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13 Best Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts: Affordable and Quality Styles in 2024

CEO Tinh Phung
You might already know how essential a trusty t-shirt is for a guy's wardrobe, but have you considered its long-sleeved counterpart? Men's long sleeve t-shirts are often overlooked, but they are the perfect balance of...

You might already know how essential a trusty t-shirt is for a guy's wardrobe, but have you considered its long-sleeved counterpart? Men's long sleeve t-shirts are often overlooked, but they are the perfect balance of style and functionality. They can be worn on their own, layered under a jacket, or paired with a flannel shirt, making them versatile for the fall months and beyond.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect long sleeve t-shirt. To save you time and effort, we have curated a list of the best men's long sleeve t-shirts from across the web. These options not only offer quality and affordability, but they also come in various styles that suit different preferences.

Key Takeaways

Choosing the right long sleeve t-shirt can be challenging, considering the plethora of options available. To simplify your decision-making process, we have selected the top styles you should focus on. In addition to discovering the best long sleeve t-shirts, you will learn what sets them apart from the rest. We will also provide you with useful styling tips to enhance your wardrobe.

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Best Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Wax London Hayden Long Sleeve T-Shirt

When it comes to men's long sleeve t-shirts, cotton is the go-to material. It offers comfort, easy care, and the perfect weight to be worn throughout the year. However, not all cotton is the same. Wax London's Hayden Long Sleeve T-Shirt is made using a brushing method that makes it as soft as your favorite blanket. With its crew neck, long sleeves, and sweatshirt-like cuffs, this t-shirt is perfect for mild evenings and cool summers. Pair it with cargos and classic Chucks for a casual yet stylish look.

Wax London Hayden LS T-Shirt

Best Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt: Luca Faloni Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A crew neck is a timeless style that looks great with any outfit. Luca Faloni's silk-cotton long sleeve t-shirt is our top pick in this category. With its blend of 60% silk and 40% cotton, this t-shirt is suitable for all seasons. Wear it alone during warmer months or layer it under knitwear for winter. It pairs well with dark denim and smart sneakers, but you can also style it with khakis or shorts for a versatile look.

Luca Faloni Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Pockets: Everlane Pocket Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Pockets add both functionality and style to a long sleeve t-shirt. Everlane's organic pocket tee is not only visually appealing and versatile but also backed by the brand's 365-day guarantee. Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt is perfect for casual wear. Whether you want to hold a couple of bank cards or simply add a cool touch to your outfit, this t-shirt has got you covered.

Everlane The Organic Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Percival Long Sleeve Breton T-Shirt

If you want to stand out, a striped long sleeve t-shirt is a must-have. Percival offers a timeless Breton-style tee with a charming nautical appeal. Crafted from cotton with a hint of stretch, this t-shirt can be worn alone with slacks or layered under an overshirt with jeans or cargos. Embrace the classic look and become the most stylish man in your circle.

Percival Breton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Polo Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Axel Arigato Signature Polo

When the weather calls for something in between heavy sweaters and bare arms, a polo long sleeve t-shirt is your answer. Axel Arigato's signature polo strikes the perfect smart-casual balance. This versatile piece pairs well with various pants, making it suitable for any occasion. Wear it alone or layer it with a jacket or flannel shirt for a stylish and comfortable look.

Axel Arigato polo sweater

Best Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Hamilton & Hare Long Sleeve Lounge T-Shirt

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to a standout outfit. Hamilton & Hare's long sleeve lounge t-shirt is made from a cotton and lyocell blend, offering both style and comfort. With a rounded neck and corozo-nut button loop closure, this t-shirt adds a unique touch to your weekend and relaxed office attire. Pair it with sweatpants, jeans, or slacks for endless outfit opportunities.

Hamilton & Hare Lounge Olive Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best V-neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt: H2H Long Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

If you prefer a deeper neckline, H2H offers a lightweight long sleeve v-neck t-shirt that adds a touch of smartness to your outfit. Suitable for work or the weekend, this versatile t-shirt pairs well with smart slacks or dark denim. With over 30 color options and an extensive size range, you're sure to find the perfect fit.

H2H Casual V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Beige Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Club Monaco Williams Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Beige is a refreshing alternative to plain white, and Club Monaco's Williams long sleeve t-shirt proves that you don't have to be loud to be noticed. Made from soft cotton-jersey, this versatile t-shirt can be dressed up or down. Pair it with a flannel shirt for a casual outing or with khakis for an effortlessly cool look. The neutral color makes it suitable for year-round wear.

Club Monaco Williams Cotton Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Affordable Long Sleeve T-Shirt: H&M Long Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt

Looking good doesn't have to break the bank. H&M offers a classic budget jersey t-shirt that is perfect for smart-casual outfits. With its crew neckline and regular fit, this t-shirt serves as an ideal base layer or standalone piece. Pair it with dad jeans or style it in various ways to create a range of versatile looks.

H&M Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Designer Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Off-White Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Splurging on a designer piece can be worth it, especially when it comes to Off-White's logo long sleeve t-shirt. With its signature diagonal stripes and slightly loose fit, this t-shirt exudes a badass skater vibe. Pair it with ripped denim for a casual look or dress it up with khakis and high-top sneakers for a more elevated ensemble.

Off-White Logo Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Paradise Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Graphic tees are a great way to express your style. Paradise offers a cotton-jersey long sleeve t-shirt with striking prints that reference the designer's commitment to planet-friendly fashion. This t-shirt can be worn with jeans and sneakers for a casual weekend look or paired with loose-fitting sweatpants for maximum comfort.

Paradise Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Best Hooded Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Florence Marine X Burgee Recover Long Sleeve T-Shirt

For those who love outdoor exploration, a hooded long sleeve t-shirt is a great choice. Florence Marine X specializes in technical apparel design, and their hooded long sleeve t-shirt is made from special recycled materials. This t-shirt is perfect for a day at the beach or a casual brunch. Pair it with swim shorts, jeans, or khakis for an effortlessly cool look.

Florence Marine Burgee Recover Hooded Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Overall Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Asket Long Sleeve T-Shirt

When it comes to versatility, Asket's long sleeve t-shirt is the clear winner. Made from custom heavyweight combed cotton, this off-white style offers timeless elegance and everyday comfort. Featuring a crew neckline and straight fit, it can be worn throughout the year and paired with any item in your wardrobe. Upgrade your closet with this classic white long sleeve t-shirt that boasts quality and affordability.

Asket Long Sleeve T-Shirt

What To Look For When Buying The Best Long-Sleeve T-shirts For Men

When shopping for long sleeve t-shirts, consider the following factors:


Men's long sleeve t-shirts come in various styles, including different necklines, cuffs, fits, and lengths. Choose a style that suits your preferences, whether that's a slim-fit plain tee for a smart look or an oversized graphic design for a casual vibe.


Most long sleeve t-shirts are made from cotton, which is comfortable, breathable, and easy to care for. Some brands incorporate blends of materials to add stretch to the t-shirt, making it suitable for exercise and sports.


Consider the fit that suits you best, whether you prefer a slimmer or baggier silhouette. Pay attention to the t-shirt's length, especially if you have a longer torso.

Asket Custom Cotton Combed Long Sleeve T-Shirt View More Style Options on Asket

Final Verdict

Men's long sleeve t-shirts offer more than just additional arm coverage. They are an underrated wardrobe staple that can elevate your style for any occasion. With our selection of the best long sleeve t-shirts, regardless of your style or budget, you can upgrade your wardrobe with ease. Our top pick, Asket's long sleeve t-shirt, combines timeless style with everyday comfort, making it the perfect choice for various occasions. Embrace the versatility and upgrade your wardrobe today.