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Best And Worst 90s Men’s Fashion Trends

CEO Tinh Phung
Face it, gents; the 90s may have rocked, but those frosted tipped-boombox days are over. However, with the resurgence of retro styles, it might be worth taking a stab at rocking some of your favorite...

Face it, gents; the 90s may have rocked, but those frosted tipped-boombox days are over. However, with the resurgence of retro styles, it might be worth taking a stab at rocking some of your favorite 90s men's fashion trends . But should you rock black leather pants with a fishnet t-shirt? No, not even close. Don't worry; I've got you covered. I'm here with the best and worst 90s men's fashion trends that you should either revive or leave in a time capsule. Let's dive in!

Stylish 90s Men's Fashion Trends Worth Trying

There was a lot to come out of the 1990s. Unfortunately, fashion was not high on the list. From the unbelievably vibrant colors to the hairstyles you wish you never had, the 90s left little to the imagination. But amidst the fashion chaos, there were a few trends that made it out alive and have come back in popularity recently.

Leather Biker Jackets

The leather biker jacket, while not originally from the 90s, was a huge staple in ‘bad boys' wardrobes throughout the decade. Biker jackets are a timeless option as they come in various styles and colors to match your look. This 90's staple was a must for anyone wanting to show off the bad boy look. You can do the same now; biker jackets are great to pair with jeans for an elevated casual look.

Turtle Necks

Who doesn't love a good turtle neck? These were the long sleeve option of choice in the 90s for anyone who wanted to add class to their outfit without wearing an oxford. The turtle neck was a popular look in Hollywood for men to show off their elegant fashion sense while still being comfortable. Try rocking a turtle neck with slacks or chinos for an elevated casual look that gives off an upscale fashion sense.

Combat Boots

Originating from their military heritage, combat boots were made for, you guessed it, combat. In the military, these lace-up designed boots featured rugged, chunky soles and were made to go anywhere. Men loved them as a rebellious fashion statement as they had a distinct appearance that parents hated. Since the emergence of the modernized combat boot, companies like Doc Martens have made them lighter and more comfortable than ever. Pair these only with jeans as anything else might look out of place. They are great in winter, mainly because of their rugged design.

Classic Digital Watches

While you might have been called names for wearing a calculator watch back in the 90s, today, they have become a retro trend that guys love. Classic digital watches, such as the infamous and simple Casio watches, are some of the best retro-styled timepieces available. They are affordable, long-lasting, and sure to give you the classic style you want with little effort. Digital watches like these are best paired with anything casual.

Current Trends To Leave In The 90s

Trends come and go, but style is long-term. When it comes to classic and timeless style, popular trends rarely withstand the test of time. Each decade comes with its unique style and trends, and with it, trends that are best left in the moment. While some trendy styles came out of the 90s, these few fashion trends should stay back along with the entire decade.

Fanny Packs

There is no easy way to put it: fanny packs are NOT stylish. They are very useful for specific situations, but being a part of a stylish outfit is not one. Fanny packs are great for being a compact way to store things when you don't want extra bulk but fail to provide enough storage and design to be a part of a stylish man's wardrobe. Opt for a small leather backpack if you need more storage.

Frosted Tips

Out of all of the crazy hairstyles that came out of the 90s, the frosted tips look was one of the most popular. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it didn't withstand the test of time. This spiked look with bleached tips was infamous for its popularity among boybands of the 90s. This led to a massive surge in younger men wanting to rock this look. While this hairstyle is slowly trying to return, the combination of hair gel and bleached sections does not look stylish. Highlights are not always bad, but this takes it too far. This is one hairstyle that's best kept in the 90s.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have made quite the resurgence lately as a style piece similar to what they were in the 90s. Don't get me wrong, a good hat goes a long way in the summer months to keep the sun off of you, but bucket hats don't have too large of a brim and are mostly worn for style. While this may have looked good on members of any boyband in the 90s, they don't look good on a guy trying to be stylish. Opt for a stylish hat instead if you want to look good and beat the heat.

Bright Colored Windbreakers

As obvious as this one should be to leave behind, bright-colored windbreakers are making a comeback, especially with younger men. There is nothing wrong with a classic-colored windbreaker if you're out on the golf course or need a light top layer in the rain. But the overly vibrant colors and patterns on windbreakers in the 90s need to stay there. They often resemble a foam drink cup at a baseball stadium and rarely do much to protect you from the elements. If you need to rock a windbreaker, opt for navy, black, or gray and leave the vibrant colors in your closet.

The Absolute Worst 90s Fashion Trends

For every retro trend that emerges once again from a particular decade, there are at least a few fashion disasters that should be left behind. The 90s had some great things come out of it, but these fashion disasters were not it. These are some of the worst trends from the 90s and should not even begin to make their way back into your wardrobe. Seriously, leave these behind:

Overly Baggy Jeans

The baggy jean style was purely a look that served no other purpose than being a trend. They are not useful, they often get caught on things, and they give your legs the appearance that you're 3 times as wide as you really are. They also used to feature dragons on the pockets and branding (no, I'm not joking). There is nothing wrong with a pair of bootcut jeans, but anything baggier than that is too much and should be avoided. Please do yourself a favor and leave this trend back in the 90s where it belongs.

Denim Overalls

Like baggy jeans, denim overalls as a fashion style served virtually no purpose other than being a trend. Overalls made of canvas have been used for ages for men working in construction and various labor-intensive jobs. They served the purpose of adding an additional layer of protection rather than just pants. However, in the fashion realm, they served no purpose other than simply being a different way to wear denim. Leave the overalls for work purposes or during winter. Anything beyond that should remain a memory in the 90s.

Velcro Wallets

Contrary to popular belief, women are not attracted to the ripping sound heard when a guy opens his Velcro wallet. These lightweight wallet options were novel in starting a movement toward slimmer wallets. However, they missed the mark regarding fabrics and opening mechanisms. The sound of opening a Velcro wallet has to be one of the most distinguished sounds from the 90s, and it should remain there accordingly. There are so many options for lightweight wallets now that these serve no other purpose than annoying anyone around you.

Shell Necklaces

Shell necklaces first appeared on beaches from surfers paying homage to their heritage. However, they quickly became a fashion trend the minute Hollywood saw them. After that, it was hard to find a guy with frosted tips who was NOT wearing a shell necklace. These have come back recently amongst young men. The rule of thumb here is that if a necklace has significant meaning to you, it doesn't matter the style. But unless you are someone paying respect to their heritage, you should avoid these necklaces and opt for something smaller and more modern.

There you have it, gents. The good, the bad, and the ugly of 90s men's fashion. Some trends remain in style, but true style is classic and long-lasting. If you're curious about modern trends to stay away from, check out some of the worst fashion trends to avoid.