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Are ’80s Hairstyles Making a Comeback?

CEO Tinh Phung
The iconic hairstyles of the 1980s are experiencing a revival in the fashion world. From big curls to feathered bangs, these bold and expressive styles are once again making a statement. While vintage hair trends...

The iconic hairstyles of the 1980s are experiencing a revival in the fashion world. From big curls to feathered bangs, these bold and expressive styles are once again making a statement. While vintage hair trends frequently resurface, the 1980s hairstyles hold a special place in our hearts. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular '80s hairstyles that are trending today.

80s Hair Trends

During the 1980s, the hairstyles that dominated the scene included permed curls, crimped styles, feathered waves, and teased roots. This decade was all about embracing volume and a tousled look. The desire for big hair can be traced back to icons like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda, who popularized the "big hair" trend in the 1960s. The '80s further solidified this style, with both men and women embracing the volume. Subcultures like punk and goth also contributed to the popularity of big hair.

Blonde Hair Hollywood Waves Blonde Hair Hollywood Waves

1. Boss-Lady Blowout

A fresh blowout never goes out of style. The '80s were all about volume and curls, and a boss-lady blowout achieves just that. With the rise of blow-dryer brushes, you can easily create a chic bouncy blowout look at home. Embrace your power moves with a boss-lady blowout!

2. Shag Cut

Bring on the groovy shag haircuts! This modern haircut works with any hair length and adds an edgy flare to your look. Whether you have fine or thick hair, a shag cut optimizes volume and creates a cool-girl appearance.

80s Inspired Brown Shag with Blonde Underneath 80s Inspired Brown Shag with Blonde Underneath

3. Half Up-Half Down Ponytail

The timeless half up-half down ponytail is here to stay. This easy-to-achieve hairstyle has been popularized by celebrities like Ariana Grande. Whether you use a flat iron, curling iron, wand, or blowdryer brush, this '80s hairstyle always turns out flawless. The bigger the volume, the better!

4. Big Messy Hair

The '80s were all about big, messy hair, and we're still loving it today. These hairstyles create a fun and youthful look while being easy to achieve. Embrace the playfulness and rock the big, messy hair trend.

5. 80s Pixie

The pixie cuts popularized in the '80s are still in demand for those who want a cool and contemporary hairstyle. Pixie cuts can be created on all hair types and textures, and they are incredibly easy to manage. From bangs to waves, a pixie cut offers endless possibilities for a feminine and bold look.

80s Hair Style for Women Trending Today 80s Hair Style for Women Trending Today

6. Headband

Hair accessories like headbands can completely transform a look. They add a touch of elegance and embellishment to a casual hairstyle. Headbands gained popularity through shows like "Gossip Girl," where they were worn as a crown by the character Blair Waldorf. You can also rock flower crowns, as popularized by singers like Lana Del Rey and music festival culture.

7. Feathered Hair

Feathered haircuts are elegant and sophisticated, showcasing layers that add depth to your look. This style became prominent in the '70s and '80s, with celebrities like Farrah Fawcett making it iconic. Today, feathered hair is still trendy, with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez sporting this timeless look.

8. Whale Spout Pony

The whale spout pony is one of the most recognized styles from the '80s. This hairstyle embraces excess, bold colors, and lots of volume. To achieve the perfect crimps and waves, you can use a three-barrel iron or sleep with your hair in braids and then unravel them in the morning.

80s Big Curls Style 80s Big Curls Style

9. Permed Hair

Perms were a huge part of '80s culture, featuring tons of curls and crimps. Today, people are giving perms a modern twist by personalizing their curls. You can play around with the types of curls you want and create different looks simply by moving your part or adding more layers.

10. Slicked Back

Sleek and chic hairstyles never go out of style. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Charlize Theron have put a modern twist on this '80s hair trend. The wet slicked-back look, in particular, gives off the "out-of-the-shower" vibes. Many members of the Kardashian family are fans of this cool and chic style.

Wavy Textured Pixie Wavy Textured Pixie

It's safe to say that '80s hairstyles are making a strong comeback. From bobs and bangs to shag cuts and messy hairstyles, the options are endless. Embrace your favorite '80s look and make a statement with your hair because this trend is here to stay!

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