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Get the Perfect 1930s Look: Tips on Recreating 1930s Outfits

CEO Tinh Phung
Caption: Recreate the iconic 1930s look with these helpful tips and modern-day fashion choices. The 1930s was a decade marked by significant events, from the Wall Street Crash to the onset of World War II....

1930s outfit ideas, what to wear to the 1930s event Caption: Recreate the iconic 1930s look with these helpful tips and modern-day fashion choices.

The 1930s was a decade marked by significant events, from the Wall Street Crash to the onset of World War II. It was a time of change, and fashion reflected this shift towards subtlety and elegance. In this article, we will explore how you can recreate the iconic 1930s look using modern clothing options.

Recreating 1930s Outfits: The Key Elements

The most recognizable feature of 1930s fashion was the emphasis on long, sleek lines. Gone were the flashy beaded gowns of the Jazz Age, replaced by light floral dresses, feminine suits, and casual separates inspired by Hollywood starlets. The popularity of films during this era played a significant role in shaping fashion trends , as people desired to emulate the looks of their favorite movie stars.

1930s outfits Caption: 1930s casual dresses were a staple for women of the era.

30s Casual Dresses

For women at home, the humble house dress was a staple. Initially resembling aprons, these dresses evolved into more sophisticated housecoats with wrap-style fastenings or zippers. Made from durable and easy-to-clean fabrics like cotton, these dresses were often plain but started featuring larger patterns towards the end of the decade. Today, you can wear a house dress for a relaxed everyday vintage look.

1930s Casual Summer Clothes

Escapism was a prevalent theme in the 1930s, with a focus on enjoying the outdoors. Leisurewear became popular, with cream and white shades, sailor stripes, and nautical motifs being favorites. Women embraced two-pieces, playsuits, and loose pants for their pursuit of fresh air and sunshine. Pair these summer clothes with round tortoiseshell sunglasses and a large straw sun hat to complete the 1930s look.

1930s Skirts and Blouses

As the demand for versatile separates grew, blouses and smart skirts became essential pieces. With women entering the workforce, their wardrobes needed to provide economical options for daily wear. Blouse necklines could be dressed up or down with removable collars and dickeys, allowing for different looks with the same items. The fashionable silhouette of the era focused on the shoulders and neckline, with large bows, caplets, and fabric flounces adding subtle details.

1930s Beach Pajamas

Continuing the focus on leisurewear, beach pajamas became popular for promenading along the seafront. These wide-leg pants were not only fashionable but also comfortable in hot weather. Made from cotton and featuring plain, striped, or printed designs, beach pajamas embraced a relaxed and carefree style. You can recreate this look with wide-legged trousers and a loose-fitting top or opt for a jumpsuit paired with a large straw brimmed hat and round sunglasses.

30s Tea Dresses

Afternoon dresses were a dressier alternative to house dresses and featured stylistic detailing. From mid-calf lengths to knee-length hems, these dresses accentuated the waist and featured interesting skirt details like pleats and godets. To complete the late '30s look, accessorize one of these dresses with smart accessories.

1930s Eveningwear

Explore the various styles and accessories of women's 1930s eveningwear.

1930s Explorer

Women in the 1930s embraced comfortable menswear-inspired clothes for outdoor activities and travel. From breeches to jodhpurs, denim jeans to shorts, women had a variety of options for dressing up or down while enjoying the great outdoors.

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can recreate 1930s outfits. Whether you're attending a themed event or simply want to add a touch of vintage style to your everyday look, the 1930s fashion offers a wealth of inspiration. So embrace the elegance and sophistication of this era and have fun experimenting with different pieces and styles.