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Celebrating Country Lifestyles: Get to Know GRIT Magazine

CEO Tinh Phung
GRIT Magazine cover Welcome to GRIT Magazine, the bi-monthly publication that celebrates the beauty of country living and the importance of community and stewardship. Whether you're already living in the countryside or aspire to make...

GRIT Magazine GRIT Magazine cover

Welcome to GRIT Magazine, the bi-monthly publication that celebrates the beauty of country living and the importance of community and stewardship. Whether you're already living in the countryside or aspire to make the move, GRIT is here to inspire and educate you on all things rural. Our readership consists of well-educated individuals who choose to live on the land for various reasons. While some may not work their land in the conventional sense, they all share a deep appreciation for the serenity and fulfillment that comes with life off the beaten path.

An Evolution in Rural Living

Old and New GRIT Old and new covers of GRIT Magazine

GRIT Magazine has come a long way since its inception in 1882. While we remain grounded in our values of community, family, positivity, and sharing, we have transformed from a respected newspaper to a sophisticated, full-color magazine. Our focus has shifted to provide practical advice, product reviews, livestock guides, gardening tips, DIY information, and heartwarming stories of individuals who have embraced the country lifestyle. Each issue of GRIT covers a wide range of topics, including country living, land management, wildlife, gardening, and seasonal food.

Meet the Editors

Senior Editor Karmin Garrison Karmin Garrison, Senior Editor

Leading our team of dedicated editors is Karmin Garrison. Karmin is an avid gamer, word nerd, herbalist, and DIY enthusiast. Living on a one-acre "almost-homestead" in East Texas, she is no stranger to the joys and challenges of rural life. With her expertise in crafting words and her passion for nature, Karmin brings a unique perspective to GRIT Magazine.

Editorial Director Marissa Ames Marissa Ames, Editorial Director

Marissa Ames, our Editorial Director, is committed to promoting sustainable farming in rural villages and schools. She and her husband travel to Zambia, where they trial saffron as a potential cash crop that doesn't compete with local farmers. Marissa's dedication to food sovereignty and sustainability extends beyond her work at GRIT, as she volunteers for a local nonprofit and keeps rare San Clemente Island goats on her homestead.

Tech Editor for Rural Lifestyles Rebecca Martin Rebecca Martin, Tech Editor for Rural Lifestyles

Rebecca Martin, our Tech Editor for Rural Lifestyles, grew up on a farm in Kansas. With a master's degree in American Studies, she combines her love for history with her passion for gardening, food preservation, cooking, and DIY projects. Rebecca is always pushing the boundaries of sustainable living, experimenting with front-yard gardening and backyard composting.

Senior Copy Editor Amanda Sorell Amanda Sorell, Senior Copy Editor

Amanda Sorell, our Senior Copy Editor, believes in the power of clear communication and finding connections through words. Living in Seattle, Amanda surrounds herself with houseplants and cats while brewing herbal potions, cooking, and exploring topics related to health, literature, and sustainability.

Associate Editor Jessica Anderson Jessica Anderson, Associate Editor

Jessica Anderson, our Associate Editor, brings her editing skills to GRIT Magazine and oversees the "Mother Earth News and Friends" podcast. Originally from Pennsylvania, Jessica has fallen in love with the small towns, rolling prairies, and open skies of Kansas. When she's not perfecting her editing process, she enjoys hiking the Kansas trails, baking bread, and indulging in her favorite teas and coffees.

Associate Editor Ingrid Butler Ingrid Butler, Associate Editor

Ingrid Butler joined our team with a passion for literature and a love for gardening, pickling vegetables, fiber arts, and the local bee population. With a background in English and Children's Literature, Ingrid's dedication to sustainability extends to her advocacy for humane feral cat management and the cultivation of pollinator plants.

Associate Editor Kale Roberts Kale Roberts, Associate Editor

Kale Roberts has been contributing to GRIT and other publications since 2012. His expertise lies in renewable energy, natural building, and community-scale resilience. Beyond his role at GRIT, Kale works with city governments on sustainability plans and advocates for local communities within the United Nations climate negotiations. He loves spending his free time gardening, practicing herbalism recipes, and raising chickens in New York's Hudson Valley.

Web Services Ben Sauder Ben Sauder, Web Services

Ben Sauder is an integral part of our Web Services Team at Ogden Publications. Though he recently relocated from Kansas to Portland, Oregon, Ben continues to explore his love for nature through hiking, camping, and coastal adventures. In his free time, Ben enjoys cooking, playing music, and spending quality time with his cat Eno.

Get Connected with GRIT

GRIT Social Media Connect with GRIT on social media

Stay up to date with all things GRIT by subscribing to our newsletters and joining our Editorial Advisory Group. We love to hear from our readers, so feel free to write us at 1503 SW 42nd Street, Topeka, KS 66609 or give us a call at 800-456-6018. For more information, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

If you're interested in sharing your own story or expertise with GRIT Magazine, be sure to check out our submissions guidelines to get started. We value the diverse voices and experiences of our readers and welcome their contributions.

GRIT Magazine is proudly published by Ogden Publications, Inc. in Topeka, Kansas. As a leading resource for sustainable living, rural lifestyle, farm memorabilia, and classic motorcycle communities, Ogden Publications, Inc. is committed to delivering high-quality content that informs and inspires. Learn more about our employment opportunities, diversity commitment, and green initiatives as you delve deeper into the world of GRIT.

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