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7 Best On Running Shoes in 2024: Find Your Perfect Fit

CEO Tinh Phung
If you're a runner, you've probably heard of On shoes. Known for their unique midsole with holes and the iconic "Cloud" in their names, On shoes are easily recognizable. But with so many options, how...

If you're a runner, you've probably heard of On shoes. Known for their unique midsole with holes and the iconic "Cloud" in their names, On shoes are easily recognizable. But with so many options, how do you choose the perfect pair for you? In this article, we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best On running shoes based on terrain, pace, distance, pronation, foot strike, and foot width.

Road or Trail? Where Do You Run?

Most On shoes are designed for road running, but there are also options for trail enthusiasts. If you mainly run on paved surfaces, asphalt, or tracks, a road running shoe like the Cloudswift is a great choice. Some road running shoes, like the Cloudmonster, can handle gravel as well. On the other hand, if you prefer grass, rocky terrain, and mud, opt for a trail running shoe like the Cloudultra 2. If you run on both roads and trails, hybrid shoes like the Cloudvista are a versatile choice.

On Cloudvista Heel tab On Cloudvista Heel tab

Remember, trail running shoes are sturdier and have a more aggressive outsole for better grip and protection.

On Running Shoes Based on Pace

When choosing running shoes, it's important to consider your training goals. Most road running shoes are categorized into daily trainers, speed training shoes, and racing/competition shoes. Daily trainers provide good cushioning and versatility for most runs, while speed training shoes are lighter and faster for increasing your pace. Racing shoes are performance-focused and offer an edge in terms of speed. Ideally, it's best to have multiple pairs of shoes for different types of training. However, some shoes, like the On Cloudflow 3, can do it all with cushioning, responsiveness, and a lightweight design.

On Cloudflow 3 On Cloudflow 3

Going Far? Get the Right On Running Shoe

For long-distance runners, specific shoes are designed to provide extra cushioning, protection, and comfort. These shoes usually have a greater heel stack height, wider fit for foot expansion, and a softer underfoot feel. The On Cloudmonster is a great option for marathons and ultras.

On Cloudmonster On Cloudmonster

The Right On Shoe for Your Pronation Type

Every foot is different, and choosing the right running shoe depends on your pronation and arch type. On offers stability running shoes for those who need extra support for their arches, while neutral models are suitable for runners with a neutral pronation. Understanding your pronation type and arch shape is crucial for selecting the right shoe.

On Shoes for Narrow, Normal, and Wide Feet

Running shoe widths can vary, and it's important to find a shoe that matches the shape of your feet. On shoes generally run true to size, but there are exceptions. It's recommended to measure the width of your foot and consider the specific shoe's fit. On shoes have been evaluated for forefoot width to ensure the best fit.

Choosing the Heel-to-Toe Drop in On Shoes

Heel-to-toe drop is the difference in height between the heel and forefoot of a running shoe. It affects how your muscles, tendons, and joints work during running. On shoes have a range of heel-to-toe drops from 4mm to 11mm, catering to different running styles. Beginners often stick to the industry standard of 8-10mm, but some runners prefer lower drops for a forefoot or midfoot strike.

Running in Summer? Opt for Breathable On Shoes

When running in hot weather, having breathable shoes is essential. On shoes are known for their well-ventilated uppers, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable. The breathability of On shoes is comparable to other brands, scoring an average of 4 out of 5 in breathability tests.

What Sets On Apart from Other Brands?

Apart from their unique design, On shoes have specific characteristics that set them apart. The CloudTec technology provides a cloud-shaped midsole that adapts to weight and offers a unique underfoot feel. Combined with the Speedboard, which helps with toe-off propulsion, On shoes are responsive and fast. However, durability of the uppers might be a concern, as they have shown signs of wear in tests.

Notable On Athletes

On has collaborated with athletes who represent the brand and their gear. Xavier Thévenard, a three-time winner of the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc, wears On shoes for both long distances and shorter runs.


  • Are On running shoes good for walking? On shoes, such as the Cloudvista, are comfortable, breathable, and suitable for walking as well as running.
  • Should I get waterproof shoes? On offers waterproof models for running in inclement weather, but keep in mind they may be slightly heavier and less breathable.
  • Are there cheap On running shoes? On running shoes are generally priced higher compared to other brands, with most models averaging around $162.
  • Do On shoes fit true to size? On running shoes usually fit true to size, but it's recommended to consider your foot width and specific shoe fit.
  • Are On shoes sustainable? On has made efforts to reduce their environmental impact through projects like Cyclon and CleanCloud, focusing on recycling and using sustainable materials.

By considering the terrain, pace, distance, pronation, foot strike, and foot width, you can find the perfect pair of On running shoes for your needs. Whether you're a road runner or a trail enthusiast, On offers a range of options for every type of runner. Choose comfort, performance, and style with On shoes.