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32 Styling Hacks Every Short Woman must Try (the Ultimate Guide)

CEO Tinh Phung
Being short can sometimes feel like a challenge when it comes to styling. Finding the right clothes that fit well and flatter your body can be a struggle. But fear not, my fellow short women!...

Being short can sometimes feel like a challenge when it comes to styling. Finding the right clothes that fit well and flatter your body can be a struggle. But fear not, my fellow short women! I've got you covered with some amazing styling hacks that will make you look and feel fabulous.

What it means to be petite

No matter if you're petite and skinny or short and curvy, we all have one thing in common - a petite body frame. Embrace your unique body shape and learn how to dress it in the best way possible.

Styling goal

The ultimate goal is to find the best ways to enhance your height and create a balanced and proportionate look. After years of trial and error, I have discovered 30 styling hacks that really work. Trust me, I've been there too!

Avoid Shapeless, Boxy Silhouettes

One common struggle for petite women is finding clothes that don't overwhelm their frame. Shapeless and boxy silhouettes can make you appear shorter and bulkier. To create a more balanced look, opt for clothes that offer some flow and natural shape. You don't have to wear skin-tight clothing, just something that fits well and shows off your body.

Wear Flare Leg Jeans

Flare leg jeans are a game-changer for short women. They are well-fitted through the knee and flare out under the knee, creating a flattering leg shape. Pair them with heels for maximum impact. The wider bottom of flare jeans is perfect with thicker heels, like wedges, without making you look bottom-heavy. Just make sure the flare is not too exaggerated, as it can make you look shorter.

Eliminate Horizontal Lines in Layering

Layering can be tricky for short women, but if done right, it can elongate your frame. The key is to eliminate any unnecessary horizontal lines. By creating one vertical line from top to bottom, you'll flatter your short frame. Dress in a way that creates an unbroken vertical line, making you appear taller and leaner.

Wear Full Length Pants

Choosing the right pants length is crucial for short women. Opt for pants with a longer length to make your legs look longer. Wide leg pants or flare leg pants can be worn as long as possible and paired with heels. Cigarette pants or skinny jeans should hit right below the ankle, without bunching up. The right length will create the illusion of longer legs.

Dressing Monochromatically

Monochromatic dressing is a fabulous way to dress when you're short. By wearing one color scheme from head to toe, you create a continuous line that elongates your body. You can choose any color scheme as long as the top and bottom are from the same family. For example, ivory, tan, and camel can make a short girl appear taller and leaner.

Keep Your Accessories in Proportion

Statement accessories can be fun, but be careful not to overwhelm your petite body. Opt for smaller, dainty accessories that enhance your body rather than overshadow it. Less is more when it comes to accessories, so avoid wearing too many pieces that take up too much space.

Stay Away from Long Tops

While long tops can elongate your torso, they also shorten your legs, making you appear shorter. Focus on making your legs look longer by wearing shorter tops that show off your waistline. Tucking in your top can also create a sleek silhouette without overwhelming your short frame.

Wear Skin Color Shoes

Neutral-colored shoes are always a great choice for short women. They create the illusion of longer legs, whether you prefer flat shoes or high heels. Opt for a color that's close to your own skin tone. Skin color shoes blend with your skin, making your legs look longer.

Always Define Your Waist

Defining your waist is essential for short women. Wear tailored clothing that cinches your waist to create a balanced body proportion. This trick makes the eye assume that anything below the waist is your legs, enhancing your body shape. Look for styles that have a defined waist or consider getting your clothes tailored to fit perfectly.

Avoid Ankle Straps

Ankle straps can cut off the leg line and make your legs look shorter. While you can wear ankle straps, be cautious and choose skinnier straps. Skin tone ankle straps blend with your skin, making your legs look less cut-off.

Match Color of Pants and Shoes

Matching the color of your pants and shoes creates an unbroken vertical line that makes your legs appear longer. This simple trick instantly enhances your body proportion and flatters your short frame.

Wear Dresses vs Separates

Dresses are a great option for short women as they create a long, uninterrupted line down the body. This elongates your frame and makes you appear taller. While separates can break up your body's line, dresses give you a streamlined look that enhances your height.

Wear Boot Cut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are a close runner-up to flare leg jeans for the best jeans for petite women. They are fitted through the knee and start to widen at the knees, accommodating boots underneath. This leg shape is flattering for shorter legs, making them look longer and leaner.

Wear High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans are your best friend if you're short. They highlight your waistline, giving you a slimming effect, and create the illusion of longer legs. If you don't want to wear high waisted all the time, you can opt for mid-rise jeans, but avoid low rise bottoms as they drag down your waistline.

Wear Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are perfect for short women as they create a long line down your body, instantly lengthening your shape. Look for jumpsuits with waist definition and the right length. Have fun with this versatile piece and enjoy the ease of styling it.

Wear Vertical Patterns

Vertical patterns are a guaranteed way to lengthen a short body type. Unlike horizontal stripes, vertical patterns create the illusion of a longer line down the body. Incorporate clothing with vertical patterns into your wardrobe to achieve a flattering and elongated look.

Wear Maxi Dresses

Contrary to popular belief, maxi dresses can be incredibly flattering on short women. The key is to ensure they lay in the right place on your body. Choose maxi dresses that are the right length for your height and opt for figure-forming options to avoid overwhelming your petite frame.

Wear Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are a fabulous choice for short women as they lengthen your legs and create a taller overall appearance. When wearing maxi skirts, pair them with shorter tops to maintain a balanced silhouette. Remember, the key is to create a streamlined look without overwhelming your short frame.

Wear Midi Dresses with Caution

Midi dresses can be worn by short women, but with caution. The length of midi dresses can cut off your legs, making them appear shorter. Opt for midi dresses that fall just below the widest part of your calves and wear them with heels to elongate your legs.

Wear V-Neck

V-necklines are one of the best choices for petite women as they create an elongated effect. They draw attention to your face and create a flattering line at the chest. High necklines like crew necks and turtlenecks can shorten your shape, so wear them cautiously.

Wear Petite Sizes

Choosing the right size is crucial for short women. Look for petite sizes if you're 5'4" or shorter. Petite sizes are designed to fit shorter women proportionally, ensuring a better fit for your body. Regular-sized clothing may be too long and ill-fitting for shorter frames, so opt for petite sizes whenever possible.

Wear Above the Knee Dresses

Showcasing your legs is a simple yet effective way to add length to your body. Dresses, skirts, and shorts that fall just above the knee can flatter your figure and make your legs look longer. You don't have to wear mini skirts or short shorts, just choose clothes that expose your legs slightly.

Wear Paper Bag Pants

Paper bag pants are a trendy choice for short women. They extend beyond your natural waistline, creating the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. Pair them with a top tucked in to maintain a balanced silhouette.

Avoid Anything Low Rise

Low rise bottoms are not recommended for short women, especially if you already have short legs. They can make your legs look even shorter. Opt for mid-rise or high-waisted bottoms for a more flattering and elongated look.

Wear High Heels

When in doubt, just throw on a pair of high heels. They add height and give your body a lengthening effect that's incredibly flattering. High heels enhance your overall body proportion and make you feel confident and fabulous.

Avoid Cropped Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants can be tricky for short women, especially cropped-length culottes. They can make your legs look wider and shorter. Opt for full-length pants that cover your legs completely for a more elongated and streamlined look.

Choose Belts Strategically

Belts are not only a functional accessory but also a stylish detail. Choose belts that are on the thinner side to avoid shortening your frame. Opt for belts that are the same color as your outfit to create a continuous vertical line that enhances your waistline.

Create Vertical Lines

The key to dressing a short body type is creating vertical lines. Whether it's through the choice of clothing styles or accessories, strive for long, uninterrupted lines that elongate your body. From longer cardigans to unbuttoned blazers, there are many ways to create this stunning effect.

Avoid Bubble Sleeves

Sleeves play a crucial role in enhancing your body type. Avoid bubble-type sleeves that overwhelm your frame and shorten your arms and torso. Opt for sleeves that fit closer to your body to create a more flattering and elongated look.

Get Alterations

Getting your clothes tailored is essential for short women. Most clothes off the rack may not fit you perfectly, so taking them to a tailor can make a world of difference. Tailoring ensures that your clothes fit your body proportionately and flatter your shape. Invest in alterations for your key pieces to achieve a perfect fit.

With these styling hacks, you can confidently embrace your short stature and create stunning outfits that enhance your unique body shape. Remember, it's all about finding the right fit and proportions for your frame. Embrace your petite frame and rock any style with style and confidence!