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12 Independent Boutiques in London You Must Visit

CEO Tinh Phung
From the people to the storefronts of the boutiques strewn across famous streets, fashion is everywhere in London! London is renowned for its chic, niche, and independent boutiques that offer the best of contemporary fashion....

Boutiques in London

From the people to the storefronts of the boutiques strewn across famous streets, fashion is everywhere in London! London is renowned for its chic, niche, and independent boutiques that offer the best of contemporary fashion. While large chains like Primark may dominate certain areas, hidden gems can be found throughout the city. Here are some of the best boutiques you must visit on a trip to London.

Fashion Boutiques (Clothes & Jewelry)

Fashion Boutiques in London

1. 69b Boutique

i-D Magazine’s former fashion editor, Merryn Leslie, started 69b Boutique in 2011 with the vision of bringing affordable and sustainable fashion to everyone. Although the store was sold in 2020, the essence of Merryn Leslie has stayed with the boutique under the new owner, Emma Bonar. 69b Boutique now caters to people looking for trendy and environmentally sustainable fashion with brands like Dedicated, Veja, People Tree, and Komodo.

2. Jessie Western

Jessie and Vicky, the owners of Jessie Western, have created a boutique that supports Native American artists and fashionistas. They handcraft all their silver and turquoise jewelry and offer a range of exquisite stone jewelry, suede tasselled jackets, silver concho belts, and more. Working closely with Zuni and Navajo artists, Jessie Western's unique pieces are adored by clients like Chloë Sevigny and Kate Moss.


AIDA Shoreditch is a boutique founded by four sisters in 2012. They have successfully blended the vibrancy of Shoreditch into their boutique, offering a selection of chic indie labels for both men and women. In addition to fashion, AIDA has a small cafe where you can enjoy a coffee or browse their book corner. They have left no stone unturned to make their boutique stand out.

4. Modern Society

Located on Redchurch Street, Modern Society combines fashion with cozy coffee. They showcase genderless labels and feature clothes in line with the latest trends. Modern Society also offers their own line of unique T-shirts and crystals, making it a destination for fashion-forward individuals.

5. Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack's boutique in Carlos Place, London, is housed in a Georgian townhouse that resembles an art gallery. Amongst contemporary art, antiques, and old books, you'll find Jessica McCormack's stunning diamond jewelry showcased in glass frames. Explore the New Zealand-born designer's work and her mix of modern and traditional jewelry crafting.

6. KJ's Laundry

KJ's Laundry, named after owners Kate Allden and Jane Ellis, is a boutique that exudes a New York-style bohemian feel. They offer minimalistic yet beautiful printed dresses and shirts from various brands. If you're looking for a unique fashion experience, KJ's Laundry is a must-visit boutique.

7. HUB

HUB is owned by fashionable sisters, Lou and Georgie, who cater to women looking for comfy, casual, yet stylish outfits. They offer timeless, functional, sustainable, and fashionable clothes from different brands. HUB also has its own British fabrics and manufacturing label, Allsea, known for its high-quality fabrics.

Miscellaneous Boutiques

Miscellaneous Boutiques in London

1. Labour and Wait

Labour and Wait is a homeware store that focuses on simple and honest designs. They offer modern and traditional furniture, timeless tablecloths, colored mason jars, and more. Labour and Wait's timeless aesthetic encourages customers to hold onto their purchases amidst changing trends.

2. Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon is not your ordinary boutique - it is a candle store with a rich history of candle making. Their flickering candles have illuminated famous historical places and figures. Step into their store and immerse yourself in its Parisian atmosphere, adorned with French wallpaper, decorative chandeliers, and reclaimed wooden floors. You'll find their wonderful candles and room fragrance collection absolutely irresistible.

3. Roullier White

Roullier White, located on Lordship Lane, may initially seem like a glassware and ceramics boutique from the outside. However, inside, you'll discover a wide range of laundry products by Mrs. White and a small perfumery at the back. Explore the surprises that Roullier White has to offer.

4. Indian Summer

Indian Summer is a boutique filled with colors and positive vibes. They offer a wide range of products, including womenswear, jewelry, children's and baby's necessities, bath and body commodities, homeware, and party and Christmas supplies. Indian Summer truly showcases trendy and premium items across various categories.

5. Momosan

Momosan is a minimalistic boutique that curates pottery collections and other unique handmade items. The owner, Momoko Mizutani, prioritizes handmade craftsmanship and natural fabrics. You'll find a variety of handpicked items, including pottery, soaps, incense, and international treasures. Momosan beautifully brings the traditional fashion, arts, and crafts of Japan to London.


When it comes to shopping, London is a paradise with a variety of options. These boutiques offer a unique experience and a chance to discover something extraordinary. Whether you're searching for sustainable fashion, exquisite jewelry, or one-of-a-kind homeware, London's independent boutiques have got you covered. Explore as many of these boutiques as possible and leave London with a satisfied shopping experience.

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