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2022 Glasses Trends: Stay Fashionable with VSP Individual Vision Plans

CEO Tinh Phung
In 2022, let's upgrade our glasses with the latest trends and stay fashionable. And the best part is, if you have VSP vision insurance, shopping for new eyeglasses is even more affordable. Whether you're a...

2022 Glasses Trends | VSP Individual Vision Plans

In 2022, let's upgrade our glasses with the latest trends and stay fashionable. And the best part is, if you have VSP vision insurance, shopping for new eyeglasses is even more affordable. Whether you're a new policyholder or renewing coverage for the new year, VSP offers benefits that may cover your new glasses partially or even fully. Plus, VSP is here to help you find the perfect vision insurance coverage and keep you up-to-date with the latest eyeglass styles. One great source of inspiration is Visionworks, offering stylish frames that are part of VSP's network.

2022 Glasses Trend #1: Clear and Colorful

Just like last year, the trend of making everything bright and clear is back. You'll find frame styles and shapes ranging from petite and oval to oversized and geometric. Some frames are completely crystal clear, while others have subtle colors like blue or grey. No matter which catches your eye, a colorful and translucent frame will certainly make a fashion statement.

2022 Glasses Trend #2: Retro Cat Eye

Retro is making a comeback in 2022, and cat eye frames are taking center stage. With bold colors and thick plastic frames, these modern updates pay homage to the 70s while still feeling contemporary. Some cat eye styles even feature bedazzled finishes for an extra touch of glamour. Embrace the playfulness of cat eye frames and get ready for a stylish year ahead.

2022 Glasses Trend #3: Really Round

Step into your artistic self with frames that exude creativity and fun. Whether you prefer the simple wire rims of the 60s and 70s counter-culture look or something more modern and vibrant, perfectly round frames are in. You can opt for classic wire-rimmed styles or combine this bold shape with other modern trends like chunky frames and bright colors to create a truly 2022 look.

2022 Glasses Trend #4: 70s Oversized and Square

If you want to showcase your confidence and personality, this trend is for you. Big, bold, and chunky frames are the epitome of style. By combining square lines with oversized frames, this trend captures the timeless silhouette of the 70s while maintaining a clean and professional look. Some frames are translucent plastic for a youthful feel, while others opt for clean lines with metal frames to keep the focus on your eyes.

2022 Glasses Trend #5: Tortoiseshell

You'll see the timeless tortoiseshell pattern everywhere in 2022, but with a modern twist. Forget the traditional brown-and-gold tones; now you can find tortoiseshell frames in blues, greens, browns, and even purples. This pattern complements any in-style frame shape, from cat-eye frames to oversized chunky styles of the 70s. Embrace the versatility and make a statement with tortoiseshell frames.

2022 Glasses Trend That Never Goes Out of Style: YOU

When you feel good, your confidence radiates, and that's what truly makes you look good. So, when shopping for frames, don't worry too much about whether something is on-trend or not. Try on different styles, from trendy to traditional, and go with what makes you smile. After all, your personal style is what matters the most.

Get VSP Vision Insurance to Cover 2022 Eyeglass Trends and More

Clear vision is essential, no matter how you choose to enhance your view. And with VSP Individual Vision Plans, you can enjoy generous frame allowances, including designer frames, to keep your look on-trend. When it comes to total eye health, VSP has you covered with frame and lens allowances, discounts for eyewear upgrades, annual eye exams, and more. With providers across the country, it's easy to find a location near you and stay stylish in 2022.

Find a vision insurance plan that suits you best. Stay fashionable and see the world clearly with VSP Individual Vision Plans.