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6 Fashion Trends Gen Z and Millennials Are Leading in 2023

CEO Tinh Phung
2022 witnessed the rise of the "core" fashion trend, with credit given to the trend-setting Gen Z and Millennials. According to YPulse's Fits For the Feed trend report, young individuals consider themselves and their generation...

2022 witnessed the rise of the "core" fashion trend, with credit given to the trend-setting Gen Z and Millennials. According to YPulse's Fits For the Feed trend report, young individuals consider themselves and their generation as the primary influencers in creating new fashion trends . So, what can we expect in terms of fashion trends in 2023?

Social media platforms, especially TikTok, play a crucial role in starting fashion trends, according to 56% of young people. These trends, often referred to as "micro-trends," blossom rapidly. Some remain confined to online spaces, while others gain popularity and make their way to runways and headlines. As we bid farewell to the dominance of "core" trends, experts predict that certain styles will take hold in 2023, with Gen Z and Millennials leading the way.

Grunge Sleaze is Carrying Over

Grunge aesthetics made a viral comeback, known by various names such as "tumblr renaissance," "indie sleaze," and "goblincore." Although each variation has slight differences, they all incorporate the grunge styles of the early 2010s, which were influenced by the '90s. YPulse's trend report reveals that 18% of Gen Z identify themselves with the grunge aesthetic, indicating its increasing popularity.

Depop's end-of-year trend report demonstrates a 176% surge in searches for "Grunge sleaze." Additionally, there was a 100% increase in searches for oversized denim and baggy silhouettes, as well as a 101% increase for leather. In line with this trend, VICE predicts that 2023 will be the year of "anti-dopamine dressing" and "slobwear." These styles encompass chaotic, messy, and dark elements that define the essence of "sleaze." Biz Sherbert, culture editor at The Digital Fairy, explains that "Sleazes subvert their source material, making it grungier and edgier, rather than attempting to capture the purest essence of an aesthetic, the way '-cores' do."

Grunge Sleaze Grunge Sleaze

Crochet-Core is a DIY, Sustainable Gen Z Favorite

Despite the emergence of new trends, "core" is not completely gone. According to Seventeen, 2023 will be the year of crochet-core. Crocheting has become a popular craft among Gen Z and Millennials on TikTok. The hashtag #Crochet has amassed an impressive 13.3 billion views, showcasing the handmade creations of young crafters. These individuals share their best techniques and patterns to inspire others to make their own custom clothes. Instagram's year-end trend report on Gen Z reveals that more than half of respondents plan to make their own clothes in 2023. This shift can be attributed to their complex relationship with fast fashion as they seek more sustainable alternatives.

Crochet-Core Crochet-Core

Airy Styles Draw from High Fashion Re-Emerging

After years of stay-at-home clothing, young people are expected to embrace over-the-top, ethereal, and "airy" styles in 2023. This trend incorporates fabrics like tulle and lace, combined with ruffles and sheer items, resulting in a gender-neutral expression of femininity and strength. Seventeen supports this notion, highlighting the popularity of tulle, feathers, and ruffles, reminiscent of the fashion seen in Emily in Paris. YPulse's data indicates that 18% of young people draw fashion inspiration from TV shows, but now, the influence is mutual as shows seek inspiration from them. Depop witnessed a 209% increase in searches for feather trims last year, referring to this trend as "celestial."

Airy Styles Airy Styles

Dystopian Cyber Styles

On the contrary to the aforementioned "dopamine dressing," Pinterest predicts that Sci-fi fashion will gain popularity among Gen Z and Millennials. This style draws inspiration from dystopian and futuristic aesthetics, reflecting the current "dark" and "moody" times. Pinterest has observed a 225% increase in searches for Avant Garde styles. In line with this trend, silver is expected to dominate as the metallic shade of choice in 2023. Celebrities and runways have already embraced this style, with Paper magazine dubbing Julia Fox as the "Queen of Avant Apocalypse." She showcases her DIY cyberpunk fashion on TikTok, characterized by deconstruction, asymmetry, and sculptured structural elements. Popular hashtags like #CyberCore, #DystopianFashion, and #SciFiFashion on TikTok highlight how Gen Z and Millennials are already incorporating these trends into their wardrobes.

Dystopian Cyber Styles Dystopian Cyber Styles

2000s Normcore Taps Out of Following Trends

Y2K style has remained prominent among young people, regardless of whether they remember the actual year 2000. However, according to VICE, the new trend is "real 2000s Normcore," while the new clean girl look is "90s minimalism." Amidst the overwhelming number of micro-trends, which sometimes lead to "trend fatigue," young people are returning to the basics of the early 2000s. While Y2K style glorifies iconic fashion moments from the '90s and 2000s, normcore encapsulates what people were truly wearing on a daily basis. Similarly, '90s minimalism represents a style that withstands trend cycles, reflecting the impact of recession times. Pinterest predicts the continued romanticization of these styles, naming it "Romcom core," which draws inspiration from 2000s main character energy.

2000s Normcore 2000s Normcore

Colors of the Year: Digital Lavender and Viva Magenta

Pantone has announced Viva Magenta as the color of the year, describing it as a pulsating color that symbolizes bravery, fearlessness, and optimism. This pink hue, rooted in nature, fits seamlessly into the ongoing Barbiecore aesthetic. Apart from its metaphorical significance, Viva Magenta aligns with the anticipated hype surrounding Greta Gerwig's upcoming movie, Barbie.

In contrast, WGSN introduces Digital Lavender as the color that represents wellness and digital escapism in 2023. Research suggests that colors with shorter wavelengths, like Digital Lavender, evoke feelings of calmness and serenity. This imaginative color is already embedded in digital culture and is expected to converge across virtual and physical worlds.

By keeping up with the fashion trends led by Gen Z and Millennials, we can stay ahead of the curve and embrace the evolving fashion landscape in 2023.

Colors of the Year Colors of the Year

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