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22 Unmissable Social Media Trends for 2024

CEO Tinh Phung
Social media has become an integral part of our lives, evolving from a means of staying connected with friends and family to a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their target audience. As the...

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, evolving from a means of staying connected with friends and family to a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their target audience. As the medium continues to grow rapidly, new social media trends emerge and evolve, keeping businesses on their toes in order to stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we'll explore the top 22 social media trends to watch out for in 2024, and how they can help marketers improve engagement and visibility online.

AI: Embracing Creativity and Originality

AI writing and marketing tools like ChatGPT and Jasper.ai are gaining popularity, offering content ideas for social media. While AI tools can provide assistance, they can't replace the creativity and originality of human writers. Brands that strike a balance between using AI tools and maintaining a human touch in their content are likely to perform better.

AI will be a game changer AI will be a game changer - Latest social media trends in 2023

TikTok: The Continuing Phenomenon

TikTok has moved beyond being a platform for showcasing dance moves and artistic talents. With features like ads and business profiles, TikTok remains a massive hit. Businesses can leverage this platform to engage their target audience through short, creative videos and create brand awareness.

Social Media as an Online Search Destination

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram have become popular for online searches. While Google still dominates the search engine market, optimizing social media posts with the right keywords can help brands be easily found by users. While social media won't replace Google, it is becoming a significant destination for online search.

Social media will be a destination for online search Social media will be a destination for online search - Latest social media trends in 2023

Full-Screen Content: Enhanced Engagement

Users prefer accessing social media content on full-screen mode, without having to rotate their devices. Vertical videos, in particular, have a high completion rate, indicating better customer engagement. YouTube and Facebook now support full-screen vertical videos, and brands are likely to create content with an aspect ratio of 9:16 to provide a seamless viewing experience.

YouTube Shorts: Short-Form Video Success

YouTube Shorts, with an average of 30 billion daily views worldwide, has become popular for short-form videos. Creators use Shorts to attract viewers to their long-form content, stimulating curiosity and prompting engagement. With monetization possibilities on the rise, brands will double down on YouTube Shorts to reach a wider audience.

Customer Support on Social Media: Personalized and Efficient

Providing personalized and prompt customer support is crucial in the post-COVID era. Social media platforms offer the perfect channel for brands to engage in one-to-one interactions with their customers. Investing in dedicated customer support via official social media handles can help build genuine customer-vendor relationships and improve brand loyalty.

Customer support via social media will rise Customer support via social media will rise - Latest social media trends in 2023

Social Media Crisis Management: Addressing Challenges Effectively

Social media platforms are effective tools for crisis management. Brands are now expected to acknowledge and address crises in their advertising and communications. Left unaddressed, small issues can escalate and harm a brand's reputation. Investing in social media crisis management allows businesses to tackle challenging situations head-on and maintain trust with their audience.

Integrations: Enhancing User Engagement

Integrations are gaining momentum on social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have introduced integrations, such as digital avatars and content creation in the metaverse, to improve user engagement. More integrations across social media platforms are expected in 2024 and beyond, offering brands new ways to connect with their audience.

Gaming: A Social Media Playground

Gaming is predicted to reach a net value of $200+ billion in 2024. Brands can leverage gaming as a new avenue for advertising and engaging with their audience. Hosting gaming events, competitions, and partnering with gaming companies allows brands to take advantage of social conversations and convert them into business opportunities.

Gaming becomes the new social media playground Gaming becomes the new social media playground - Latest social media trends in 2023

Brand Authenticity: Building Trust

Brand authenticity and transparency are vital for customer trust. The majority of customers rely on brands they trust when making purchasing decisions. Establishing authenticity and thought leadership through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can help businesses build better customer relationships and improve brand credibility.

Gated Content: Exclusive Access

Users prefer content that caters specifically to their interests. Gated content, available exclusively to subscribers and top fans, allows brands to strengthen connections with loyal followers. Using features like Instagram Subscribers and Facebook Top Fan, brands can offer personalized content to establish a deeper connection with their audience.

Gated content will be trending Gated content will be trending - Latest social media trends in 2023

Midway Storytelling: Intrigue and Engage

Telling stories in the middle rather than from the beginning can pique curiosity and engage social media users. Brands can use this technique to share their brand stories, build trust, and increase conversions. Midway storytelling captures attention and encourages users to delve deeper into a brand's message.

User-generated Content (UGC): Harnessing the Power of the Audience

User-generated content (UGC) serves as social proof for brands, showcasing the quality of their products or services. Promoting UGC allows brands to cut marketing costs and make customers feel valued. UGC is seen as authentic and trustworthy, providing valuable information about a brand. Encouraging customers to create UGC boosts engagement rates and strengthens branding efforts.

Social Commerce: The Emerging Revenue Channel

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become popular sales channels for brands. Social commerce is expected to generate $80 billion in 2025. Retail businesses are embracing Instagram Storefronts, shoppable posts, and more to boost sales and increase profit margins. To capitalize on social commerce, brands need to provide a seamless shopping experience and user-friendly design.

Privacy Concerns: The Decline of Third-Party Cookies

Privacy concerns have led to the rejection of third-party cookies, and Google plans to phase them out by 2024. Brands on social media must prioritize customer privacy and transparency to gain followers' trust and confidence. In this era of increasing privacy-focused measures, winning the trust of social media users is essential.

Third-party cookies are going away Third-party cookies are going away - Latest social media trends in 2023

Influencer Marketing: Collaboration and Content Creation

Influencer marketing continues to dominate in 2024, but collaborations between brands and influencers will change. Brands will collaborate with influencers over a series of social media promotion posts rather than a single one-off post. Bigger brands will partner with micro-influencers and niche bloggers for inclusivity and transparency, while being cautious of fake followers. Influencers will focus on long-form content, how-to videos, demos, and photo stories to provide value to brands and their audience.

Social Audio: The Rise of Audio-Only Content

Social audio is gaining interest among businesses, with 74% of them considering investing in audio-only content. Platforms like Clubhouse and Facebook's Live Audio Rooms have sparked the rise of social audio. As competition in this space grows, social audio is expected to become a long-lasting trend.

LinkedInfluencer Culture: Fostering Professional Influence

In recent years, LinkedIn has embraced the concept of influencers, known as "LinkedInfluencers." With features like LinkedIn Creator Mode and the creator accelerator program, professionals now have the opportunity to establish their expertise, interact more frequently, and expand their following on the platform.

Memes: The Power of Humor

Memes have become an essential part of social media, capturing attention and conveying messages in an entertaining way. Niche-specific memes allow brands to connect with their audience while promoting their brand. Memes facilitate conversations and relationship-building between brands and their target audience.

Latest memes - Latest social media trends - SEO memes Latest memes - Latest social media trends - SEO memes

Inclusivity: Reflecting the Common Voice

Global audiences respond to social issues more than ever before. Brands that reflect the common voice and embrace inclusivity connect better with their audience. Incorporating inclusivity into marketing campaigns and delivering on promises can lead to better customer relationships and improved brand credibility.

Sustainability: Turning Words into Action

Buzzwords like sustainability and eco-friendly are no longer enough. Today's consumers want to see brands taking real action towards environmental causes. Brands are expected to use social media not only to deliver value but also to showcase their commitment to the environment.

These 22 social media trends for 2024 offer valuable insights and opportunities for businesses to enhance their social media presence. By adapting to these trends, brands can stay ahead of the competition, engage their audience, and drive business growth. It's time to embrace the future of social media!