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Bobbi Brown Introduces Jones Road: A New Era in Makeup

CEO Tinh Phung
Bobbi Brown introduces her new makeup line, Jones Road, reflecting a fresh era in her professional life and the changing preferences of women when it comes to makeup. Bobbi Brown, the renowned makeup artist and...

Bobbi Brown Is Launching a Makeup Line Bobbi Brown introduces her new makeup line, Jones Road, reflecting a fresh era in her professional life and the changing preferences of women when it comes to makeup.

Bobbi Brown, the renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur, is back with a new venture. Four years after leaving Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, her eponymous brand that achieved over $1 billion in retail sales under Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., Brown is ready to make her mark once again. Today, she launches Jones Road, a carefully curated collection of makeup essentials made with clean ingredients, suitable for all ages, skin types, and tones.

Embracing Change and Simplifying Beauty

Jones Road Makeup Products Jones Road offers a range of makeup products designed to enhance natural beauty with minimal effort.

Jones Road is a reflection of the new chapter in Brown's professional journey and the evolving desires of women regarding their makeup choices. The timing of this launch aligns with the end of Brown's non-compete agreement with Lauder, paving the way for a fresh start. However, her return to the cosmetics industry wasn't a direct path. During these four years, Brown pursued her passion for holistic wellness, obtaining a nutritionist certification, launching the Evolution 18 wellness brand, creating the content site JustBobbi.com, and even designing a hotel with her husband.

It was through her gradual reentry into the world of makeup, including working on photo shoots, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and teaching makeup artistry, that Brown rediscovered her true passion. "I never thought I'd come back to the cosmetics industry, but I've realized how much I love being a makeup artist," Brown expressed. "I realized, 'You know what, I still have it,' and I have this idea that I really need to teach people."

A More Natural Approach to Beauty

Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown believes that less makeup can make people look better, and Jones Road reflects this philosophy.

Jones Road embodies Brown's belief that people look better with less makeup. For those familiar with her work, this philosophy comes as no surprise. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, launched in 1991, was all about achieving a natural look, enhancing one's features rather than masking them. However, Jones Road takes this approach a step further, advocating for even less product usage.

The initial collection features six essential items, including the star product, Miracle Balm, a multitasking moisturizer and skin tint. Brown also highlights the exceptional quality of the mascara, describing it as the best she has ever used. Additionally, the line offers a lightweight plumping lip gloss called Cool Gloss and a Start-Up Kit that includes a Cool Gloss, The Best Pencil (a highly pigmented eyeliner), and The Best Eyeshadow, a blendable powder formula.

Teaching the New Generation of Beauty Enthusiasts

Jones Road Makeup Jones Road aims to educate women on achieving a natural look and embracing their unique beauty.

Jones Road represents Brown's mission to educate women on how to achieve a makeup look that appears effortless and enhances their natural beauty, even when wearing a bold red lip. While she acknowledges that the minimal makeup approach may not be for everyone, she eagerly embraces the role of an educator once again. "Some people are going to have to learn again," she says with a smile.

Clean and skin-friendly ingredients are a top priority for Brown, aligning with the modern standards of beauty. The formulation of Jones Road products adheres to the ingredient standards of clean beauty retailer Credo Beauty and incorporates nourishing skincare ingredients. Brown's intention is for the products to not only look good but also feel good on the skin.

The Road Ahead for Jones Road

Jones Road Logo Jones Road, found on the Waze traffic app, represents Bobbi Brown's new journey as an independent entrepreneur.

Launching the line directly to consumers, Bobbi Brown's Jones Road will introduce new products in the coming months. Among them are stick foundations, an iconic Bobbi Brown item, set to debut in January. While Brown has no rigid strategic plan for the brand's future, she embraces the idea of evolution and change. For her, it's not about building another billion-dollar brand, but rather about staying true to her passion and continually exploring new avenues.

Brown's decision to launch Jones Road amidst a pandemic and a significant political year has raised eyebrows, but she remains undeterred. "Why not? Am I going to wait for a perfect time? There isn't a perfect time. We're ready to go, and I'm launching Monday," she asserts confidently.

Bobbi Brown's reentry into the world of cosmetics with Jones Road marks a new era in makeup, focusing on natural beauty, simplicity, and education. With her expertise, credibility, and commitment to empowering women, it's evident that Brown's latest venture is poised to make a lasting impact on the beauty industry.

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