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ES Magazine Unveils a Fresh Vision for Londoners

CEO Tinh Phung
London, the vibrant capital city that never ceases to amaze, now has an even more exciting offering for its residents. ES Magazine, the iconic weekly lifestyle and culture publication from the Evening Standard, has undergone...

London, the vibrant capital city that never ceases to amaze, now has an even more exciting offering for its residents. ES Magazine, the iconic weekly lifestyle and culture publication from the Evening Standard, has undergone a transformation under the leadership of new editor Ben Cobb. With a new spirit, vision, and look, ES Magazine is ready to captivate readers both in print and online.

Embracing Change while Celebrating Heritage

Since its inception in 1987, ES Magazine has been the go-to guide for Londoners in the know. Now, as it celebrates its 35th anniversary, the publication is entering a new chapter that promises to take it from strength to strength. ES Magazine's fresh makeover includes a bolder and more sophisticated aesthetic, featuring more white space and a new logo that aligns with the Evening Standard brand.

But it's not just about appearances. The revamped digital edition has found a new home alongside the Standard's quality journalism on standard.co.uk. This move allows the magazine to explore a diverse range of topics through captivating visual stories and in-depth editorial articles.

Introducing Exciting New Sections

ES Magazine is not just changing its appearance; it's also introducing exciting new sections that will engage and inspire readers. These include:

  • Bubble Rap: A weekly feature crafted by Londoner and fashion blogger Susie Lau, offering unique perspectives on the city's fashion scene.
  • Need to Know: A weekly digest that keeps readers informed about the who, what, where, and when of everything that matters.
  • My London Reboot: An updated version of the beloved section that showcases the hidden gems and personal stories of Londoners.
  • Editor's Letter: Making a comeback as a regular feature, the Editor's Letter will provide a glimpse into the creative minds behind ES Magazine.

With a team of talented new image-makers and writers, ES Magazine is bringing fresh perspectives to the table. Photographers Quil Lemons, Tim Walker, and Indigo Lewin, along with stylists Katie Grand and Harry Lambert, will contribute their unique vision to the publication. Esteemed writers Tim Blanks, Susie Lau, and Willy Ndatira will bring their insightful observations to the pages of ES Magazine.

ES Magazine Logo ES Magazine Logo 2022

Engaging London with the Best Features and Interviews

Known for setting the agenda when it comes to London's life and style, ES Magazine has a loyal readership of 614,000 Londoners every week. Its digital lifestyle audience, on the other hand, reaches an impressive 1.5 million. With a finger on the pulse of the city's politics, pop culture, fashion, food, and creative talent, ES Magazine never fails to deliver captivating features and interviews that truly bring London to life.

To celebrate the magazine's fresh direction, ES Magazine has joined forces with London Fashion Week as its official media partner in February. This partnership will further showcase the publication's commitment to capturing the energetic soul of the city.

Additionally, the magazine has exciting editorial features lined up for the coming months, including a Valentines Issue on February 11, 2022, followed by a Fashion Special during London Fashion Week on February 18, 2022.

An Editor Passionate About London

Leading the charge for ES Magazine's new era is Editor Ben Cobb. As a Londoner himself, Ben brings a deep understanding and love for the city to his role. Having spent over a decade at British fashion magazine Another Man, including a stint as Editor-in-Chief, and later joining influential style publication LOVE as Co-Editor-In-Chief, Ben is a renowned fashion journalist and tastemaker.

"[...] It’s a privilege to edit such an iconic London brand. I’m excited to work with the ES team on capturing the energetic soul of this city and reaching a powerful community in London and beyond," says Ben Cobb.

With its fresh vision, bold imagery, and insightful storytelling, ES Magazine is poised to continue its legacy as the ultimate guide to London's thriving culture, art, fashion, beauty, food, film, and theatre scenes. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey through the heart and soul of this extraordinary city. Stay tuned for what ES Magazine has in store for Londoners and beyond.

Original article taken from ES Magazine. Image: Esmag Logo 2022 01