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The Best Men’s Plain T-Shirts: Versatile, Classic, and Comfortable

CEO Tinh Phung
Every guy wears t-shirts. That’s why I created The Best Men’s Plain T-Shirt Guide. I not only show you where to get the best plain t-shirts, but I also show how they should fit, what...

Every guy wears t-shirts. That’s why I created The Best Men’s Plain T-Shirt Guide. I not only show you where to get the best plain t-shirts, but I also show how they should fit, what colors to get, and how to wear them. T-shirts are the most basic of attire and have become a fashion statement. They are versatile, classic, and comfortable, making them an essential piece in every man’s wardrobe.

Why Are Plain T-Shirts Essential for Every Man’s Wardrobe?

Plain t-shirts are essential because we wear them every day. They can be worn with anything in your closet, from dark wash jeans to suits. They are not undershirts but are meant to be worn alone. Plain t-shirts are looser and made from thicker cotton to ensure they keep their shape. They are a must-have for any man.

Plain T-Shirts Plain T-Shirts

Different Types of Men’s T-Shirts

There are different types of men's t-shirts to choose from. The most common type is the crewneck, which is great for layering or wearing on its own. V-necks are suitable for guys with shorter necks as they help lengthen their look. Long sleeve t-shirts, although not technically t-shirts, can be used as a thin layer and are made from the same material as regular t-shirts.

Plain T-Shirts Dos and Don'ts

There are dos and don'ts when it comes to wearing plain t-shirts. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don't wear t-shirts with logos plastered all over them. Opt for a clean minimalist look.
  • Don't tuck in your t-shirt. It creates unsightly bulges and makes an outfit look messy.
  • Don't wear t-shirts with stretched out necks or worn material. Retire them for chores.
  • Don't wear t-shirts with deep V-necks. A slight V is great, but revealing too much is unflattering.
  • Don't wear t-shirts made from shiny material. Keep it simple and let the t-shirt complement your outfit.


While there are t-shirts made from a variety of materials, 100% cotton still reigns supreme. Long staple cotton, in particular, offers durability and softness, making it an excellent choice for plain t-shirts. Other cotton materials to consider include slub cotton, organic cotton, and Pima or Supima cotton. Each material has its own unique features and benefits.

Colors and How to Wear Them

When it comes to plain t-shirts, simplicity is key. Stick to classic colors like white, heather grey, black, and navy. These colors are versatile and can be paired with a variety of outfits. A white t-shirt, for example, can be worn with dark or light jeans or layered under a jacket. Remember to choose colors that suit your personal style and body type.

15 Of The Best Men’s Plain T-Shirts

No matter your budget, there is a plain t-shirt for you. From designer options to budget-friendly choices, here are 15 of the best men's plain t-shirts:

Designer Plain T-Shirt Options:

  1. Vince Crew Neck T-Shirt ($55)
  2. Alex-Mill Standard Slub Cotton T-Shirt ($55)
  3. Filippa K T-Shirts ($65)
  4. Sunspel Classic Cotton T-Shirt ($90)
  5. Handvaerk Crew Neck T-Shirt ($95)

Budget Plain T-Shirt Options:

  1. H&M Crew Neck T-Shirt Regular Fit ($7)
  2. Gap Classic T-Shirt ($18)
  3. Cos Round Neck T-Shirt ($19)
  4. Farnol Everyday Short Sleeve Pima Cotton T-shirt ($25)
  5. J. Crew Garment-Dyed Slub Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt ($27)

Plain T-Shirt Outfits Plain T-Shirt Outfits

How to Wear Plain T-Shirts

Plain t-shirts can be styled in various ways to create different looks. Here are a few outfit ideas to inspire you:

Plain T-Shirt Outfit With A Blazer

  • Navy Blazer
  • Asket Charcoal Grey T-Shirt
  • J. Crew LT Beige Chinos
  • J. Crew 1990 MacAlister boot in suede Anchor Grey
  • J. Crew Classic Leather Belt

Plain T-Shirt Outfit With Dark Wash Jeans

  • J. Crew Denim jacket in washed black
  • Asket charcoal grey t-shirt
  • Rogue Territory Officer Stealth Jeans Black
  • J. Crew Red Wing Rover Boots Black
  • ATTCL Aviator Sunglasses Black

Plain T-Shirt Outfit With an Oxford Dress Shirt

  • J. Crew American Pima cotton oxford shirt - Tonal Blue
  • Alex Mill Standard Cotton Jersey T-Shirt- Navy
  • Rogue Territory Standard Issue 15 OZ
  • Nike X J. Crew Killshot 2
  • J. Crew classic buckle belt

Plain T-Shirt Outfit With A Bomber Jacket

  • American Trench Black Bomber
  • Asket Black T-Shirt
  • Rogue Territory Officer Stealth Jeans Black
  • Red Wing Heritage Rover boots
  • ATTCL Black Aviator Sunglasses

Having a wardrobe full of plain t-shirts gives you endless options to choose from. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, a plain t-shirt is a versatile piece that can elevate any outfit. So take your time when shopping and find the right style, fit, and color for your plain t-shirt.