuring there's something to suit every style. The competitive prices both in-store and online make it even more appealing. From black Levi's to handmade bags, every item has been carefully selected for its quality and uniqueness. This store is a true haven for vintage fashion enthusiasts, offering an enjoyable shopping experience in a friendly atmosphere.

9. The Common Collective

The Common Collective

Fashion lovers, rejoice! The Common Collective is your one-stop shop for vintage clothing, accessories, and more. This store offers a wide variety of handpicked items, from tees to shoes to jewelry.

The prices are reasonable and the store frequently holds sales, allowing you to grab fantastic deals. The welcoming staff makes you feel at home from the moment you step through the door. The store's energy is great, and it's owned by a Black entrepreneur, adding an extra layer of pride and support.

At The Common Collective, you'll find everything from jean jackets to baseball caps, all at incredibly affordable prices. The store even features handmade polymer clay earrings, butterfly clips, and local businesses for a unique shopping experience. So, if you love thrift shopping and vintage fashion, this store is a must-visit!

10. High Desert Opera

High Desert Opera

Housing some of the most excellent quality and unique vintage clothing, furniture, pottery, art, and more, High Desert Opera is a true gem. This store offers fair prices and top-notch customer service, making it a must-visit for vintage shopping enthusiasts.

The staff at High Desert Opera is friendly, accommodating, and always ready to answer your questions. You'll find an unmatched inventory of mid-century modern style antiques that are classic, yet one-of-a-kind. Whether you're searching for something special to tie a room together or want to enjoy a chat with the owner, this store is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Make sure to visit High Desert Opera for a truly unique vintage shopping experience!

11. Darklands Vintage

Darklands Vintage

Tucked away in a cozy corner of the city, Darklands Vintage is an absolute gem for vintage fashion lovers. This impeccably organized store offers an impressive selection of meticulously curated pieces from different eras.

The staff at Darklands Vintage are not only knowledgeable but also friendly, providing excellent customer service. They are always ready to answer any questions and provide advice on fit and style. What truly sets this store apart is their commitment to authenticity and quality. Every item is carefully inspected before being put up for sale, ensuring that your purchase will last more than one season.

Whether you're looking for a special outfit or simply want to browse, Darklands Vintage should definitely be on your list. You'll be captivated by the unique pieces and unbeatable quality you'll find here. Get ready to elevate your style to new heights!

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