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Get Free Magazines Delivered to Your Doorstep

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There's a certain joy in finding free magazines waiting for you in your mailbox. It's those simple pleasures in life that can make your day brighter. Magazines not only provide a sensory experience with their...

There's a certain joy in finding free magazines waiting for you in your mailbox. It's those simple pleasures in life that can make your day brighter. Magazines not only provide a sensory experience with their glossy pages and perfume samples, but they also keep you up-to-date with the latest in your favorite hobbies, whether it's toys, tech, fashion, or even digital products like ebooks.

The best part is, you don't even have to leave your home to indulge in some window-shopping. Unfortunately, magazine subscriptions can be expensive, adding to your monthly expenses. But fear not, because we've compiled a list of over 75 magazines that you can get for free! So, let's dive in and start building your magazine collection today.

Free Magazines You Can Get Now

Without further ado, here's a selection of free magazines that you can start receiving right away.

Free Pregnancy, Baby, and Kids Magazines

  • Parents Magazine: Enjoy a two-year subscription to Parents Magazine. It covers a wide range of topics, from family development and behavior to health issues.
  • Your Pregnancy & Baby: This bi-monthly magazine focuses on parenting kids three years old and younger, as well as pregnancy from conception to the first few days as a new mom.

Free Clothing, Fashion, and Lifestyle Magazines

  • Vogue: Dive into the world of high fashion with a complimentary two-year subscription to Vogue magazine.
  • Esquire: Discover a magazine that covers men's interests, from politics to style, health to women's advice, food & drink, and more.
  • C California Style: Request a sample of C California Style & Culture, along with its other editions like Men's, Weddings, and Home.
  • Town & Country: Get a two-year free subscription to Town & Country, a magazine that explores fashion, travel, design, beauty, health, the arts, and antiques.
  • Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ): Enjoy a year's worth of free GQ magazines.
  • Elle: Dive into sophistication and style with a one-year complimentary subscription to Elle Magazine.
  • Harper's Bazaar: Delve into the world of contemporary women's fashion, career, and lifestyle with a two-year free subscription to Harper's Bazaar.
  • Vanity Fair: Immerse yourself in the world's most sophisticated circles with a one-year free subscription to Vanity Fair.
  • Allure: Get expert hair, makeup, and beauty tips with a year's worth of free magazines from Allure.

Free Home Magazines

  • Home & Lands: Order a free copy of this Real Estate magazine and get access to extensive real estate listings for homes, condos, land, and commercial buildings.
  • Atomic Ranch: Explore this magazine for designers, builders, architects, and homeowners interested in renovating their homes.
  • This Old House: Fuel your obsession with DIY and home renovation with free issues of This Old House magazine.
  • Supply House Times: Dive into the home construction industry with Supply House Times, a magazine focused on merchandising.
  • Elle Decor: Experience the best architecture, interiors, and decor arts from designers and architects around the world with a two-year free subscription to Elle Decor.
  • Country Living: Discover the rustic charm of vintage-looking porches and country living gardens with a free two-year subscription to Country Living magazine.
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Turn your home into a cozy and inviting haven with Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
  • Veranda: Get a two-year free subscription to Veranda magazine, a stylish, entertaining, and decorating resource with a twist of historical interior design and architecture.

Free Health and Beauty Magazines

  • Weight Watchers: Get digital versions of Weight Watchers magazines, covering nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness, special reports, and much more.
  • Women's Health Magazine: Dive into topics ranging from nutrition to weight loss, health, fitness, sex & relationships, beauty, style, and fashion with a two-year free subscription to Women's Health magazine.
  • Hearing Health Foundation: Discover everything related to your sense of hearing with quarterly copies of their magazine.
  • Men's Health Magazine: Stay informed about exercise, nutrition, and overall health focused on men with a free one-year subscription to Men's Health magazine.
  • Brain & Life: Stay updated on news, tips, and information about neurologic disorders and brain health with a free subscription to Brain & Life magazine.
  • Shape!: Embrace strength and confidence in your own skin with a two-year free subscription to Shape! magazine, which combines health and fashion.
  • TIME for Health: Explore this comprehensive digital magazine on health, equal to its popular counterpart TIME magazine.
  • Woman's Day: Enjoy a two-year subscription to Woman's Day, one of the oldest and most beloved traditional women's magazines.

Free Food and Drink Magazines

  • Food Network Magazine: Indulge in the culinary world with Food Network Magazine, brought to you by the same people behind the TV's Food Network.
  • Eating Well: Discover the joys of healthy eating with Eating Well magazine.
  • Whisky Advocate: For whiskey enthusiasts, Whisky Advocate is the perfect magazine to explore the world of whiskey.
  • Bon Appétit: Learn how to create fancy meals at home with Bon Appétit magazine.
  • My Food and Family: Discover diet and nutrition tips aimed at families with My Food and Family magazine.
  • Wine Spectator: Immerse yourself in the world of wine with Wine Spectator, a magazine focused on the wine industry.

Free Tech and Automobile Magazines

  • Wired, Sound & Vision, Popular Science: Dive into the world of technology with these popular magazines.
  • Overdrive, Truck and Off-Highway Engineering: Get your fix of trucking and commercial driving with these magazines.
  • Rider, Subaru Drive & Performance Magazine, Car and Driver: Explore the world of automobiles with these magazines.
  • Popular Mechanics: Discover everything from automobile and boating technology to home improvement tools and woodworking equipment.

Free Sports and Outdoors Magazines

  • Runner's World: Stay fit and motivated with Runner's World magazine.
  • Outside, Outdoor Life: Immerse yourself in the world of outdoor adventures with these magazines.
  • Bowhunting World and Predator Xtreme: For hunting enthusiasts, these magazines provide valuable insights.
  • Sport Fishing, Field & Stream: Discover the world of fishing and water sports with these magazines.
  • Professional Pilot: For aviation enthusiasts, Professional Pilot is a must-read magazine.
  • No Nonsense, The Red Bulletin: Stay updated on bodybuilding, fitness, and other sports with these magazines.
  • Golf Magazine, TransWorld Surf, Baseball Digest: Explore magazines dedicated to specific sports like golf, surfing, and baseball.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids and Sports Illustrated: Choose from a free one-year, two-year, or six-month subscription to these iconic sports magazines.

Free Toys, Games, and Hobbies Magazines

  • Lego Magazine: Unlock your creativity with Lego Magazine.
  • Den of Geek: Dive into the world of games, movies, and TV shows with Den of Geek magazine.
  • Outdoor Photography: Get inspired by the beauty of nature with Outdoor Photography magazine.

Free Entertainment Magazines

  • US Magazine, US Weekly, People Magazine: Stay updated on the latest entertainment news with these popular magazines.

Free Business and Non-Profit Magazines

  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Dive into the world of business with Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Money, TIME magazine, Fortune, Claims Education Magazine: Stay informed about finance and business with these magazines.

Free Travel Magazines

  • Travel + Leisure: Explore the world through the pages of Travel + Leisure magazine.
  • Condé Nast Traveler: Discover luxury travel experiences with Condé Nast Traveler magazine.
  • Backpacker magazine: Find wilderness travel inspiration with Backpacker magazine.
  • Finger Lakes Wine Country: Embark on wine tours with Finger Lakes Wine Country magazine.
  • San Diego Magazine: Learn about food, culture, events, and everything San Diego with San Diego Magazine.
  • Garden & Gun Magazine: Immerse yourself in the new Southern lifestyle with a focus on food, music, art, culture, and literature.

Other Types of Free Magazines

  • National Geographic: Explore the world through the lens of National Geographic.
  • No Greater Joy Magazine, National Catholic Reporter, Premier Christianity Magazine, Kenneth Copeland Ministries Victory Magazine: Discover religious magazines covering a variety of topics.
  • Out Magazine: Explore the world of LGBTQ with Out Magazine.

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3 Free Magazine Subscription Sites You Need to Bookmark

If you're looking to expand your magazine collection, here are three websites you should check out:

  1. Mercury Magazines: Mercury Magazines offers a collection of popular magazines like Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, Town and Country, Marie Claire, and Outdoor Photography. Simply provide some information about yourself, and Mercury Magazine will match your interests with a couple of magazines. Choose three options, sign up one by one, complete the survey, verify your personal information and address, and start receiving your free magazines.

  2. Value Mags: Value Mags offers a wide range of magazines, including Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping, among others. The best part is that you don't have to pay for any magazine you receive from Value Mags, as their partners cover the expenses. While some subscriptions may require you to answer surveys or register with third-party companies, you can enjoy the magazines without any cost.

  3. Freebizmag: Freebizmag focuses on business magazines, catering to industries such as IT, hospitality, human resources, and non-profit organizations. Each magazine has different qualifications based on the publisher's requirements. When signing up on Freebizmag, consider using a backup email address as you might be asked to sign up for other offers and freebies.

Do's and Don'ts of Requesting Free Magazines

When requesting free magazines, keep these simple rules in mind:

  • Read the fine print: Before subscribing to any magazine, make sure to read the details carefully. Pay attention to how long the subscription will be free and if there are any conditions or partner companies involved.
  • Avoid future payments: Some forms may ask for credit card information while offering freebies. It's best to skip those magazines if you're not comfortable providing your credit card details. However, if you do decide to subscribe, note the date and set a reminder to cancel any offers before they charge your credit card.
  • Skip buying products or signing up for services: You can still receive the magazines for free without engaging in additional offers or services.

The Bottom Line

Free magazines are not limited to lesser-known publications. Even popular magazines like Vice, Metro, or The New York Times offer free access to digital versions, providing a sneak peek with limited content. Additionally, you can find digital versions of magazines on Google Play or the Apple Store.

If your favorite magazine isn't on this list, check the official website and look for a "request sample" button or form. Many magazines offer the first month of subscription for free, with the option to opt out afterward.

Keep an eye on our freebies page for new magazine offers as they regularly become available. And don't forget to explore other free magazines in categories like crafts, cooking, kids, cars, and teens.

Start building your collection of free magazines today and enjoy the endless reading pleasure they bring!