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70's Fashion for Men - Embracing the Timeless Styles and Outfits

CEO Tinh Phung
Nostalgia has a funny way of romanticizing most decades, highlighting timeless trends and making us question the state of our current fashion choices. However, when it comes to the 1970s, we tend to remember it...

Nostalgia has a funny way of romanticizing most decades, highlighting timeless trends and making us question the state of our current fashion choices. However, when it comes to the 1970s, we tend to remember it with a cringing, shuddering disgust. Flares, male perms, chest hair that looked like carpet - it was a monstrous orgy of bad taste.

But this season, the decade that fashion forgot is getting a long-overdue crack at redemption. The revival of 1970s fashion can be attributed to the current fatigue with minimalism. Menswear designers have served up a big, unapologetic slice of the seventies, infusing it with modern sensibilities. From corduroy trousers to patterned knitwear, the key outfits trends from the 70s are making a comeback in a more wearable and refined way.

The Rebirth of 1970s Fashion and Style

The resurgence of the 1970s can be credited to the desire for more individuality and the rejection of clean lines and neutral palettes. Designers like Hermes and Prada have embraced bold colors and textures, showcasing everything from corduroy trousers to trench coats in their collections.

The 1970s was a time of self-expression and daring fashion choices. It was a decade that embraced both comfort and style, and now, it's making a welcome return to men's fashion. So, if you're tired of playing it safe with minimalistic looks, it's time to embrace the flamboyant spirit of the 70s.

Corduroy: A Fabric That Screams Seventies

Corduroy is undoubtedly one of the most quintessential fabrics of the 1970s. It offers a plush and feel-good texture that is perfect for the winter season. This year, corduroy is back in a big way, and it can be worn as a statement piece in the form of a suit or through casual separates.

For those who are feeling a bit shy about going full-on 70s, a pair of corduroy trousers in a darker shade is a solid starting point. It can replace your usual jeans or chinos for a more unique and retro look. When it comes to tailoring crafted from corduroy, make sure to pair it with more relaxed underpinnings like a grandad collar shirt or a roll neck.

how to wear the corduroy trend A modern take on the corduroy trend

Patterned Knitwear: A Modern Reworking of Classic Styles

Patterned jumpers were once considered a fashion faux pas, but now they are hot property. The nostalgia for classic knitwear has led to a resurgence of 1970s-inspired, thick- and fine-gauge intarsia knitwear in multicolored geometric prints. Brands like Prada have been at the forefront of this trend, showcasing their take on the 70s-inspired knitwear.

To fully commit to the 70s outfit, pair patterned knitwear with corduroy trousers, crisp shirting, and brogues. The key is to keep the palette coordinated and the patterns well-balanced. It's time to embrace the boldness of the 70s and prove that your mum was wrong all along.

hackett Bold and patterned knitwear for a retro look

Silk Shirts: Flashing Some Clavicle in Style

Silk shirts were once associated with a chest full of hair, but the modern man is more inclined to a cleaner and sleeker look. Silk shirts are making a comeback, channeling the 1970s style with a modern twist. Dressing up and standing out are becoming cool again, and a silk bold print shirt can be paired with slim-fitting trousers for a contemporary and refined look.

When wearing bold prints, let them speak for themselves. Pair your silk shirt with black trousers, dark coats, and jackets to let the prints take center stage. For a touch of Harry Styles flair, opt for brown, tan, or sand suede Chelsea boots.

boglioli Making a statement with a silk shirt

Velvet: Luxuriously Textured Retro Vibes

Velvet is a fabric that managed to transcend both the 1970s and the 1980s. It has made a comeback in recent seasons, offering a touch of plushness and luxury to any outfit. Designer Haider Ackerman has reworked velvet into contemporary off-duty staples like hoodies, giving the fabric a modern twist.

For those who are hesitant about velvet, a formal velvet blazer is the perfect way to stand out during the party season. More adventurous individuals can opt for velvet T-shirts and bombers, pairing them with their usual off-duty staples for a touch of retro flair.

brunello cucinelli Velvet adds a touch of luxury to any outfit

Roll Neck: A Refined Way to Keep Warm

The roll neck has been making a comeback in recent seasons, offering a more refined alternative to scarves. This season, it's time to take the roll neck to the next level with 1970s styling. A fine- to medium-gauge roll neck works well as a contrast to heavily patterned suits or when paired with high-waisted trousers for a full-on retro look.

Chunky roll necks are as seventies as they come, and they work best when layered. Pair a cream chunky cable knit roll neck with a shaggy tan shearling coat for the ultimate winter layering. Embrace the 1970s spirit and stand out from the crowd.

zara Layering with a chunky roll neck for a retro look

Wider Leg Trousers: Embracing Comfort and Style

In a world where skinny jeans dominate, wider leg trousers offer a refreshing change. Seventies-inspired wide-leg trousers bring back the comfort and style of the 1970s, offering a welcomed departure from the circulation-sapping skinnies.

Add some individuality to your winter wardrobe with the new trouser on the block: the 1970s wide leg. Whether you prefer ultra-wide leg, pleated, or peg-leg turn-up styles, this trend has cast a serious shade on the once-favorable skinny-legged look. Style them with a simple crew-neck sweater and trainers for a safe yet fashionable outfit. For a turbocharged 1970s appeal, pair them with a roll neck jumper, a sherpa-lined denim jacket, and low-top, lace-up sneakers.

how to wear patterned knitwear Wide-leg trousers for a unique and retro look

Sportswear: Comfort and Style Combined

Minimal sports luxe and ironic 1990s tracksuits are becoming passé. Menswear has jogged back a few decades for inspiration, bringing back clothing that offers both comfort and style. Velour tracksuits, in particular, channel the plushness of the 1970s through super-soft fabric and side-stripe detailing.

Velour tracksuits are perfectly wearable as long as you stick to wearing one piece at a time. Look to bands like the Last Shadow Puppets for inspiration on how to style velour. Pair velour track pants with a beaten-up denim jacket and classic white pumps to reimagine the 1970s look in a modern way.

reiss Velour tracksuits bring comfort and style together

The 1970s Color Palette: Embracing Earth Tones

Brown and orange may not be at the top of the most wanted color league table, but they can work surprisingly well in your wardrobe. The resurgence of 1970s style has broken the taboo of wearing orange and brown, and these earthy tones are making a comeback.

To incorporate these neglected colors into your outfits, start by wearing them separately. Pair an orange knit with an all-black outfit for a modern hit of retro color. Brown, on the other hand, works best when layered with lighter colors or applied to tailoring. For an advanced 1970s swag, layer a cream roll neck beneath a brown suit.

zara Embracing the 1970s color palette

Suede Jackets: Timeless Elegance

Suede jackets are a true staple of 1970s fashion. The warm colorways and luxuriously textured fabrics of these jackets make them a perfect choice for the modern man. Today's silhouettes are less extreme, offering more minimal and streamlined designs that let the color and fabric do the talking.

Whether you opt for a bomber or a collared jacket, suede jackets work well with everything from denim shirts to plain T-shirts to chunky knitwear. For a touch of retro elegance, pair a medium-gauge roll neck beneath a suede jacket and finish the look with tailored trousers.

debenhams Suede jackets for a touch of retro elegance

Wide Lapels: A Statement of Style

Gone are the days of tiny lapels on blazers. This season, blazer lapels are going wide, offering a more confident and stylish look. Wide lapel blazers work well with fine-gauge knits, providing a balance between the boldness of the lapels and the softer overall effect of the knitwear.

When styling wide lapel blazers, keep accessories to a minimum to avoid looking like you've raided a fancy dress shop. Pair them with fine-gauge knits, T-shirts, or roll necks to create a modern homage to 1970s tailoring. It's time to make a statement with your style.

ben sherman Making a statement with wide lapels

In conclusion, the 1970s fashion trends are making a strong comeback, offering a unique blend of comfort, style, and individuality. From corduroy to patterned knitwear, silk shirts to velvet, these timeless styles and outfits are a testament to the enduring influence of the 70s. So, why not embrace the spirit of the 70s and make a stylish statement with your wardrobe this year?