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50 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Women: A Comprehensive Guide

CEO Tinh Phung
Traveling light has become a necessity in today's world of strict airline baggage fees, flight disruptions, and lost luggage. But it doesn't mean sacrificing style, comfort, or security. Women travelers can now curate a collection...

Traveling light has become a necessity in today's world of strict airline baggage fees, flight disruptions, and lost luggage. But it doesn't mean sacrificing style, comfort, or security. Women travelers can now curate a collection of accessories that make their journeys easier and more enjoyable. From electronics and gear to in-flight comfort, general travel accessories, women's hygiene, bags and packing, travel safety, and clothing and accessories, we've compiled a list of the best new minimalist gear and travel accessories every woman needs.

Top 10 New Favorites: Minimalist Travel Gear

Before diving into the comprehensive list, let's start with the top 10 new favorite travel accessories that have made a big difference in efficient packing and travel organization:

  1. Peak Design Tech Pouch: A versatile pouch that replaces multiple organizers and even doubles as a purse.
  2. inCharge Keychain 6-in-1 Multi Charging Cable: A compact charging cable that is ideal for Apple users.
  3. Collapsible Ultralight Hiking Pole: A space-saving hiking pole that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. Apple AirPods Pro: High-quality noise-canceling earbuds for a comfortable travel experience.
  5. Reversible Wrap Skirt: A versatile skirt that can be worn in multiple ways, perfect for any occasion.
  6. Packable Rain Jacket: A lightweight and compact jacket that provides protection from unexpected rain showers.
  7. Small Pill Pouches: Convenient pouches for organizing and carrying essential medications.
  8. Patagonia Ultralight Travel Tote: A durable tote bag that folds into its own pocket for easy storage.
  9. Clean/Dirty Laundry Cube: A cube with a flexible divider to keep clean and dirty clothes separate.
  10. Airplane Foot Hammock: A helpful accessory that provides comfort during long flights.

Feel free to share your new favorites in the comments!

Electronics & Gear

Traveling with electronic gadgets has become essential for most travelers. Here are some recommendations for the right travel accessories for your electronics:

Peak Design Tech Pouch Peak Design Tech Pouch with air travel essentials.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

At first glance, the Peak Design Tech Pouch might not seem like a minimalist choice, but its well-designed features make it a must-have for efficient packing and organization. This pouch can replace multiple charging cord organizers, small electronics cases, a flight bag, and even a purse. It offers ample space for essential travel items like your passport, travel documents, gadgets, wallet, and more. The Tech Pouch is made from 100% recycled nylon, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel | Weight: 10.2 oz (288g) | Available on Peak Design or Amazon

Multi-head Charger

Simplify your charging needs with a multi-head charger that features multiple options for your devices. Whether you're an Apple or Android user, there are chargers available that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. One compact option is the inCharge Keychain 6-in-1 charger, which combines a USB cable plug and USB-C cable on one end and lightning and USB-C on the other. Pair it with a small power bank, and you're ready for a quick charge on the go.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel, Stocking Stuffer

External Power Bank/Charger

Keep your devices charged while traveling with a compact portable charger. If you're short on space, opt for a lipstick-sized power bank. For longer trips away from electricity, choose a larger capacity power bank with fast-charging capabilities and multiple output ports.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel, Stocking Stuffer

Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter is a must-have for any minimalist traveler. It replaces the need for multiple adapters for different countries, ensuring you can charge your devices anywhere in the world. Look for one with multiple USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Recommended for: Stocking Stuffer

Apple AirPods Pro (and other noise-canceling earbuds)

Bluetooth earbuds are fantastic for long flights when you don't have room for bulky headphones. The Apple AirPods Pro provides excellent noise-canceling capabilities and is highly recommended for Apple users. If you're not in the Apple ecosystem, consider noise-canceling earbuds from brands like Bose or JBL.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel, Stocking Stuffer

Pack a mini lantern for emergencies

Mini Lantern/Flashlight

Carrying a small flashlight that can also function as a lantern is essential when traveling. While your phone might suffice for quick lighting needs, a mini lantern is useful in situations where electricity is unreliable or non-existent. It's also handy for camping trips or in case of power outages.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel, Stocking Stuffer

Solar Power Bank

For eco-conscious travelers, a solar power bank is an excellent accessory that uses solar power to charge your devices. It reduces reliance on traditional electricity sources and is a practical choice for sustainability. There are various solar power bank options available, so choose one that suits your needs.

Recommended for: Sustainable Travel

AirFly Pro Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

The Twelve South AirFly Pro is an audio transmitter that connects wireless headphones or earbuds to devices that don't have Bluetooth capabilities. It's perfect for older airplane entertainment systems and most travel tour headsets. With the AirFly Pro, you can enjoy a more comfortable audio experience during long flights or in situations where headphone wires may be inconvenient.

Recommended for: Stocking Stuffer

Travel Tripod

A lightweight travel tripod is a useful accessory for photographers. Look for one that is compact yet sturdy enough to hold your phone or camera. Brands like Gorillapod and Peak Design offer various options to suit your travel needs.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel

Kindle eReader

If you're an avid reader, consider investing in a Kindle eReader or using the Kindle app on your phone or tablet. E-readers are easier on the eyes and can provide access to books, travel guides, and other reading materials while saving space and weight in your luggage.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel

Fisher Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen is a versatile pen that can write upside down, underwater, in zero gravity, and at extreme temperatures. It's a reliable writing instrument to have while traveling, and its durability makes it suitable for all types of adventures.

Recommended for: Stocking Stuffer

Phone Lanyard

A phone lanyard is a handy accessory for keeping your phone secure and easily accessible. It's especially useful when cycling or in crowded areas where snatch and grab thefts may occur. Wear it around your neck or loop it around your wrist for added peace of mind.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel

The Latest Cell Phone!

Investing in an updated cell phone offers numerous benefits for travelers. Besides communication, modern cell phones provide GPS navigation, language translation, access to travel apps, high-quality cameras for capturing memories, and entertainment during downtime. They can also be a vital lifeline in case of emergencies, making them a practical and lightweight addition to your minimalist travel essentials.

Recommended for: Minimalist Travel

Travel Accessories for In-Flight Comfort

Air travel can be challenging, but with the right accessories, you can enhance your in-flight comfort. Consider these essentials:

Travel Pillow / Inflatable Pillow

A good night's sleep is crucial, especially during long flights. Opt for a compact travel pillow that can be compressed and attached to your luggage when not in use. Memory foam and inflatable options provide excellent comfort without taking up much space.

Silk Pillowcase

For extra comfort, pack a silk pillowcase that can be stuffed with a sweater or jacket to create a makeshift pillow. Silk pillowcases are available in various sizes, and they offer a luxurious option for enhancing your sleep while traveling.

Airplane Foot Hammock

The Airplane Foot Hammock may not be the most minimalist accessory, but it's a game-changer for long-haul flights. Simply loop the strap over your tray table's support, adjust it to your comfort level, and you have a cozy footrest. This accessory can significantly improve your overall comfort during long flights.


If you're a light sleeper or sensitive to noise, earplugs are a must-have travel accessory. They can help you get a good night's sleep despite noisy hotel neighbors, street sounds, or the hum of an airplane engine. Disposable or reusable earplugs are readily available and can provide effective noise cancellation.

Day to Day Travel Accessories for Women

Here are some favorite day-to-day travel accessories that can simplify your journey, enhance your well-being, and make your time on the move more enjoyable:

Travel Journal or Notebook

Having a travel journal or notebook is essential for keeping track of travel information and jotting down thoughts along the way. While smartphone apps may serve this purpose, having a hard copy of important information can be valuable in case of phone loss or lack of internet connectivity.

Eating Utensils, including a reusable straw

Packing reusable utensils is an eco-friendly choice that promotes environmental responsibility and ensures food hygiene. Carrying your utensils can also provide convenience for dining on-the-go or in areas where disposable utensils may be scarce. Consider including a reusable straw for an even more eco-friendly travel experience.

Packable Rain Jacket

A reliable rain jacket is a necessity for any travel wardrobe. Opt for a packable rain jacket that takes up minimal space in your luggage. Look for one that offers both style and function, and consider the climate and destination when choosing a suitable jacket.

Travel Umbrella

If you're not a fan of rain jackets, a compact travel umbrella is a great alternative. It can provide protection from rain showers and can also serve as a sunshade on hot days. Look for an ultralight and sturdy umbrella that can withstand windy conditions.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Carrying a reusable water bottle is an eco-friendly and minimalist choice. Look for a collapsible or foldable design that can be easily stashed away when not in use. This reduces single-use plastic waste and ensures you have access to water wherever you go.

Portable Fan / Cooling Scarf

In hot climates, a handheld fan or cooling scarf can provide instant relief from the heat. Consider packing one of these accessories if you anticipate long days of touring in hot weather. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for minimalist travelers.

Magnet for Securing Bags, etc.

Magnetic hooks, or Bagnet magnets, are a practical solution for securing your bags or personal items when storage space is limited. Simply stick the magnet to a wall or other magnetic surface and hang your coat, bathing suit, or other belongings. They are especially useful for keeping your purse off the floor in public bathrooms.

Carabiner / Heroclip

A carabiner can be a valuable addition to your travel gear. It's perfect for securing your belongings, whether it's attaching bags to fixed points to prevent theft or hanging gear to dry. Carabiners can also be used to attach water bottles or jackets to your travel bag. Consider investing in a Heroclip carabiner, which adds a swiveling outer piece that can be used as a hook for added convenience.

Women's Health and Hygiene Accessories


Protecting your skin from sun damage is essential while traveling. Pack sunscreen to prevent painful sunburns and safeguard your long-term health. Look for reef-safe options if you'll be snorkeling or engaging in water sports in tropical waters.

Solid Toiletries

Packing solid toiletries offers several advantages for travelers. They are more compact, lightweight, and less likely to leak or spill compared to liquid counterparts. Additionally, solid toiletries are TSA-friendly, as they don't need to be included in your quart-sized liquid bag during security checks. Opt for solid shampoo bars, toothpaste tablets, and other eco-friendly options to reduce plastic waste.

Minimal Toiletry Containers

If you prefer using liquid toiletries, consider decanting your products into small containers to save space and comply with travel restrictions. Invest in leak-proof silicone bottles for your shampoo, conditioner, or other liquids. This reduces single-use plastic waste and ensures your toiletries stay organized.

Personal Hygiene Essentials for Female Travelers

Consider carrying essential items like a reusable feminine hygiene product, a restroom kit including a toilet seat cover, toilet paper, and a hand wipe, and a female urinal for situations where traditional toilets may not be available. These accessories can provide peace of mind and ensure comfort during your travels.

Travel Hair Tools

If you rely on hair tools like curling irons or blow dryers, consider investing in compact travel versions. Many brands offer portable and lightweight options suitable for travel. Make sure to check for dual voltage compatibility if traveling internationally.

Travel Electric Toothbrush

If you use an electric toothbrush at home, consider purchasing a travel version for your trips. Travel electric toothbrushes are compact, easy to stow in your luggage, and ensure your dental hygiene remains a priority while on the road.

Pack for Safer Travel

Adding a few safety and security accessories to your packing list can provide peace of mind during your travels. Consider the following items:

Travel First Aid Kit

Putting together a travel first aid kit tailored to your needs is essential. Include essentials like adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications. Consider adding additional items like insect repellent, burn cream, anti-diarrheal medication, motion sickness pills, COVID tests, and a thermometer for a more comprehensive kit.

Secure Strap for Camera or Travel Bag

Enhance the secure carry of your gear by using a reinforced strap for your camera or travel bag. Look for slash-proof options that can be locked to a stationary object for added security.

Security Alarm for Hotel Door

A portable door alarm is an additional security measure, especially for solo travelers. It can be attached to the door handle or jamb and emits a loud alarm sound if someone tries to force entry. Having a compact door alarm ensures you feel safe and secure in your room.

Lockable Safe for Hotel Rooms or Beach Chairs

Packing a lockable safe, such as a portable travel safe or lockbox, can provide peace of mind when traveling. It offers a secure space for valuable belongings like documents, electronics, and money. Choose a size that suits your needs, whether you're camping or staying in shared accommodations.

Lockable Luggage or Bag

Investing in lockable luggage or adding locks to your bags can deter theft and protect your belongings during your travels. Choose TSA-approved locks for easy security checks at airports.

New Favorites: Bags and Packing Accessories

Choosing the right travel bags and packing gear is crucial for efficient and organized packing. Consider the following favorites:

Travel Bags

Your primary luggage is essential for traveling. Opt for lightweight and durable bags that suit your needs. Look for features like ease of maneuverability, ample storage space, and durability. Brands like Tom Bihn, Eagle Creek, and Pacsafe offer a range of options to suit different travel styles.

Day Bags

The day bag or travel purse is the bag you'll be carrying most frequently. Maximize the size of this bag if you want to use it as your personal item on the plane. Ensure it's comfortable and suitable for various activities, such as city exploration or bus tours. Brands like Pacsafe and Baggallini offer options with security features and organizational panels.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes help keep your belongings organized and compact. They are lightweight, easy to use, and help maximize space in your luggage. Consider using clean/dirty laundry cubes to separate clean and dirty clothes during your trip.

Shoe Bags

Dedicated shoe bags are a practical solution for keeping your shoes separate from your travel clothes. They are especially useful for hiking boots or muddy shoes. If you don't want to invest in shoe bags, repurpose old shower caps to cover the soles of your shoes.

Pill Pouches / Medicine Container

Keep your medications organized with small, reusable, see-through pill pouches. These pouches are perfect for carrying essential medications on the plane or during daily activities. Label them to avoid confusion.

Apple AirTag/Luggage Tracker

Including an Apple AirTag or similar tracking device can help you locate your bag in case it gets lost or misplaced. Attach the tracker to your luggage for peace of mind during your travels.

Clothing & Travel Accessories for Women

Investing in multi-functional clothing and accessories is key to a minimalist travel wardrobe. Here are some recommendations:

Clothing from Sustainable Fabrics

Consider clothing made from sustainable fabrics like merino wool, bamboo, TENCEL, or other eco-friendly materials. These fabrics offer features like lightweight, odor resistance, and easy care. Brands like Encircled, Toad & Co., wool&, WURU, and Unbound Merino offer sustainable options for travel clothing.


A colorful scarf can add style and versatility to your travel wardrobe. Wear it around your neck, over your shoulders, or use it as a cover-up when visiting sacred sites. A scarf can also double as a light blanket during flights or a makeshift tablecloth for impromptu picnics.


A sleeve scarf is a unique accessory that combines the functionality of a scarf with arm sleeves. Wear it around your neck for style and warmth, or slip your arms into the sleeves for added comfort. It's a versatile accessory that can adapt to different situations.

Packable Sun Hat

Protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays with a packable sun hat. Look for a lightweight and collapsible design that can easily fit into your luggage. A sun hat is a travel essential that provides both practicality and style.

Julahas Cape

For a touch of luxury and warmth, consider investing in a Julahas cape. These handcrafted capes from the Indian Himalayas can be worn in various ways, adding a unique flair to your travel outfits. They're perfect for chilly flights or as a cozy wrap on cool evenings.

Reversible Wrap Skirt

A reversible wrap skirt is a versatile and inexpensive addition to your travel wardrobe. It can be worn in multiple ways, such as a skirt, tunic, or swimsuit cover-up. Choose one that suits your style and offers easy adjustment.

Travel Insurance

Last but not least, consider purchasing travel insurance for your trips. It provides protection against trip cancellations, lost luggage, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen events. Travel insurance offers both financial and medical safeguards, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Having the right travel accessories can significantly enhance your travel experience. Whether it's efficient packing, in-flight comfort, personal hygiene, safety, or clothing choices, these accessories are designed to make your journeys easier and more enjoyable. Embrace minimalism, sustainability, and convenience while exploring new destinations and creating unforgettable memories.