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Discover 25 Hidden Gems: The Best Organic Skincare Brands You've Never Heard Of

CEO Tinh Phung
Do you want to explore the world of organic skincare beyond the well-known brands? With the rise of clean beauty, there's a whole range of luxurious and highly vibrant organic skincare brands that often go...

Do you want to explore the world of organic skincare beyond the well-known brands? With the rise of clean beauty , there's a whole range of luxurious and highly vibrant organic skincare brands that often go unnoticed. These brands craft each formula into an artisanal masterpiece, using organic and wildcrafted ingredients with the highest level of potency and vibrancy. If you're ready to step into the upper echelon of clean beauty, read on to discover the best organic skincare brands you've never heard of.

Embracing Nature's Treasures

These under-the-radar skincare brands combine the latest advancements in green science with nature's ancient treasures. Their founders have deep reverence for nature, often spending years studying herbalism, botany, and the alchemy of plants. The result? Exquisitely luxurious, sensorial products that are mindfully crafted in small batches for maximum performance and a minimal environmental impact. Here are some of the best organic skincare brands that deserve your attention:

Bluh Alchemy

Bluh alchemy Caption: Bluh Alchemy's revolutionary cellular extracted botanicals

Bluh Alchemy stands out as one of the only companies using cellular extracted botanicals, a cutting-edge extraction process that delivers the full power of the plant's vital actives directly to your skin. Their natural bioactive solutions boast some of the highest concentrations of organic, bioactive ingredients on the market.

YINA Skincare

Yina skincare Caption: YINA Skincare's fusion of East Ancient Medicine and botanical luxury

YINA Skincare seamlessly blends traditional Chinese medicine with botanical organic luxury. Created by two female doctors of Chinese Medicine, YINA products feature rare East Asian medicinal botanicals, meticulously formulated in micro batches for maximum potency and effectiveness.


Naturollogic Caption: Naturollogic's luxury holistic skincare

Naturollogic takes a holistic approach to luxury skincare, harnessing the power of in-house biofermentations, extracts, and oil infusions. Their Luna Red Wine Bioferment Mask is a beautifully crafted, intensely hydrating treatment that showcases their dedication to quality and effectiveness.

Mahalo Skincare

Mahalo skincare Caption: Mahalo Skincare captures the magic of the Hawaiian islands

Mahalo Skincare transports the magic of Hawaii into their artisanal, high-performance skin treatments. Combining the healing properties of natural ingredients with nutrient-dense support, their products target skin inflammations, environmental damage, and aging concerns.

Max and Me

Max and me skincare Caption: Max and Me's high vibrational organic skincare

Max and Me is known for its high vibrational organic skincare, sourcing ingredients from the most pristine soils of sacred lands. They work closely with indigenous healers, organic farms, and inspiring ingredient experts to create products that honor the vibrancy and potency of each ingredient.

Free + True Skincare

Free true skincare Caption: Free + True Skincare, the Best Organic Skincare Brand of 2022

Voted as the Best Organic Skincare Brand of 2022, Free + True Skincare offers a unique line of products formulated in California. They combine locally grown botanicals with high-tech, clean ingredients, providing clean alternatives fit for spa use.

Fifty7 Kind

57 kind skincare Caption: Fifty7 Kind supports local communities with sustainably sourced botanicals

Fifty7 Kind sources sustainably grown botanical ingredients directly from cooperatives in remote regions around the world. With a strong focus on fair trade and sustainable farming practices, they create a line of products that not only nourish your skin but also support local economies.

Twelve Beauty

Twelve beauty Moisturizer Caption: Twelve Beauty's founder with extensive experience and qualifications

Twelve Beauty was founded by Pedro Catalá, a beauty brand founder with an impressive background. With degrees in pharmacy, botany, and natural and formulation technologies, Catalá brings his extensive knowledge to create high-quality, effective skincare products.

Live Botanical

Live botanical Caption: Live Botanical's traditional herbalist formulas with a scientific approach

Live Botanical combines traditional herbalist formulas with a scientific approach. They source vibrant, ethical ingredients mainly from the Pacific West, including their own micro-garden in Oregon, to create fresh, healing, and holistic skincare products.

Amala Beauty

Amala beauty Caption: Amala Beauty's luxury meets science approach

Amala Beauty bridges the gap between luxury and science. Their luxurious skincare line utilizes traceable whole plant ingredients, boosted by bio-active compounds and preserved using fermentation technology. Amala Beauty is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring the highest level of quality and efficacy.

Malaya Organics

Malaya Organics Advanced Repair Mask Caption: Malaya Organics' commitment to preserving native ecosystems

Malaya Organics stands out with their commitment to using only organic botanicals and advanced natural actives. Their formulas feature ethically sourced ingredients from around the world, preserving native ecosystems, supporting local economies, and contributing to sustainability practices.


Lxmi 33 facial oil Caption: LXMI's rare and potent botanicals

LXMI scours the world for rare and potent botanicals that are often overlooked in mainstream skincare. They source from low-income women's cooperatives, pay fair wages, and help conserve wilderness areas. With unique ingredients like Ugandan Vanilla and Hibiscus Africana, LXMI offers truly exceptional skincare.


Blissoma skincare Caption: Blissoma blends cutting-edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge

Blissoma is known for their fresh, healing, and holistic skincare products. They combine cutting-edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge to create all-natural, organic skincare that is both effective and gentle on the skin.


Naturopathica skincare Caption: Naturopathica's herbalism, naturopathic medicine, and holistic wellness approach

Naturopathica, founded in 1995, brings together the principles of herbalism, naturopathic medicine, and holistic wellness. Their meticulously vetted ingredients, which can include clean cosmeceuticals, ensure high efficacy and results.

NINI Organics

Nini organics Caption: NINI Organics' nutrient-dense, 100% natural products

NINI Organics is a 100% natural and organic vegan skincare line that sources ethically, with a focus on raw, active ingredients. Their handmade products provide your skin with nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals, ensuring it receives optimal nourishment.

Skin Alchemists

Skin alchemists Caption: Skin Alchemists' luxury organic skincare inspired by St Lucia

Skin Alchemists creates luxury organic skincare inspired by the centuries-old wisdom of St Lucia. With only three skincare products, they have already earned several awards. Each product is meticulously crafted using the holistic benefits of plant medicine and ancient traditions of alchemy.

Votary Skincare

Votary skincare Caption: Votary Skincare's super seed oils for sensitive skin

Votary Skincare, a luxurious British brand, focuses on sensitive skin and uses super seed oils as the heart of their products. Their elegantly formulated cleansing oils, facial oils, creams, masks, and serums are effective yet gentle, making them a perfect fit for oily, combination, or sensitive/reactive skin.

African Botanics

African Botanics Caption: African Botanics' South African unique ingredients

African Botanics celebrates South Africa's unique ingredients, raw materials, and active plant extracts. They only use sustainably harvested, wild-grown ingredients from the country's diverse hotspots, supporting local communities and preserving the environment.


Lepaar skincare Caption: Lepaar's sun-infused whole plant extracts and minimum intervention formulas

Lepaar creates complex, naturally active formulas that harness the power of sun-infused whole plant extracts. Their products are composed, hand-blended, and formulated following biodynamic principles and natural processes, paying reverence to ancestral wisdom.

Cipher Skincare

Cipher skincare Caption: Cipher Skincare's holistic approach to skin wellness

Cipher Skincare takes a holistic approach to skin wellness, leveraging ingredient synergies like never before. Their elegantly formulated products target multiple skin concerns simultaneously, drawing inspiration from dermal science, biotechnology, and the best of nature.

Flower and Spice Skincare

Flower spice skincare Caption: Flower and Spice's ethically sourced, nutrient-dense skincare

Flower and Spice sources 100% natural and organic ingredients from partnerships with small farmers and suppliers around the world. Their skincare line is filled with nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals, promoting healthy and radiant skin. They ensure ethical practices and fair trade wherever possible.

AMLY Botanicals

Amly botanicals Caption: AMLY Botanicals' farm-to-face skincare

AMLY Botanicals is a British skincare brand that combines age-old wisdom with leading bioactive intelligence. They harness the aromatherapeutic and bioactive goodness of their organic farm in the English countryside to craft thoughtfully-crafted products and mindful rituals.


Lilfox skincare Caption: Lilfox's aromatic, natural skincare potions

Lilfox blends organic oils, unrefined butters, rare clays, and high vibration hydrosols to create aromatic skincare potions. They enhance their plant-based formulas with clinically proven actives, ensuring a truly immersive and out-of-the-ordinary skincare experience.


Anokha oatmeal cleansing milk Caption: ANOKHA's evidence-based approach to green beauty

ANOKHA is an indie green beauty brand founded by a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nina S. Naidu. With extensive clinical and laboratory research, their formulas are evidence-based, creating effective and innovative skincare products.

Siam Seas

Siam seas Caption: Siam Seas' Southeast Asian heritage inspired eco-luxe skincare

Siam Seas draws inspiration from Southeast Asian heritage and traditional folk medicine to create their eco-luxe skincare line. With a focus on quality over quantity, Siam Seas offers a carefully curated range of skincare products.

Lina Hanson

Lina Hanson global treasures Caption: Lina Hanson's multicultural approach to organic skincare

Lina Hanson, a former celebrity makeup artist and green beauty expert, infuses her multicultural upbringing and global experiences into her skincare line. Lina Hanson sources natural, organic, fair-trade, and wild-harvested ingredients, creating opportunities that make a positive impact in local communities.

Monastery Made

Monastery made Caption: Monastery Made's professional-grade skincare for at-home use

Monastery Made offers a curated range of eco-luxe skincare products made in small batches in San Francisco. Created by an esthetician, their potent formulas are suitable for professional in-office treatments and provide excellent results for at-home skincare routines.

Expand Your Organic Skincare Horizons

Now that you've discovered these hidden gems in the world of organic skincare, it's time to explore and indulge in their luxurious and highly effective products. Each brand brings a unique approach and dedication to quality, offering a truly exceptional skincare experience. Embrace the power of nature and indulge in the best organic skincare brands you've never heard of.