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8 Best Creams To Lighten Dark Inner Thighs [2021]

CEO Tinh Phung
When it's girls time out at the beach and you can't wear a bikini, or you are ashamed to swim freely or you just don't like the dark spots on your thighs, know that there...

When it's girls time out at the beach and you can't wear a bikini, or you are ashamed to swim freely or you just don't like the dark spots on your thighs, know that there is a solution. Perhaps you have tried several treatments and creams but they don't seem to be working, do not fret, the best creams will take those spots away and leave your thighs looking fresh, fair and beautiful.

In this article, we shall be reviewing the 8 best creams to lighten dark inner thighs. So, if you are hoping for a permanent solution to those embarrassing dark thighs, then join us as we review the top products.

The Best Creams for Dark Inner Thighs (Our Picks)

1. Meladerm

Meladerm is a fantastic cream to treat your uneven skin tones, including dark inner thighs. The top ingredients of the cream are alpha arbutin, Kojic, Giga white, and Tego Cosmo C. All of these are natural and safe for your skin. Licorice, mulberry extracts, and niacinamide are also other ingredients of the cream. The mixture of these ingredients makes this cream a perfect lightening agent. It also minimizes the appearance of dark patches of the skin, and because of its all-natural elements, your skin will not feel any form of irritation.

2. Skinception Illuminatural Skin Lightener

The Skinception Illuminatural cream is very effective. This is because the ingredients of this cream are clinically proven to lighten skin tones. It has plant-based elements that protect the skin from harmful UV rays. It also prevents sun damage, treats pigmented patches quickly, removes dead skin cells, and accelerates the growth of new skin cells. This product amazingly reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and stops the production of melanin pigment, which are the main causes of dark inner thighs. Skinception Illuminatural Skin Lightener is not sticky, so you don't need to worry about your clothes getting stained. It's so effective that you are sure to have flawless skin within 3-4 weeks of use.

3. Glutamax Instant White Whitening Lotion

This is the best bleaching cream you can get anywhere. It is specially formulated to minimize the appearance of dark pigmentation of your inner thighs. The best part of this product is that it is approved by a certified and experienced dermatologist. Along with the dark areas, it treats stretch marks and makes the skin firm. Glutamax Instant White Advanced Skin Whitening Lotion has special elements like Vitamin C, as well as natural flower extracts, which effectively lighten your skin tone.

Creams To Lighten Dark Inner Thighs picture: Creams To Lighten Dark Inner Thighs

4. Luminescence Brightening Repair Treatment

If you are searching for a lightweight, fast absorbing cream, then Luminessence Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment cream is the best choice to make. It treats dark patches and uneven skin tones by exfoliating the old dark cells of inner thighs. Ingredients like vitamin C, alpha arbutin, kojic acid, and pearl found in the product helps to lighten the skin. Moreover, natural ingredients like pineapple and papaya extracts are also found in the product; they help accelerate the exfoliation strategy and growth of new skin cells as well.

5. Clinicians Complex 6% Skin Bleaching Cream

Hydroquinone, bearberry extracts, and kojic acid are the active ingredients of this bleaching cream. These three clinically proven ingredients make the skin of your inner thighs or other intimate areas even brighter by eliminating the appearance of dark patches. The most interesting thing is your skin won't get dry even if you overuse it. It is so helpful for dark inner thighs.

6. Marie France Tone-Perfecting Cream Soap

Marie France Tone-Perfecting Cream Soap is effective for treating intimate areas like dark butt, inner thighs, underarms, bikini area, and even elbows, knuckles, and knees. This cream is a combination of two of the most effective skin whitening elements, namely alpha arbutin and niacinamide in high concentration. Alpha Arbutin is known as a natural skin whitening element from cranberry, bearberry, blueberry, mulberry shrubs. On the other hand, niacinamide is the perfect element to whiten your intimate parts. The best raw materials imported from Europe have been used in the cream. It will take 8-12 weeks to show the best result.

7. Rococo Revitalize Skin Lightening Cream

This cream is an ideal dark spot corrector. It reduces dark hyperpigmentations and skin discolorations. It comes with moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin and smoothens the skin. The top ingredients are Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Licorice, and Bearberry, which work together to reduce melanin pigment and eliminate brown spots, lighten age spots, make skin smoother, and balance the skin tone. It absorbs into your skin so fast. It is safe to use on sensitive skin, as it contains all-natural ingredients, and also whitens the intimate area as well as giving a flawless complexion.

8. Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Milk

Carrot Glow Intense Toning beauty Milk cream is specially featured with carrot oil and Vitamin A, K, and E complex, which make this cream more efficient to brighten dark areas. It is specifically formulated for use on the body to improve skin texture and tone. It is an ideal cream for people with sensitive or oily skin. It gives immediate results after using once or twice a week. However, keep in mind that children under 12 years can't use the cream.

Causes of Dark Inner Thighs

There are many reasons why a person can have hyperpigmentation in inner thigh areas and have dark inner thighs. Let's have a look at them:

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can cause dark inner thighs. This hormonal imbalance is more popular amongst pregnant women, menstruating ladies, or those with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This causes dark inner thighs.


While exercising or walking, the friction that happens between two thighs can make the skin itchy, thin, or discolored.


If you wear tight clothes, especially while working out, walking, or even carrying out your duty throughout the day, your skin won't get enough space to feel relieved leading to friction between wet and sweaty clothes and your skin, which makes the skin darker. This is called chafing.

Certain Medicines

Some kinds of medicines like oral hormonal contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs can make the inner thigh areas hyperpigmented.

Regular Shaving

Regular shaving can make your inner thigh skin discolored. When you use a razor, the friction between the razor and your skin will lead to a dark spot on your skin.


While dark inner thighs are not health problems, they can be embarrassing, especially when other people have to see it. This can lower your self-esteem and cause you to be socially awkward.

This can be avoided by using the best creams, and that's what we have reviewed in this article. The 8 best creams to lighten dark inner thighs will ensure your thighs are as they should be - fresh, good-looking, and superb! So, go ahead and make your choice. You will thank us for it.