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Brooks Glycerin 19: Comfort and Stability in Every Step

CEO Tinh Phung
Introduction When it comes to choosing the perfect running shoe, comfort and stability are key factors. The Brooks Glycerin 19 is a daily trainer designed specifically for neutral runners, offering ample cushioning and a plush...


When it comes to choosing the perfect running shoe, comfort and stability are key factors. The Brooks Glycerin 19 is a daily trainer designed specifically for neutral runners, offering ample cushioning and a plush upper. In this article, we will delve into the details of this shoe, combining lab-tested data with our own insights to help you make an informed decision.

Padded, Stretchy, and Roomy

One of the standout features of the Brooks Glycerin 19 is its flexible and padded upper. This shoe provides a plush and comfortable experience, with a forefoot and toe box that offer ample stretch and room. The upper measures 98.2mm wide at the forefoot, allowing your toes to splay naturally during every stride.

Glycerin 19 torn apart Caption: The Brooks Glycerin 19's superior construction.

Tongue That Stays Put!

The gusseted tongue of the Glycerin 19 is another highlight. Made from a stretchy nylon/polyester blend, the tongue not only enhances midfoot lockdown but also provides excellent breathability. Its 8.4mm thickness and plush 14.4mm ankle collar contribute to the overall softness and inviting feel of the shoe.

Padding in Glycerin 19 Caption: The padded and comfortable tongue design in the Glycerin 19.

Perfect Midfoot Lock

When it comes to laces, the Glycerin 19 doesn't disappoint. The soft tubular laces offer a secure fit, requiring an average pressure of 25.7n to come undone. These laces strike a balance between flexibility and lockdown, ensuring a comfortable and secure midfoot fit. With a stretch ratio of .125, they adapt to the shape of your foot without compromising stability.

Glycerin 19 upper and laces Caption: The Glycerin 19's laces and upper contribute to an optimal fit.

Soft and Super Stable Ride

The DNA Loft midsole of the Glycerin 19 offers a delightfully soft ride. With average hardness measurements of 37.2ha in the forefoot and 39ha in the heel, this shoe provides excellent cushioning throughout your run. Furthermore, its wide 117.3mm platform under the forefoot ensures stability and balance, making it a reliable choice for daily training sessions.

Durable and Grippy Outsole

The Glycerin 19 features a full rubber outsole, providing enhanced durability and reliable grip on various surfaces. Whether you're running on asphalt or dry dirt roads, this shoe has got you covered. The dual-density outsole combines a forefoot measuring 77.2hc with 3.1mm of depth and a heel logging 84.8hc with 3.9mm of depth, offering additional durability for heel strikers.

A Bit Dull, but Consistent

It's worth noting that the Glycerin 19, despite its many strengths, lacks a certain level of responsiveness. With a medium stiffness and a flex test revealing 25.8n of force required to bend the shoe at the breaking point, it may feel slightly dull. However, its consistent performance ensures a reliable and predictable experience with every run.

Softness Varies with Temperatures!

One interesting observation is that the Glycerin 19's softness varies with temperatures. In colder conditions, the shoe becomes noticeably stiffer, affecting its overall responsiveness. After freezing the shoe to 31°F (-0.6°C), we found that the midsole was 17.4% firmer and the shoe's flex increased by 60.2%.

Glycerin 19 in the freezer Caption: The Glycerin 19's adaptability to different temperatures.

Not Recommended for Hot Summer Days

Due to its generous padding, the Glycerin 19 can be a bit warm, especially on hot summer days. However, its breathability and overall design ensure a comfortable experience in most weather conditions. Additionally, the shoe's thick upper provides adequate protection and support.

Light test on Glycerin 19 Caption: The Glycerin 19's upper offers excellent coverage.


In summary, the Brooks Glycerin 19 offers a comfortable and stable running experience, making it an excellent choice for everyday training. While it may lack some of the flashy features found in other shoes, its consistency and durability make it a reliable running companion. Priced at $150, the Glycerin 19 may seem a touch steep for an everyday trainer. However, if comfort, durability, and stability are your top priorities, the Glycerin 19 is definitely worth considering.