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20 Podcasts to Discover the Secrets of Sustainable Fashion Effortlessly

CEO Tinh Phung
Are you curious about sustainable and ethical fashion but don't have the time to sit down and study? Don't worry, I've got you covered! Here's a handpicked list of 20 top-rated podcasts that you can...

Are you curious about sustainable and ethical fashion but don't have the time to sit down and study? Don't worry, I've got you covered! Here's a handpicked list of 20 top-rated podcasts that you can listen to anytime and anywhere – on your way to work, while doing chores, or whenever you want. Whether you're a newbie or a sustainable fashion advocate, these podcasts will surely expand your knowledge and inspire you. Let's dive in!

1. Wardrobe Crisis

Hosted by Clare Press, fashion journalist and sustainability editor, Wardrobe Crisis is a podcast that aims to make a difference in the world by raising awareness about sustainable and ethical fashion. Clare interviews experts, including brand owners, designers, and activists, to bring their experiences and voices directly to you.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Sustainable Fashion is a Lie Without Garment Workers at the Table with Nazma Akter, founder of the Awaj Foundation. Nazma shares her inspiring journey of fighting for fashion workers' rights in Bangladesh for over 30 years.
  • Degendering Fashion with Alok Vaid-Menon, a gender-nonconforming poet, author, artist, and designer. This thought-provoking episode challenges societal norms and asks whether we dress to fit an idea or for ourselves.

2. Dressed: The History of Fashion

Join Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan, the hosts of Dressed: The History of Fashion, as they explore the social and cultural histories behind fashion. With over 250 episodes, this podcast delves into the stories behind the clothes we wear every day.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • The Red Dress Embroidery Project with Kirstie Macleod, the British artist behind the empowering project that showcases women artisans' stories through embroidery.
  • Vintage Style Not Vintage Values with Dandy Wellington, a bandleader and style activist who celebrates the joy and power of vintage dressing.

3. Business with Purpose

Hosted by fashion blogger Molly Stillman, Business with Purpose features interviews with entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact through their personal and professional lives. This podcast guides you on how to support businesses with a good purpose.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Ethical Fashion, COVID19, & Pursuing a Dream with Paola Masperi, founder of Mayamiko, an ethical and zero-waste fashion brand. Paola shares her journey of creating women's clothing from pre-consumer waste using traditional craftsmanship techniques.
  • Sustainably Growing a Sustainable Fashion Brand with Belinda Kazanci, founder of Bel Kazan, an ethical womenswear brand. Belinda's story is inspired by her vibrant textiles and the Balinese people.

4. Sustainably Influenced

Influencers Bianca Foley and Charlotte Williams host Sustainably Influenced, a podcast that encourages people to make a difference. They interview sustainability experts to shed light on industry terms and discuss various aspects of living a conscious lifestyle.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Fixing Fashion with Josephine Phillips, founder of Sojo. Josephine created the first UK app that simplifies clothing alteration and repair, after realizing the lack of convenient alteration options for second-hand clothes she fell in love with.
  • Why Sustainable Fashion Can't Be Cheap with Harriet Saywood-Bellisario, designer and creative director of Saywood, an ethical womenswear brand. Harriet addresses the question of why sustainable fashion often comes with a higher price tag.

5. The Sustainable Lifestyle Podcast

Lauren Engelke and Kaitlynn Gee, with their background as stylists, host The Sustainable Lifestyle Podcast. They reveal styling tricks to dress sustainably while maintaining personal style. A minimalist wardrobe can be both environmentally friendly and fashionable.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Style Yourself Sustainably and Ethically. In this episode, Lauren and Kaitlynn share practical guidelines for dressing sustainably and ethically.
  • Cotton Farming in India - A Major Problem with Horrific Consequences. An Indian cotton farmer discusses the devastating impact of cotton crops and the use of pesticides.

6. Conscious Chatter

Join Kestrel Jenkins on Conscious Chatter as she explores resourcefulness, conscious consumerism, and the impact of oppressive systems on sustainable fashion. This podcast uncovers the stories, meanings, and impacts behind what we wear.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Maggie Marilyn: Transparency, Responsibility And Accountability - The Need to Align Values with Business Models. Kestrel interviews Maggie Hewitt, founder and designer of Maggie Marilyn, a brand working towards a transparent, circular, regenerative, and inclusive fashion industry.
  • Selina Sanders: Upcycling, How Fashion Creates Culture, How Her Philippine Heritage Influences The Brand's Aesthetic. Selina is a slow fashion artisan who uses environmentally responsible practices to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

7. Common Threads

Common Threads, hosted by ethical fashion writer Ruth MacGilp and stylist Alice Cruickshank, is a podcast about sustainable style that doesn't compromise on ethics. Ruth and Alice believe that fashion should respect both people and the planet.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • How to Start an Ethical Fashion Brand with Lora Nikolaeva, owner of the ethical brand Lora Gene. Lora shares her valuable advice on building a sustainable business.
  • How to Break Up with Fast Fashion with Lauren Bravo, author of "How to Break up with Fast Fashion". Lauren shares her personal journey to a more sustainable wardrobe and provides helpful tips for quitting fast fashion.

8. Style & Sustain - The Podcast

Amma Aburam hosts Style & Sustain, a podcast that inspires people to dress consciously while making the world a better place. Amma shares her personal journey from fast-fashion addict to sustainable fashion advocate and interviews trailblazers who have inspired her.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • 3 Ways to Inspire People to Dress More Consciously. Amma shares three DOs and DON'Ts based on her personal experience to inspire conscious fashion choices.
  • Style & Omi Na-Na with Esha Ahmed, founder of Omi Na-Na. Esha talks about the craftsmanship behind her brand and the hidden realities of Indian garment workers.

9. Pre-Loved Podcast

Pre-Loved Podcast is your go-to podcast for all things recycling, upcycling, vintage style, and more. Host Emily Stochl talks about rad vintage fashion with guests that will make you want to go thrift shopping.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Orsola de Castro: Co-founder of Fashion Revolution Week. Emily and Orsola discuss upcycling, building a sustainable fashion movement, and cultivating love for our clothes.
  • Rory Westbrook of True Vintage. Rory shares the "secrets of success" behind his sustainable business journey, from reselling vintage clothes in his dorm room to becoming one of Europe's biggest online retailers of iconic 90s vintage.

10. Spirit of 608

Spirit of 608, hosted by fashion journalist Lorraine Sanders, features inspiring stories, tips, and advice from women who are making waves in fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and tech. This podcast empowers through positive messages.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • From Food to Fashion with Nicole Rawling, co-founder of the Material Innovation Initiative. Nicole shares insights into the next generation of textiles and the future of fashion.
  • Creating Better Sleep with Sustainable, Science-Backed Clothing in Switzerland with Catarina Dahlin, co-founder of Dagsmejan. Catarina discusses their sleep-promoting and ethically produced sleepwear.

11. Love to Sew Podcast

If you love to sew or want to start, Love to Sew is the podcast for you! Hosted by Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos, this weekly podcast covers making clothes, the sewing community, and small businesses. It's perfect for sewing enthusiasts.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Zero Waste Sewing. Learn about sewing practices and techniques that reduce fabric waste and revolutionize sustainable habits.
  • Beginner Q&A. Get answers to common beginner sewists' questions, from machine threading to fitting muslins.

12. Sustainable Talks with N&N

Join two friends with over 15 years of experience in the fashion supply chain on Sustainable Talks with N&N. It's the perfect place to gain insights from sustainable fashion players and understand an industry often considered a "black hole."

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Recycling Ocean Plastic with Thomas Schori, founder of Tide Ocean. Thomas shares how his brand turns plastic waste into new fabrics, covering the entire process from collecting bottles to the finished product.
  • The Appleskin Material with Hannes Parth, the entrepreneur and inventor of Appleskin, an innovative vegan leather made from apple by-product.

13. The Wardrobe Shift

Hosted by Jessica Ramoshaba, South African fashion editor, stylist, and speaker, The Wardrobe Shift focuses on wardrobe and style-related questions. Jessica's "Styling Classes" offer shopping tips and practical advice on sustainability and style.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Styling Class: Tips on How to Wear All Your Clothes in Your Closet. Learn style solutions for utilizing your entire wardrobe and avoiding over-shopping or duplication.
  • Styling Class: How to Plan Your Wardrobe Like a Fashion Editor. Say goodbye to the "I have nothing to wear" syndrome with this fashion editor hack that helps you plan a more sustainable wardrobe.

14. Big Closets Small Planet

Host Mike Schragger, founder of the Sustainable Fashion Academy, explores the challenges and solutions for transforming the fashion industry on Big Closets Small Planet. This podcast interviews business leaders, activists, researchers, and consumers working towards sustainability.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Fact or Fiction: Does the Apparel Industry Really Create More Greenhouse Gases Than Flights and Shipping Combined? Find out the truth in this eye-opening episode.
  • Inspiring Innovation: Apparel Industry = Waste. Learn about the most innovative solutions for turning textile waste into valuable resources and reducing overall waste.

15. Ethical Fashion Podcast

Powered by the Ethical Fashion Initiative, Ethical Fashion Podcast is hosted by Simone Cipriani, a UN officer, and Clare Press, a sustainable fashion journalist. This podcast explores social justice, environmental issues, inclusivity, and sustainable development in the fashion industry.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Overproducing & Undervaluing Fashion - Slow Fashion Seasons. This episode exposes the discount culture, fast sales cycles, and overproduction in fashion, urging us to slow down and appreciate what we buy.
  • What is the Future of Fashion Weeks? Explore the flaws of the traditional fashion week system and discover ways to make it less polluting and more inclusive.

16. D Sustainability Issue

Host Dessie Georgieva guides you through sustainable fashion and mindfulness on D Sustainability Issue. She strives to make sustainable and ethical fashion the new normal by researching industry practices and taking a mindful approach.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • 8 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable. Dessie shares simple yet effective tips for a more sustainable wardrobe, including renting and second-hand shopping.
  • Racism and the Fashion Industry. This episode sheds light on the embedded racism in the fashion system and offers practical ways to address this issue.

17. Well Dressed with Gemma McLean

Discover how clothing affects your everyday life, moods, and cognitive processes on Well Dressed with Gemma McLean. As a style coach and sustainable fashion advocate, Gemma shows how clothes can create positive changes in your life.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Hoarder to Capsule Wardrobe - How to Break Up with Fast Fashion. Get inspired by Gemma's personal journey from hoarder to mindful consumer and learn how to build a sustainable wardrobe.
  • Are You Dressing for the Life You Want or the Life You Have? Using Your Wardrobe to Manifest! Explore how your everyday outfits can help you manifest your dream life.

18. The Eco Warrior Princess Podcast

Jennifer Nini hosts The Eco Warrior Princess Podcast, which covers not only ethical fashion but also environmentalism, eco-living, and green living. Jennifer redefines sustainable living for a better future.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Sascha Camilli: Vilda Magazine, Vegan Fashion and Living Cruelty-Free. Discover the sustainability benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and learn how to build a cruelty-free wardrobe from the founder and editor of Vilda Magazine.
  • Jackie Ruddock: Entrepreneurship, Ethical Fashion and The Social Outfit. Hear Jackie's journey as the founder of The Social Outfit, a social enterprise and ethical fashion brand, and gain insights for making a difference in the world.

19. Sustainable Fashion by Gaia & Dubos

Host Léonie Daignault-Leclerc shares her passion for sustainable fashion and mindfulness on Sustainable Fashion by Gaia & Dubos. Léonie believes that together, we can change the fashion industry one garment and one person at a time.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • 7 Reasons Why Recycled Plastic Fabrics Are So Eco-Friendly. Gain insights into the eco-friendliness of recycled plastic fabrics.
  • Can Wool Be Ethical & Eco-Friendly? Explore the complexity of wool and its sustainability implications.

20. Style With Substance

Sustainable lifestyle podcast Style With Substance, hosted by Lucy Kebbell, invites industry insiders to discuss fashion habits that contribute to the planet. Uncover the truth about greenwashing and myths surrounding sustainable fashion.

Episodes you can't miss out:

  • Support Garment Workers with Sophie Slater, co-founder of Birdsong. Discover the role of sexism and racism in the fashion industry's unfair treatment of garment workers.
  • What Makes Linen So Sustainable with Lea Wieser, co-founder of Arkitaip. Learn about the sustainability benefits of linen for both our skin and the planet.

Podcast Recommendations

Now you have a fantastic selection of podcasts to expand your knowledge of sustainable fashion. So grab your earphones, hit play, and get ready to embark on a journey towards a more conscious and stylish future!