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8 Clogs Outfit Ideas for 2024: Fashion Meets Function

CEO Tinh Phung
Fashion meets function, modern marries classic, and timelessness transcends trends in the humble clog sandal. With the perfect grip, ease of wear, and adjustable fit, the classic clog shoes have remained a shoe rack staple...

Clogs Fashion meets function, modern marries classic, and timelessness transcends trends in the humble clog sandal. With the perfect grip, ease of wear, and adjustable fit, the classic clog shoes have remained a shoe rack staple for as long as we can remember. When the perfect and versatile clog design meets iconic BIRKENSTOCK sensibilities, you get to experience the footwear in a whole new avatar.

While fashion is eternal, styling is what will make or break your outfit. Our versatile clogs for men and women are sure to take your style game a notch above with their versatility and comfort quotient. Read on to discover our top picks for the season and clog styling ideas.

Casual Clogs by BIRKENSTOCK

Boston: A veritable classic with a modern spin, these unisex BIRKENSTOCK Boston clogs are what street-style dreams are made of. The corduroy clog offers the grip of a closed shoe with the ease of a slip-on sandal. The distinct corded texture of the embossed suede upper adds visual interest to the striking sienna red clogs. Pair them with parachute pants, bomber jackets, ribbed crop tops, basic t-shirts, straight-fit jeans, chinos, corduroy jackets, etc.

Boston Clogs Boston Clogs - Classic design meets modern style

Nagoya: Compact and practical, BIRKENSTOCK Nagoya is a clog for men. The closed-toe slip-on clog comes with a practical hook and loop fastener. The two decorative metal rivets add to the robust yet casual look of the men’s clog shoes. The whale gray clogs are made using nubuck leather and have the grainy look of natural leather. Pair them with open button-down shirts, solid t-shirts, distressed jeans, casual shackets, funky socks, etc.

Nagoya Clogs Nagoya Clogs - Compact and practical design for men

Buckley: The stylish and rustic BIRKENSTOCK Buckley is a casual clog for women. The semi-open moccasin-style clog is distinctly recognizable as a BIRKNESTOCK model thanks to its thick cork sole. Buckley features an adjustable strap with a rounded buckle that adds a sophisticated look, while the monotone stitching makes for an attractive detail. The thyme nubuck leather clogs are best paired with wide-leg jeans, cardigans, cashmere tops, self-patterned chunky socks, basic sheath dresses, etc.

Buckley Clogs Buckley Clogs - Stylish and rustic design for women

Naples: The rugged and stylish BIRKENSTOCK Naples is a casual clog for men. The semi-open moccasin style clog has a striking stitching detail that lends it a masculine look. The two-component sole guarantees optimum grip and comfort. It is made using extra thick oiled nubuck leather with an open selvage finish that accentuates its masculine appeal. Pair the Habana brown clogs with jeans, leather jackets, turtleneck sweaters, casual blazers, trench coats, well-fitted shirts, cropped trousers, etc.

Naples Clogs Naples Clogs - Rugged and stylish design for men

Professional Clogs by BIRKENSTOCK

Thanks to the compact design and sturdy form, clogs make for the perfect choice for our specialized footwear range. Designed with special properties for high-risk work environments, our specialized clogs are must-haves for professionals working in the food or medical industry. But here’s the twist: they are versatile enough to be used as gardening clogs or worn with everyday casuals.

Super-Birki: Tough, practical, and versatile, BIRKENSTOCK Super-Birki is a slip-on clog. The PU clog is water, oil, and grease resistant. It is dirt-repelling and washable, making it extremely hygienic to use. The footbed can be removed before washing. The black clog shoes for men and women are perfect for wearing with kitchen or medical uniforms. They can also be worn with cropped loose jeans, striped t-shirts, and boxy shirts for a laidback appeal.

Super-Birki Clogs Super-Birki Clogs - Tough and practical design for professionals

Profi-Birki: Another specialized clog is BIRKENSTOCK Profi-Birki. It has a raised heel section and extended front that covers the feet completely. This makes it safe to wear in kitchens and medical workplaces. The PU clogs are water, oil, and grease-resistant. You can wash and sterilize the clogs after removing the insoles. Apart from workplace uniforms, the brown clogs can also be paired with everyday casuals.

Profi-Birki Clogs Profi-Birki Clogs - Specialized design for professionals


Did you think that clogs are meant only for the outdoors? Experience the unparalleled comfort of BIRKENSTOCK clogs in a range of home shoes designed to keep you feeling cozy even indoors. Our home shoes are like a warm hug for your feet!

Lutry: The BIRKENSTOCK Lutry is a versatile home shoe. The women’s and men’s clog sandals can also be worn as backstrap sandals, thanks to the flexible ankle straps. The stitching details along the panels offer an almost hand-stitched look to the sandals. The removable insole option enables you to choose between a standard, soft, and shearling-lined footbed depending on your preference and season. Pair the black felt home shoes with your coziest loungewear and everyday casuals like joggers, loose pajamas, oversized t-shirts, coordinated sleep sets, etc.

Lutry Clogs Lutry Clogs - Versatile home shoes for ultimate comfort

Zermatt: Another cozy home slipper is the warm and snug BIRKENSTOCK Zermatt shearling. The slip-on clog-style slipper has a paneled upper with a clean finish and logo rivet detailing. The felt slipper comes with a shearling-lined footbed that offers extra warmth. Perfect for the colder month, the light gray women’s and men’s clogs can be paired with soft and cozy loungewear.

Zermatt Clogs Zermatt Clogs - Cozy home slipper for warmth and comfort

Our timeless designs, coupled with the unmatched comfort of the legendary BIRKNESTOCK footbed, result in a clog that’s hard to resist. No matter how you style yourself, there’s a BIRKENSTOCK clog waiting to complete your ensemble with suave sophistication and vibrant playfulness. We promise you, that our clogs are a gift that keeps giving. Step into the world of BIRKENSTOCK clogs and experience the magic of style and comfort balanced to perfection. Shop now!

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