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7 Best Altra Running Shoes in 2024

CEO Tinh Phung
Are you looking for the perfect pair of running shoes that provide both comfort and performance? Look no further than Altra running shoes. Known for their unique zero-drop design and roomy toe boxes, Altra has...

Are you looking for the perfect pair of running shoes that provide both comfort and performance? Look no further than Altra running shoes. Known for their unique zero-drop design and roomy toe boxes, Altra has quickly become a favorite among runners and hikers alike. In this article, we will explore the best Altra running shoes in 2024 and help you choose the perfect pair for your needs.

How to choose Altra running shoes

Altra's journey began with innovative "shoe-hacking" experiments by running store employees in Utah. Their small-batch prototypes soon gained popularity, thanks to their comfortable fit and unique design. Today, the brand continues to impress with their commitment to zero-drop technology and anatomical toe boxes.

Escalante 3 POV Image: Escalante 3 POV

Altra road running shoes

While Altra initially specialized in trail shoes, they have now expanded their repertoire to include a remarkable collection of road running shoes. These shoes retain the signature zero-drop design and roomy toe boxes while offering enhanced speed and comfort on hard pavement.

Altra VIA Olympus

The Altra VIA Olympus is a unique combination of maximalist cushioning and a zero-drop midsole. With its great lockdown and roomy toe box, this shoe is perfect for racking up easy daily miles.


Altra Escalante

The Altra Escalante features a minimal midsole for better ground connection and nimbleness. Designed for workouts or longer tempo runs, this lightweight, zero-drop shoe is sure to elevate your running experience.

Altra Rivera

The Altra Rivera offers comfort and well-cushioning without feeling clumsy or heavy. Although it fits slightly narrower than other Altra models, its all-around performance makes it ideal for long runs, tempo workouts, and recovery days.

Altra Rivera 2 outdoor run

Altra trail running shoes

Altra's trail running shoes have long been a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. With their wider fit and zero-drop design, these shoes are perfectly suited for the demands of long days on trail terrain.

Altra Lone Peak

The Lone Peak is the flagship shoe that defines the Altra brand. It offers moderate cushioning, a zero drop, excellent grip, and unparalleled comfort. Whether you're a trail runner or hiker, this shoe is a must-have.


Altra Outroad

The Outroad fits narrower than other Altra models, making it ideal for runners who prefer a snug fit. With its zero-drop design and comfortable Altra experience, this shoe offers the perfect balance of security and durability.


Altra Superior

If you're looking for a minimalist race shoe for short and fast trail runs, the Altra Superior is your go-to. Featuring a slim midsole and a light mesh upper, this shoe provides an excellent ground feel and promotes a natural stride.

Altra stability shoes

For those in need of stability, Altra offers a great selection of zero-drop stability shoes. These shoes combine the benefits of zero-drop technology with effective stability features.

Altra Provision

The Altra Provision is a mid-stack stability shoe with a zero drop. It features Altra's lightweight stability system and excellent grip on concrete and pavement.

The tech and design of Altra shoes

Altra running shoes stand out with their innovative designs and technologies. Here are a few key features that make Altra shoes special:

Zero drop

Altra coined the term "Zero Drop" to describe their 0mm drop shoes. Unlike traditional running shoes with an 8-12mm drop, Altra shoes encourage a midfoot-striking pattern that mimics barefoot running. This unique design offers a natural stride experience.


FootShape design

Altra is famous for their anatomically designed toe boxes, thanks to their proprietary FootShape design technology. Different fits are available, including the Original (widest) and the Standard, catering to both men and women. Altra is the only running shoe brand to feature a female-specific design in all its shoes.


What makes Altra running shoes special?

Altra shoes combine a zero-drop design with the cushioning of conventional running shoes. This unique combination offers a natural stride experience while providing the necessary comfort and protection for daily running. The wide, anatomically designed toe boxes set Altras apart from other brands, providing a truly unique running experience.

Can I transition right to zero-drop Altra shoes?

Transitioning to zero-drop shoes may require an adjustment period, especially if you're coming from shoes with an 8-12mm drop. Altras like the Lone Peak or Olympus, with their high-cushioning, can make the transition gentler. It's recommended to gradually add Altras into your rotation to allow your calf muscles and stride to adapt to a midfoot strike.


Are Altra shoes considered minimalist?

While Altra offers a range of cushioning options, none of their shoes are considered truly minimalist. The zero-drop design mimics the stride promoted by minimalist shoes, but even Altra's more scaled-back models provide more cushioning than minimalist or barefoot shoes.

Heel stack height on Rivera 2

Are Altra shoes suitable for women?

Absolutely! Altra is unique in that all their female shoes are anatomically specific, accounting for the subtle differences in female feet and running gait. If you're a female runner, Altra is an excellent choice for a comfortable and performance-driven running shoe.

In conclusion, Altra running shoes offer a wide range of options for runners and hikers looking for a comfortable and performance-driven shoe. Whether you're hitting the road or exploring the trails, Altra's zero-drop design and roomy toe boxes are sure to enhance your running experience. Choose the perfect pair of Altra shoes and start running with confidence!