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90+ Latest Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees (Best of 2021)

CEO Tinh Phung
Silk sarees are all the rage these days. To look stunning in a silk saree, you need the latest blouse designs that are trending in the market. The perfect silk saree blouse design can make...

Silk sarees are all the rage these days. To look stunning in a silk saree, you need the latest blouse designs that are trending in the market. The perfect silk saree blouse design can make your day.

Silk sarees are primarily worn at weddings. The bridal makeup cannot be complete without the latest blouse designs for silk sarees. We have curated a list of over 90 latest images of silk saree blouse designs that feature simple designs, full sleeve designs, bridal collections, Banaras saree blouses, and much more. All the catalog photos below showcase new and modern designs.

Latest Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

As there are various types of silk sarees and blouses, we have divided these blouses into different categories to suit your preferences.

12+ Simple Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

Below are some traditional, simple blouse designs that can be worn with silk sarees. These readymade blouses come in silk material and are completely new in the market. Wearing these blouses with silk sarees can significantly elevate your look. Each of the silk saree blouses listed below is unique.

Glossy Peach Colour Silk Blouse with Latkan

glossy peach colour silk blouse with latkan Source: Pinterest

This blouse features a simple yet stylish design. The Latkan at the back is the main attraction. It can be worn with any matching silk saree.

Red Back Open Bow Tie Silk Blouse

red back open bow tie silk blouse Source: Pinterest

This back open bow tie silk blouse exudes simplicity, allowing it to be paired with any type of saree. It provides a sophisticated yet attractive look.

Dark Green Simple Blouse for Silk Saree

dark green simple blouse for silk sarees Source: Pinterest

Prachi Desai is seen wearing a deep green blouse with a light green saree. This simple round neck designer blouse gives off a sober yet sophisticated look. It is perfect for parties or attending marriage ceremonies.

Blue Contrast Blouse for Pink Silk Saree

blue contrast blouse for pink silk saree Source: Pinterest

This sophisticated sleeveless contrast blouse is to be paired with a pink silk saree. The blue blouse can be worn with any contrasting silk sarees.

Mysore Silk Saree with Contrast Blouse

mysore silk saree with contrast blouse Source: Pinterest

One of the most sought-after sarees is the Mysore silk saree. The blouse pictured above, a green contrast blouse, is the perfect match for the Mysore silk saree.

Magenta Silk Blouse with Yellow Saree

magenta silk blouse with yellow saree Source: Pinterest

This yellow magenta silk saree is elegantly paired with a magenta glass sleeves blouse. The blouse sleeves feature zari work embroidery, resulting in a mind-blowing designer blouse.

Light Pink Silk Blouse with Matching Saree

light pink silk blouse with matching saree Source: Pinterest

For those who want to look smart yet elegant while wearing a silk saree, this light pink blouse is the perfect choice.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree Blouse Designs

kanchipuram silk saree blouse designs Source: houseofayana

The Kanchipuram silk saree is one of the best silk sarees originating from South India. If you love wearing silk sarees, this saree should be among your choices. The blouse shown in the photo above is an example of what type of blouse to wear with it.

Black Brocade Silk Blouse Back Design

black brocade silk blouse back design Source: Pinterest

This black brocade silk blouse back design features a big golden border, making it a beautiful eye-catching blouse. The brocade design is very popular nowadays.

High Neck Blouse Design for Silk Saree

high neck blouse design for silk sarees Source: Pinterest

This high neck blouse design is specially designed for the winter season. If you plan to wear a saree in winter, this blouse design is perfect for you.

Cotton Silk Saree Blouse Designs

Source: Pinterest

This pure silk cotton material provides a refreshing and plain designer blouse. Although it is not a silk material, it has the shine of silk. The soft and comfortable material makes it perfect to wear in summer while still looking gorgeous.

Blue Silk Blouse Design with Silk Saree

Source: Pinterest

This blue silk saree blouse design features attractive stone work on the backside. It is a simple blouse that can be worn with any normal silk saree.

8+ Short Sleeve Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

Below are the latest photos of short sleeve blouse designs for silk sarees. These unique blouse patterns can also be worn with contrasting sarees. Take a look and let us know which one you like the most.

Raw Silk Puff Sleeve Blouse

Source: Pinterest

This raw silk material blouse features puff sleeves, which is a popular design nowadays. It can be worn with both sarees and lehengas.

Patchwork Silk Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

Source: Pinterest

The back neck of this patchwork silk blouse is eye-catching, making it suitable for any saree. The round-shaped stone and pearl design is the highlight of this blouse.

Maroon Short Sleeves Blouse

maroon short sleeve blouse Source: Pinterest

This maroon blouse with tussar silk saree is perfect for a traditional yet memorable look.

Maggam Work Short Sleeves Silk Blouse

maggam work short sleeves silk blouse Source: Pinterest

Maggam work blouses are currently trending. These designs are loved because they can be paired with any saree for any occasion.

Cream Colour Short Sleeves Blouse

cream colour short sleeves blouse Source: Pinterest

This cream-coloured blouse is perfect for those who want to look royal. The simplicity of the design is outstanding, making it a definite attention-grabber.

Blue Short Sleeves Blouse

blue short sleeves blouse Source: Pinterest

This simple yet unique and attractive blue blouse is a must-have. It is perfect for those who want to be noticed and remembered for a long time.

Maroon Short Sleeves Blouse for Silk Saree

Source: Pinterest

This maroon short sleeve blouse is an outstanding design for a silk saree. It offers a smart and stylish look.

Orangish Red Short Sleeves Blouse

Source: Pinterest

This orangish red short sleeve blouse is perfect for those who want to wear a silk saree blouse to the office.

11+ Bridal Blouse Designs for Silk Saree

Below you will find a curated collection of 11+ bridal blouse designs specifically designed for weddings. These designs are classy, and you can also wear them to other marriage ceremonies. Some of the front and back neck designs are pure handmade designs, showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship.

Red Golden Combination Silk Saree with Red Blouse

Source: Pinterest

This contrasting saree blouse design features a golden silk saree combined with a red silk designer blouse. It is a perfect match for any woman or girl who wants to look stunning. It is mainly designed to be worn at marriage ceremonies, weddings, religious festivals, and more.

Aari Work Saree Blouse Design

Source: Pinterest

Wearing an aari work saree blouse design is a specialty of South Indian weddings. These designs are essential for 9 out of 10 marriage ceremonies in South India. Aari work blouses are the perfect designs for weddings. They feature intricate details that are simply breathtaking. This blouse design pairs beautifully with a wedding saree.

Full Stone Work Bridal Silk Blouse

Source: Pinterest

This stunning blouse design is perfect for brides who want to make a statement. It features minor embroidery works with stones, pearls, mirrors, and more. It is a perfect blouse for a wedding, with a back open design and a latkan to tie it tightly.

Off-white Bridal Blouse with Stone Work

Source: Pinterest

This off-white bridal blouse is truly mesmerizing. The stone, pearl, and mirror work on the blouse are outstanding. It is a pure silk blouse with a back open design and a latkan at the back. It is one of the best designs for a wedding or any special occasion.

Blue Bridal Blouse with Golden Work

blue bridal blouse with golden work Source: YUGA FASHION WORLD

This net-work embroidered blouse is specially designed for weddings. The back part is transparent, and it features zari work. It is perfect for a bride who wants to stand out.

Blue Bridal Silk Blouse

blue bridal blouse Source: Pinterest

This blue bridal blouse is an excellent choice for brides. It features stonework on the back, creating a slimming effect. This design is specially tailored for brides with fuller arms.

Magenta Silk Blouse with Full Work

magenta silk blouse with full work Source: Vijayeesam

The magenta blouse paired with a green silk saree is a classic combination often seen at weddings, especially in South India. The embroidery work on this blouse makes it even more attractive.

Palki Work Silk Blouse

palki work silk blouse Source: shadi saga

This palki work blouse is an absolute bridal blouse design. The entire blouse is adorned with a palki, which is a symbol of weddings. The photo speaks for itself in terms of its stunning beauty.

Pink Full Work Blouse

pink full work blouse Source: keep me stylish

This blouse features a birdcage design with mesmerizing embroidery work. The entire blouse is adorned with intricate designs. It is the perfect blouse design for weddings.

Purple Blouse with Golden Mirror Work

purple blouse with golden mirror work Source: Keep Me Stylish

This silk blouse is paired with a matching neckpiece. It features maggam work stone and zari work, making it a stunning design for a wedding.

Silk Saree Green Blouse Sleeves Design

silk saree green blouse sleeves design Source: Pinterest

This light green blouse features an outstanding embroidered zari and pearl work. The entire design is done with intricate details.

Violet Ruffle Sleeve Embroidery Blouse

violet ruffle sleeve embroidery blouse Source: Keep Me Stylish

This flower motive work blouse features ruffle sleeves in violet. The color itself highlights the blouse, making it a true masterpiece.

11+ Blouse Embroidery Designs for Silk Sarees

Embroidery work adds an extra dimension to any blouse. Here are some extraordinary blouse embroidery designs that cannot be found in other blouses. These designs offer a total ethnic and traditional look, perfect for silk blouses.

Contrast Blouse for Orange Silk Saree

contrast blouse for orange silk saree Source: Pinterest (Silk Saree blouse Designs)

This violet contrast blouse features handmade embroidery zari work on the sleeves and the neck. These designs are famous in South India and are perfect for those who love traditional designer blouses.

Raw Silk Blouse Designs

raw silk blouse designs Source: Pinterest

This raw silk blouse features beautiful embroidery designs with pearls and stone work.

Black Embroidered Silk Blouse

![black embroidered silk blouse](https://shopmrkatin.vn/uploads/images/blog/admin/2024/03/12/90-latest-blouse-designs-for-silk-sarees-best-of-2021-171022