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12 Pieces of Menswear That Redefined Style in the 2010s

CEO Tinh Phung
The last decade witnessed a revolution in menswear. Men's fashion finally caught up with the creativity and influence of womenswear. Designers creating men's clothing started receiving the same level of analysis and attention as their...

The last decade witnessed a revolution in menswear. Men's fashion finally caught up with the creativity and influence of womenswear. Designers creating men's clothing started receiving the same level of analysis and attention as their female counterparts. The fashion landscape embraced rapid trends, and the once-static world of men's fashion underwent a dramatic transformation.

At the beginning of the 2010s, sharp tailoring, epitomized by the suave Don Draper, dominated the scene. Men started taking style and its intricacies seriously. However, this era saw the rise of various fashion movements, including hipsters, Scandi minimalists, and normcore enthusiasts. Eventually, streetwear took center stage, pushing casual dress to new heights.

Unlike previous decades, there was no single dominant style. Anything and everything became cool, thanks to the accessibility of fashion through the internet. The 2010s were a decade of experimentation and boundary-pushing.

Let's explore 12 iconic pieces of menswear that defined the style of the 2010s.

Selvedge Denim

uniqlo SELVEDGE SLIM FIT STRETCH JEANS - click to buy Selvedge denim gained immense popularity in this decade. Online forums, where like-minded individuals discussed their fashion interests, played a crucial role in fueling the obsession with selvedge denim. The allure of fades, Japanese shuttle looms, and washing jeans in the sea captivated many men.


NUDIE LEAN DEAN JEAN - click to buy Luxury brands faced a conundrum - maintaining exclusivity while expanding their customer base. The solution came in the form of merchandise. By producing logo-covered items at a slightly more affordable price point, luxury brands attracted a younger audience who could now access their products.

Minimal Sneakers

A.P.C. New Standard Dry Selvedge Denim Jeans - click to buy Brogues were once the go-to shoe for style-conscious men. However, minimal sneakers soon replaced them as the staple office footwear. Classics like Common Projects Achilles and Stan Smiths became wardrobe essentials, marking a shift towards casual elegance.

Pocket Squares

MR P. Slim-Fit Selvedge Denim Jeans - click to buy Alongside the rise of workwear, classic menswear enthusiasts emerged. Suddenly, men who were accustomed to shopping on the high street delved into the world of Italian tailoring brands. They mastered the art of the perfect suit drop and the precise folding of pocket squares. The Pitti Uomo trade show became a stage for men showcasing their sartorial expertise.

Luxe Joggers

SUPREME Pilot marker pen - click to buy In 2015, Vladimir Putin sported an expensive cashmere tracksuit, igniting a trend that combined luxury with comfort. Brunello Cucinelli's luxury joggers gained popularity as men realized they could dress up while staying comfortable. The era of stiff formal wear was fading away.


FENDI Fantastic Fendi shoulder strap - click to buy Yeezys revolutionized the sneaker culture in 2015. These limited-edition shoes became incredibly popular, merging exclusivity and mass-market appeal. The Yeezy 350 mainstreamed sneaker raffles, resale mark-ups, and teenage entrepreneurs flipping shoes for profit.

Skinny Jeans

PALM ANGELS flame-print iPhone X case - click to buy Skinny jeans, once considered a passing fad, made a surprising comeback. Love Island contestants brought them back into the spotlight. Despite the controversy surrounding their popularity, skinny jeans continue to dominate the fashion landscape. However, loose-fitting trousers are emerging as an alternative.

Cross-Body Bags

GUCCI Loved keyring - click to buy The revival of cross-body bags took the fashion world by storm. Kim Jones' reinterpretation of Dior's iconic saddlebag as a cross-body carrier, combined with the increasing need to carry everyday essentials, led to their resurgence in popularity.


MR P. Larry Leather Sneakers - click to buy The lines between high fashion and streetwear blurred during the 2010s. The once-controversial hoodie transformed into a luxury item with exorbitant price tags. This unexpected shift redefined the significance and perception of this versatile piece of clothing.

Wide-Leg Trousers

COMMON PROJECTS Original Achilles Leather Sneakers - click to buy As skinny jeans gained popularity, wide-leg trousers made a comeback, providing a more comfortable alternative. Pleats and loose-fitting trousers re-emerged, allowing men to breathe freely. However, fashion's cyclical nature suggests that tight-fitting trousers will make a return sooner or later.

Bomber Jackets

CONVERSE JACK PURCELL - click to buy Bomber jackets became synonymous with the casual-smart fashion movement. Designers drew inspiration from military attire, transforming the bomber jacket into a versatile wardrobe staple. Cotton and scuba fabric variations became the go-to lightweight layer for dressing down with style.

Chunky Trainers

ADIDAS STAN SMITH - click to buy Chunky trainers, such as Balenciaga's Triple S and Alexander McQueen's platform trainers, made a lasting impact on menswear. These orthopedic-inspired shoes created a polarizing trend, with some arguing that they were a creative statement, while others saw them as a paradoxical fashion gimmick. Despite the debate, they became an inseparable part of the fashion landscape.

The 2010s were a transformative period for menswear, marked by experimentation and inclusivity. These twelve pieces redefined style and paved the way for a new era of fashion. As we step into the 2020s, it remains to be seen what trends and styles will shape the future of men's fashion.