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Birkenstock Clogs: The Unexpected Shoe of the Year

CEO Tinh Phung
The world of fashion is accustomed to the likes of Nike and Adidas dominating the "Shoe of the Year" awards. These titan brands consistently steal the spotlight, leaving little room for surprises. However, in a...

The world of fashion is accustomed to the likes of Nike and Adidas dominating the "Shoe of the Year" awards. These titan brands consistently steal the spotlight, leaving little room for surprises. However, in a time of societal upheaval and unpredictable trends, it was inevitable that a change was on the horizon. In 2022, the unexpected happened: the Birkenstock Boston, a shoe often taken for granted and overlooked, claimed the coveted title of "Shoe of the Year."

If you're not familiar with its formal name, let's refer to it by its street name: clogs. These close-toed siblings of the Birkenstock family burst into the scene and gained widespread popularity towards the end of the year. Initially hailed as a go-to shoe during the pandemic due to its versatility, clogs took the fashion world by storm when they became the centerpiece of statement outfits endorsed by some of the most famous individuals on the planet. Before we knew it, business was booming for this German slipper maker, and clogs seemed to be everywhere you turned.

But what exactly led to this aging pair of hippie-loved sandals becoming the shoe of the year in 2022? The answer lies in the past two years of prioritizing comfort in our lives.

Comfort First, Comfort Forever

When the pandemic brought life as we knew it to a halt, comfort became a priority for everyone. Gone were the days of pretentious dressing; people embraced comfort like never before. Women bid farewell to certain undergarments, men committed to cozy sweaters, and shorts became a staple as soon as the weather turned mildly warm. And throughout this transition, the Birkenstock clogs stood out as the epitome of both comfort and style. They effortlessly complemented the explosion of "comfortwear" that defined our lives during lockdowns.

Let's talk about that irreplaceable factor that sets Birkenstock apart. With a company history dating back to 1774, it's safe to say that Birkenstock knows a thing or two about footwear. Their footbed, made from a blend of cork and latex, has been a game-changer for generations. Just look at Steve Jobs' iconic Arizona pair, recently sold for a significant sum of money. Despite its age, it still looks sturdy enough to last another 50 years.

Moreover, Birkenstock clogs are known for their versatility in catering to various podiatric needs. They provide particular benefits for people with flat feet, as experts have confirmed. The clogs gradually mold to the shape of your feet, providing support, controlling pronation, and alleviating heel pain. It's no wonder why these "birkie" clogs have captured the hearts (and feet) of so many.

Even now, as we slowly return to some sense of normalcy, people are reluctant to give up their beloved clogs. Heels versus clogs? Trust the cork to withstand the test of time. Sneakers versus clogs? Clogs win hands down for their slip-on convenience. And if you need more convincing, just look at the data: searches for Birkenstock clogs increased by a staggering 593% in the first half of 2022. And then, celebrities joined the clog craze.

Birkie Goes to Hollywood

When Kendall Jenner stepped out wearing her taupe clogs, paired with straight jeans and a knitted cardigan, she embodied the lockdown-inspired fashion and comfort that resonated with so many. Soon after, Hollywood's elite followed suit, creating timeless styles with their own pairs of clogs. Kristen Stewart's denim-and-clogs combination became particularly beloved. Additionally, clogs gained significant popularity on TikTok, solidifying their status as the footwear must-have of the year.

In conclusion, there's something undeniably delightful about Birkenstock clogs. Slip them on, and you'll instantly feel effortlessly stylish and comfortable. You can step out of the house looking like you just rolled out of bed, and yet people will notice how well your pajamas match with the Bostons. Imagine the possibilities of opening your wardrobe and finding countless comfortable combinations that will become staples in your daily rotation. Owning a pair of clogs opens up a world of wins.

So, as the unexpected champions of the footwear world, Birkenstock clogs have proven that sometimes the underdog can rise to the occasion and steal the show. Don't be afraid to step into the comfort and style that these timeless sandals offer.+