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9 Fashion Trends for 2022: Stay Stylish and On-Trend All Year Round

CEO Tinh Phung
With the start of a new season comes a fresh wave of fashion trends to explore. As the temperatures shift, it's time to bring out the long coats, boots, and neutral shades for a trendy...

With the start of a new season comes a fresh wave of fashion trends to explore. As the temperatures shift, it's time to bring out the long coats, boots, and neutral shades for a trendy and layered look. In today's multifaceted world, the one-size-fits-all approach is no longer adequate. Instead, embrace a fluid and personalized style that reflects your unique personality and allows for endless adjustments. Here are the top 9 fashion trends to look out for in 2022.

1. Sequins and Metallics: Year-Round Shimmer and Shine

Photo: Whistle Photo: Whistle

Once reserved for the festive season, sequins and metallics have made their way into year-round fashion. Embrace the shimmer and shine with Balenciaga's stunning full-length silver dress or Rodarte's fringed metallic beading inspired by the Roaring Twenties. For a glamorous touch, opt for a sequined dress from Bottega Veneta, featuring coin-sized sequins that catch the light.

2. Beaded Embellishments: Add Sparkle to Your Outfit

Photo: Etsy Photo: Etsy

Elevate your everyday outfits with a touch of regality through beaded embellishments. Whether it's an encrusted mini dress paired with stockings and chunky boots for a punk vibe or a more casual look with an oversized puffer coat, beaded embellishments add a touch of glamour. They serve as decorative details to make your clothing more visually appealing and can make a statement on jackets, jeans, or blouses. Embrace the layers and mix it up for a versatile and year-round look.

3. Cut-Outs: Effortlessly Sexy and Y2K-Inspired

Photo: InStyle Photo: InStyle

Cut-outs are a major trend this season, offering an effortlessly sexy and Y2K-inspired look. Take inspiration from designers like Nensi Dojaka, Stella McCartney, and Jacquemus with asymmetrical tight tops, slinky midi dresses, and trousers. Pair them with skin-tight elements like leather skirts or flared trousers for a fashion-forward ensemble. You can also blend casual and evening wear by adding denim or embrace the corporate scene with an oversized suit. The possibilities are endless.

4. Jackets with Fringing Detail: Add Movement and Fun

Photo: Editorialist Photo: Editorialist

Fringe is making a comeback this season, adding movement and fun to your outfits. Originally used to prevent unraveling of hems, fringe has become a fashion statement. Experiment with fringed jackets, blazers, wool coats, or capes to create a playful and eye-catching look. Mix and match different layers such as long skirts, minimal accessories, chunky boots, or flared trousers to embrace this trend. Neutrals like brown, camel, cream, and khaki are popular shades for a timeless appeal.

5. Clashing Prints: Embrace Bold and Unexpected Combinations

Photo: AEWorld Photo: AEWorld

Break free from the notion that prints shouldn't be mixed and matched. Embrace bold and unexpected combinations with clashing prints. From snakeskin and '70s swirls to multicolor Prada knee-high boots and a mustard geometric turtleneck, there are no limits to this trend. Break up the prints with solid colors like navy blue or incorporate a trench coat when the temperature drops. Remember, fashion is about expression and feeling good, so don't be afraid to experiment and find your own unique print style.

6. Ruched Dresses: Flattering and Versatile

Photo: Missguided Photo: Missguided

Ruching, the pleated or gathered strip on a garment, is not only a design element but also creates a slimming effect. Ruched dresses are incredibly flattering and versatile. Designers are exploring different ruching techniques, including asymmetrical details and unexpected placements. Try a mini dress with exaggerated gathering for a fun twist on the traditional silhouette. Accessorize with gold jewelry or leather gloves, and choose footwear options like knee boots, sneakers, or strappy sandals to complete the look.

7. Tight Catsuits: Sexy and Versatile All-Season Outfit

Photo: Thetrendspotter Photo: Thetrendspotter

Keep your hot girl summer vibes going all year round with a catsuit. This body-skimming outfit is both sexy and versatile, suitable for various occasions. Pair it with an oversized coat for a contrasting look or embrace your silhouette by showcasing every curve. Stick to solid, dark, or neutral shades for easy pairing with jackets or accessories. Alternatively, go bold with prints like Prada or Pucci-inspired patterns. Remember to coordinate the rest of your outfit to create a cohesive and stylish ensemble.

8. Oversized Suits in Natural Tones: Effortlessly Chic

Photo: Pinterest Photo: Pinterest

Oversized suits have been a trend for some time, but this season, it's all about keeping it natural. Opt for oversized suits in neutral tones for an effortlessly chic look. This versatile ensemble can be worn to the office, a brunch date, or a trip to the market. Keep it simple with a basic T-shirt and sneakers for a subtle and stylish outfit. For colder months, pair it with a slinky turtleneck and stilettos. When the weather warms up, show a little skin with a camisole or crop top. Add a touch of excitement by going natural underneath.

9. Stone Color Coats & Trouser Sets: Embrace Neutrals with Style

Photo: Thetrendspotter Photo: Thetrendspotter

Neutrals are all the rage this season, and one standout trend is the stone color coat and trouser set. Transition seamlessly from summer to fall with light-colored trousers and a matching coat. Opt for a monochrome look by adding a crisp white shirt or turtleneck. What's great about this palette is the range of coordinating shades you can incorporate. Move away from traditional browns, grays, and blacks and experiment with yellow, orange, blue, or any other splash of color that catches your eye. Just remember to steer clear of messy foods when rocking this stylish ensemble.

Stay ahead of the fashion game in 2022 with these top trends. From sequins and metallics to beaded embellishments, cut-outs, and clashing prints, there's something for every fashionista. Explore ruched dresses, tight catsuits, oversized suits, and stone color coat and trouser sets for a versatile and stylish wardrobe. Embrace your personal style and make a statement with these on-trend fashion choices. Dress to impress and enjoy the fashion journey throughout the year!