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Fashion Week Trends for Fall/Winter 2022: A Glimpse into the Future

CEO Tinh Phung
Fashion Week, a highly anticipated event in the fashion industry, recently concluded with a mix of hope and uncertainty. While the return to in-person showcases was met with enthusiasm, it was overshadowed by the ongoing...

Fashion Week

Fashion Week, a highly anticipated event in the fashion industry, recently concluded with a mix of hope and uncertainty. While the return to in-person showcases was met with enthusiasm, it was overshadowed by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Nevertheless, fashion enthusiasts were treated to a sneak peek at the trends set to dominate the industry in the coming months.

As the world emerges from a series of lockdowns, self-expression and boldness take center stage across different product categories. Designers embraced the power of color to uplift and enhance mood. Head-to-toe vibrant looks, as seen at Valentino, Dion Lee, and Versace, captivated audiences with their eye-catching hues.

On the other hand, classic browns underwent a transformation, exuding a new sophistication. Rich earthy tones were elevated with subtle undertones of yellow and peach, adding depth and allure to these humble shades.

Contrary to the popular belief that fall is synonymous with muted colors, designers showcased short, body-conscious looks in colorful prints. This unexpected twist, often paired with thigh-high boots, was seen at Andrew Gn, Ellie Saab, and Leonard Paris, among others.

Chequered print patterns, including tartans and plaids, also made a strong impression on the runways. This timeless and versatile pattern was embraced by designers across the globe, from Paris to Milan. Akris, Nina Ricci, and Gucci all incorporated tartans and plaids into their collections, showcasing the pattern's versatility.

Floral prints, typically associated with spring, took on a new life this fall. Enlarged and oversized blooms dominated the runways, as seen at Richard Quinn, Dries van Noten, and Preen. Blumarine and Roberto Cavalli added a three-dimensional effect to their floral designs, creating a nostalgic early 2000s aesthetic.

Meadow Violet emerged as a trending color in London, following the success of the Color of The Year Very Peri. Designers such as Raf Simons and Edward Crutchley incorporated this enchanting shade into their collections, adding a touch of magic to delicate dresses.

Winter pastels are breaking traditional seasonal boundaries, with designers opting for colors that transition seamlessly from spring to autumn to winter. Icy pink, green, and lavender were paired with earth tones and monochromes at Fendi, Jil Sander, and MM6 Maison Margiela, respectively.

Houndstooth, a perennial favorite, made a comeback on the runways, reflecting the enduring appeal of classic fashion. Inspired by the Royal aesthetic popularized by TV shows like The Crown and Emily In Paris, houndstooth offers a timeless and versatile option for various age groups and genders.

Gregarious greens, symbolizing abundance and growth, emerged as a popular choice for designers as the world seeks renewal and better days. Abundant Green, Kelly Green, and Amazon Green made striking appearances, offering a sense of rejuvenation and energy.

Animal prints, particularly cheetah patterns, remained a staple on the runways. Designers like Alice + Olivia and Roberto Cavalli used this print to add flair and confidence to their collections.

Earthy browns, known for their resilience and security, took on a darker and more sophisticated tone for the upcoming season. Chicory Coffee, Iced Coffee, and Caramel Café made their mark, pairing beautifully with whites and creating standout looks in the collections of Jason Wu, Michael Kors, and Zimmermann.

All-over placement prints took center stage, offering a sophisticated ode to '60s fashion. Anna Sui, Ulla Johnson, and Altuzarra embraced swirling and abstract designs, while Coach made a bold statement with head-to-toe graffiti prints.

Red tones, representing passion and courage, were a common thread across fashion capitals. Molten Lava, Lava Falls, and Cherry Red made a statement on the runways of London, Milan, and Paris, inspiring designers like David Koma, Carolina Herrera, and Moschino.

Translucent looks added an ethereal touch to the collections, showcasing sheer fabrics and diaphanous designs. Fendi, N°21, and Philosophy played with transparency, while Missoni and Prada added shimmering details to their delicate creations.

Fashion Week may have ended, but the trends it revealed will continue to inspire and shape the fashion industry for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2022 season. As we navigate uncertain times, fashion remains a powerful means of self-expression and a beacon of hope.

Trendy Fashion Translucent fabrics and sheer designs were a prominent feature on the runways.

Fashion Inspiration Animal prints, especially cheetah patterns, continue to be a classic and chic choice.

Remember, fashion is not just about the clothes we wear; it is a reflection of our evolving world. So, embrace these trends, and let your style speak volumes as we navigate the future together.