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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Men's Suit

CEO Tinh Phung
You wake up, have a cup of coffee, shower, shave, open your mouth and smack both cheeks like they do in old-school Gillette commercials for no reason, and then leave for wherever. And somewhere in...

You wake up, have a cup of coffee, shower, shave, open your mouth and smack both cheeks like they do in old-school Gillette commercials for no reason, and then leave for wherever. And somewhere in between all that routine, you also put on your favorite jeans, favorite t-shirt, and favorite shoes. Makes sense. Fair enough. But if the occasion called for it, do you happen to have access to one or more of the best men’s suits out there today?

It’s a weighty sartorial question and one we believe should be far less polarizing than it is. A proper suit—regardless of how much you pay for it—should be considered a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Whether you have a stable of trusty men’s suits or are just looking for “The One,” there’s a lot to consider in terms of material, style, fit, and so many other factors.

So let’s unravel this beautiful mess together with our picks for the best suits for men across a range of categories. Choose wisely. Or better yet, choose indiscriminately and with great abandon…

man in a suit standing on a cliff in front of a bell tower at sunset Image Source: brunellocucinelli_brand / Instagram

1. Best Overall Men's Suit: Gieves & Hawkes Drummond Hopsack Blazer

The Holy Grail of best men’s suits may be waiting for you at Gieves & Hawkes, one of Savile Row’s most storied and experienced tailors. No matter the color, style, or material you choose, a bespoke or made-to-measure experience at No. 1 Savile Row will not disappoint.

But if you can’t make it to the U.K. just yet, the Drummond Navy Hopsack Blazer paired with one of the brand’s gray or navy trousers is a close second. Rooted in traditional tailoring, this single-breasted beauty features notched lapels, three pockets, and heritage charm for days.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 36-50 | Colors: Navy | Care: Dry clean

Gieves & Hawkes Drummond Hopsack Blazer

2. Best Men's Light Gray Suit: Jetsetter Stretch

Achieving a tailored look for an off-the-peg price is easier said than done. Unless, of course, you’re working with the Jetsetter Stretch line from Bonobos. And a bunch of other suits, but those don’t count right now.

A very traditional suit at a very reasonable price point is what you’re dealing with here. We’re opting for the light gray iteration of this classically handsome suit for early-spring weddings and late-summer happy hours. Though it would be every bit as comfortable… well, everywhere else.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 36S-48L | Colors: Gray, Black, Navy, Charcoal | Care: Dry Clean

Bonobos Suit Jacket

3. Best Men's Unstructured Suit: L’Estrange 24 Blazer

Unlike the do-anything Ludlow, you’ll want to reserve L’Estrange’s 24 Blazer for life’s more buttoned-down occasions. But damn, will it ever make an impression. A completely unstructured blazer in every way, you’ll be able to pull it off almost anywhere. And lest we bury the lede, it’s constructed of super-fine Merino wool, making it cozy, breathable, and suitable for year-round deployment.

Though you could (and oftentimes should) pair the blazer with L’Estrange’s 24 Trouser to complete the look, you may be better off dressing this jacket down for an effortlessly elevated look.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Colors: Charcoal, Navy | Care: Dry Clean

Todd Snyder Italian Seersucker Traveler

4. Best Men's Black Suit: Todd Snyder Italian Seersucker Traveler

Navy. Gray. Black. The triumvirate of suit colors that deserves a place in every gentleman’s closet isn’t breaking any molds, yet we must reckon with them. With that in mind, the best men’s suit in the black category has to go to Todd Snyder’s Traveler.

Sneaky garment, this one. Underneath its handsome, everything-friendly black fabric sourced from Italy’s Subalpino Mill is a concealable drawstring on the pants. The shoulders are unstructured, and the interior canvas is nonexistent. The end result is nothing short of pure optical illusion since this men’s suit is all but indiscernible from more traditional options.

Material: Cotton Seersucker | Sizes available: 36R-46L | Colors: Black | Care: Dry Clean

Suitsupply Navy Havana Suit

5. Best Men's Slim Fit Suit: Suit Supply Navy Havana Suit

If you’re looking for a suit-of-all-trades, you’re looking for Suitsupply’s Havana. Its wool and linen blend comes from Northern Italy’s Vitale Barberis Canonico—the very same fabric mill that Ermenegildo Zegna turns to for many of its pieces.

Most of Suitsupply’s suits already err on the slim side, and this suit brand does a fantastic job of making off-the-rack look bespoke. The Havana jacket features a notched lapel, two-button closure, and pleated, pad-free shoulders for an elegantly relaxed look. This well-priced closet staple can go from work to play to a wedding to cocktails without skipping a beat.

Material: Wool Linen | Sizes available: XXS-4XL | Colors: Navy | Care: Dry Clean

The Buxley From Reiss

6. Best Men's Splurge Suit: KNT by Kiton

The man who drives in Kiton’s cashmere-suit lane is a man who not only appreciates quality but demands it—and, most importantly, is willing to pay for it. Just north of the five-figure border lies this specimen of a men’s suit constructed of cashmere, linen, and silk from Kiton’s woolen mill in Biella.

Hand-cut, hand-sewn, and generally poured over for no less than 25 hours by Kiton’s master craftsmen, this soft-as-butter suit is best reserved for life’s more dignified affairs (and designed for a well-deserved place on the best men’s suits roundup). Or perhaps we’re being presumptuous. If so, this is still a remarkably versatile suit that’s every bit as comfortable as it is a sartorial work of art. But maybe retire it for the wedding season and opt for our next option instead.

Material: Cashmere, Linen, Silk | Sizes available: 46RO8-58LO8 | Colors: Blue | Care: Dry Clean

Ralph Lauren Polo Striped Wool 3-Piece Suit

7. Best Men's Wedding Suit: The Buxley From Reiss

Ah, wedding season. The pomp. The circumstance. The open bars, dubious Best Man toasts, and… well, endless opportunities to inadvertently destroy your suit. What you need is a trusty staple to get you through wedding season—one that’s constructed properly, fits you like a glove, and won’t break the bank.

Enter the Buxley. This dual-vented, peak-lapelled, three-pocketed offering from London-based fashion house Reiss is not only one of the best suits for men in general, but it’s your new wedding season workhorse.

But while versatility is one of this men’s suit’s strongest attributes, you’ll risk blending into the crowd if you’re not careful. Elevate this basic gray number with some funky socks, a colorful tie, and a pocket square to let your personality shine. The Cha-Cha Slide never looked so good.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 36R-46R | Colors: Gray | Care: Dry clean

Boglioli K-Jacket

8. Best Men's Linen Suit: The Kin From Reiss

Your next beach summer wedding will never know what hit it when you show up wearing the soft blue iteration of Reiss’s Kin jacket and trousers. If you’ve ever worn linen-anything that bunched up and wrinkled if you so much as looked at it wrong (and you have), then you’ll appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of the Kin. It keeps its shape minus the unsightly network of wrinkles.

Its notched lapels and three visible pockets keep things rooted in versatile tradition if you’re not looking to stand out in the crowd. But if you are—in all the right ways, of course—opt for the Soft Blue colorway paired with a crispy white t-shirt or ivory mock turtleneck.

Material: Linen | Sizes available: 36R-46R | Colors: Soft Blue, Beige, Navy | Care: Dry Clean

John Varvatos Dinner Jacket

9. Best Men's 3 Piece Suit: Ralph Lauren Polo Striped Wool 3-Piece Suit

There’s a time and a place for everything. Yes, even the 3-piece suit. And a classic design deserves a classic designer—enter Ralph Lauren’s wool suit with notch lapels, a fully lined vest, and classic pinstripes throughout.

Though it takes a certain confidence and some sartorial wherewithal to successfully pull this look off (ideally, you should opt for a single-breasted jacket and solid shirt colors, for example), it’s one that’s more versatile than you might think. Worn well, a 3-piece suit can take you from a wedding to formal cocktails to the theater. As with all but the safest of our picks for the best men’s suits, confidence is key.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 32S-54L | Colors: Gray Pinstripe | Care: Dry Clean

Sid Mashburn Virgil No2 Jacket

10. Best Men's Casual Suit: Hugo Boss Melange Performance-Stretch Cloth Suit

Close your eyes and imagine the traditional suit and its accessories. What are you picturing? Probably something made of a soft, stretchy fabric. Something that looks great with an LCD Soundsystem t-shirt. Yes, and a drawstring. It definitely has a drawstring.


Then avert your gaze while the rest of us check out this casual yet thoughtful men’s suit from Hugo Boss. While you’ll find all the regular trappings of the best men’s suits, such as notched lapels, kissing buttons, and a slim, tailored look, this standout is anything but traditional. Wear it weekly with your favorite pair of jeans or “dress it up” with a loose tie for happy hour or rooftop cocktails. This suit also works great if you’re a big guy.

Material: Lyocell, Virgin Wool | Sizes available: 34R-44S | Colors: Dark Blue | Care: Dry Clean

J.Crew Ludlow Jacket

11. Best Men's Wool Suit: Brooks Brothers Regent Fit BrooksCool

The BrooksCool line of men’s suits was put on this earth not only to make you look your dressed-up best but keep you cool no matter the situation. Made from ultra-lightweight, crease-resistant wool, this versatile jacket and trousers will go wherever you go and keep you feeling your easy-breezy best all the while.

There are a lot of great wool suits out there. And while many of them deserve a place in your closet, you’ll want to keep this particular one in mind if you’re in a warm climate. Or otherwise live an active lifestyle and value breathability and comfort over rigid style and traditionalism.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 38R-48L | Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy | Care: Dry Clean

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

12. Best Men's Summer Suit: Boglioli K-Jacket And Trousers

This pink, unstructured bastion of confident cool is just begging to grace an evening of elevated beachside cocktails with its presence. And we mentioned it’s pink, right? If your goal is to make a summer statement in all the right ways, the search is over.

Storied Italian tailor Boglioli has made every effort to keep things comfortable with this lightweight, regular-cut jacket that demands attention but doesn’t beg for it. Keep things loose by pairing it with a colorful pair of patterned pants, or suit up with the K-Jacket’s matching linen trousers. They feature a clean, flat front and all the breathability that your salty summer evenings require.

Material: Linen | Sizes available: IT 46-IT 58 | Colors: Pink, Navy, Tan | Care: Dry Clean

Paul Smith A Suit To Travel In

13. Best Men's Dinner Suit: John Varvatos Star USA Melange Weave

The right dinner jacket doesn’t need any help standing out in the crowd in all the right ways. But this one from John Varvatos put an exclamation point on things with its elegant pop of navy, satin peak lapel, and satin-trimmed pockets.

Team this formal stunner up with a black pair of trousers and sit back as your Saturday evening finest does most of the social heavy lifting for you. Though you still might need to do some talking of your own.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 38S-46R | Colors: Black/Navy | Care: Dry Clean

Zegna Custom Suit

14. Best Men's Poplin Suit: Sid Mashburn Virgil No. 2 Suit

Atlanta-based Sid Mashburn has been seamlessly melding comfortable cool with an elevated Southern gentleman aesthetic for over 15 years now. And here we have perhaps the perfect companion to an afternoon at Churchill Downs, brunch at the club, or breezy seaside cocktails. The khaki poplin Virgil No. 2.

It’s been meticulously constructed to toe the line between casual and dressed-up. The jacket is fully canvassed and features a natural shoulder. And the lack of front darts puts a subtle exclamation point on the No. 2’s laid-back vibe. This impressive specimen is one of the best suits for men you’ll find, and there’s no end to the ways you can dress it up or down.

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: ITA 46R-ITA 60R | Colors: Khaki | Care: Dry Clean

Ministry Of Supply Kinetic Jacket

15. Best Men's Budget Suit: J. Crew Ludlow Classic-Fit

You’d be hard-pressed to enter a conversation about affordable men’s suits without J. Crew’s Ludlow popping up. Though there’s also a slim-fit option available, there should always be a spot in the nether regions of your closet dedicated to the Classic fit.

Crew sources fabrics for the Ludlow from renowned Italian mills and peppers in aesthetic Easter eggs you may not expect from a suit that falls within this price point. Consider this a solid addition to your wardrobe, whether it’s the trusty workhorse within your already impressive suit arsenal or your standalone option that can go anywhere and do anything.

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: 34S-48R | Colors: Navy | Care: Dry Clean

Giorgio Armani Velvet Suit

16. Best Men's Double-Breasted Suit: Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Though its stylistic roots are with the navy reefer jacket, the double-breasted suit is anything but out of place in the modern gentleman’s closet, the best of the best men’s suits.

Our pick is this impeccable linen number and comes to you courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren’s impressive double-breasted stable. A timeless pleat on the pants segues up into a half-canvas jacket with peak lapels and natural shoulders, all in a luxurious and light linen. It’s more than perfect for warm-weather events.

If you’re going to don this style, do it with confidence, or don’t even bother. This is a bold, statement-making suit that will turn heads—but it’s what you choose to make of those head-turns that matters.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 32S-54L | Colors: Navy | Care: Dry Clean

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17. Best Men's Travel Suit: Paul Smith A Suit To Travel In

Paul Smith went right on the nose with the naming of this men’s suit for a reason. Several reasons, actually. Its high-twist wool is designed to bounce back from anything your cramped carry-on or suit garment bag, Uber seatbelt, or rainy commute can throw at it. And to put the finest point on that claim, Paul Smith called upon Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock to perform an entire routine wearing the suit.

But don’t limit this jacket’s superpowers to full-suit form alone. Its available colorways and general breathability are versatile enough to pull off with a mock turtleneck and pants or a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts. Minus the Hawaiin shirt and board shorts.

Material: Wool | Sizes available: 36-46 | Colors: Navy, Charcoal, Black | Care: Dry Clean

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18. Best Men's Custom Suit: Zegna Made to Measure

Not to be confused with bespoke (the ground-up experience of having a suit made from scratch), getting fitted for a custom suit is still a very personal experience and takes your body’s unique contours into consideration. And few tailors do a finer job of the latter than Ermenegildo Zegna (no way we couldn’t include this in the best men’s suits roundup).

Founded in Northern Italy’s Piedmont region in 1910, Zegna has been creating luxurious products worldwide ever since. With locations all across the US, you’re likely a short drive away from making an appointment with a Zegna tailor to begin your custom-suiting experience. Consider your lifestyle, most frequented events, and the overall vibe you’re after before moving forward with an appointment—assuming you’re just getting one, that is.

Material/Sizes available/Colors/Care: Custom

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19. Best Technical Suit: Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer and Pant

Founded over a decade ago by two tech-obsessed friends at MIT, Ministry of Supply employs science in almost everything it does. The result: unique and glorious levels of comfort that are often difficult to find through traditional tailoring. And the Kinetic jacket and pants are no exception.

Though its warp-knit fabric feels like a woven material, it’s surprisingly stretchy, making it a solid jacket for those with an active lifestyle. Speaking of active lifestyles, the fabric uses your body heat to naturally release wrinkles as you go about your day.

As you may have gathered, this unstructured jacket and relaxed pants (hello, drawstring trousers) aren’t the right fit for life’s more formal occasions. That said, the combo is a great go-to for elevating the everyday, regardless of the season, making it still a worthy opponent in the ring of best men’s suits.

Material: Primeflex® Warp-knit Japanese Polyester | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Colors: Navy, Black, Gray, Charcoal | Care: Machine Wash Cold

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20. Best Velvet Suit: Giorgio Armani Velvet Suit

You enter the holiday party. A far-away record scratches even though there’s not a record in sight. Canapés and jaws crash to the floor. And there you are, receiving your due praise for showing up in this slim-fit velvet jacket from Tom Ford, the crème de la crème of the best men’s suits.

This is an expert-level choice, but we feel like you’re up for it. And while holiday parties certainly aren’t the only occasions when you should wear this specimen, you must respect its boundaries. In other words, maybe sit this one out for the office or your next PTA meeting.

Material: Viscose, Cupro, elastane | Sizes available: 46-54 | Colors: Green | Care: Dry Clean

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What To Look For When Buying The Best Men’s Suits


The best men’s suits can vary in style in many ways. Classic fit, notched lapel, double-breasted, and slim fit only scratch the surface. If you’re not into taking big sartorial swings, stick to a more classic fit with traditional features as opposed to, say, a double-breasted jacket. Let your lifestyle and the general image you want to project be your guide.

menssuithub / Instagram


The fit of the best men’s suits is one of the first things you’ll want to consider in order to be happy with your purchase. Always measure yourself or have a partner (or better yet, a tailor) do it. There are so many ways an off-the-peg suit purchase can go wrong in terms of a proper fit, so take your measurements and do your homework upfront.


Weddings. Funerals. Cocktail parties. Horse races. The list of the best men’s suits-friendly occasions goes on and on—and what you wear to each matters. What’s appropriate for a wedding isn’t necessarily appropriate for the other events in your life. If an entire stable of suits isn’t in the budget, opt for a quality suit in a neutral color that can wear a lot of sartorial hats.