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CeraVe Cream to Foam Cleanser Review: Is it the Perfect Upgrade?

CEO Tinh Phung
CeraVe, the renowned American skincare brand, has gained immense popularity since its introduction to the UK market in 2018. Loved by many, this brand has managed to establish itself as a frontrunner in the beauty...

CeraVe, the renowned American skincare brand, has gained immense popularity since its introduction to the UK market in 2018. Loved by many, this brand has managed to establish itself as a frontrunner in the beauty industry. The secret to its success lies in its affordability and effectiveness. While the packaging may not be extravagant, the science-led ingredients packed into each product make it a force to be reckoned with, reminiscent of French pharmacy brands like La Roche Posay and Avene.

In my own skincare routine, I have become an avid fan of CeraVe's smoothing cream. Despite its modest £18 price tag, it outperforms luxury moisturizers three times its price, effortlessly tackling dry, rough, and bumpy skin. However, the true star of the brand is undoubtedly their hydrating cleanser. You've probably come across the iconic white and green bottle on your Instagram or TikTok feed, as it's highly recommended by dermatologists and skincare enthusiasts alike.

Priced at just £9.50 per bottle, this formula is specifically designed for normal to dry skin. Packed with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, it works harmoniously to hydrate the skin, retain moisture, and prevent water loss. As someone who has dealt with hormonal acne for a long time, this cleanser has become my go-to solution whenever I experience a flare-up. It provides the soothing and calming effects that my stressed skin craves, without causing further breakouts.

While CeraVe offers an extensive lineup of products in the US, the UK market has a more curated selection. The latest addition to the CeraVe family in the UK is their cream-to-foam cleanser, promising to remove all traces of dirt, grime, and makeup. Foaming cleansers often have a reputation for stripping the skin of moisture and leaving it feeling dry. However, this latest launch from CeraVe aims to hydrate the skin, which intrigued me enough to put it to the test.

At first glance, the original hydrating cleanser and the new cream-to-foam cleanser look almost identical. To truly understand the difference between the two, I examined their texture, efficacy, price, and results.

The original hydrating cleanser priced at £9.50 can only be described as gentle. It has a creamy, silky texture that dispenses generously with each pump. I prefer using it in the mornings and as a second cleanse in the evenings. When massaged onto wet skin, it feels effortlessly lightweight and instantly softening. Surprisingly, it hasn't irritated my eyes even when accidentally getting it in them. The pump is a thoughtful addition, allowing for easy dispensing even with wet hands.

While the original cleanser does a brilliant job of leaving my skin refreshed and smooth when used on a makeup-free face, I found that it struggled to remove waterproof mascara and fuller coverage foundations. This meant I had to go in again to fully cleanse my face. However, its main strength lies in its ability to make dry, textured skin look and feel plump and hydrated within just a few days of use.

On the other hand, the new cream-to-foam cleanser, priced slightly higher at £12.50, offers a similar creamy texture to its predecessor. When applied to a wet face, it immediately lathers into a rich foam, spreading evenly across the skin without being overwhelmed by bubbles. Despite having combination skin and usually avoiding foaming cleansers due to their drying effects, I was pleasantly surprised by how rich and creamy this lather felt. It rinsed off easily, leaving no residue behind.

While the cream-to-foam cleanser performed better at removing makeup compared to the original hydrating cleanser, it still struggled to completely eliminate all traces. However, when it comes to price, I'm not entirely convinced that the slight increase is justified as both cleansers offer decent results. Regardless, both options provide a generous 236ml bottle that, based on my experience with the original cleanser, will last months. The translucent bottle of the cream-to-foam cleanser makes it easy to keep track of how much product remains.

Ultimately, both the original hydrating cleanser and the new cream-to-foam cleanser offer similar attributes - affordable, accessible, and effective skincare. While neither can fully live up to the claim of effectively removing makeup, they both excel in hydrating the skin and leaving your complexion clean and refreshed. The choice between the two comes down to personal preference in terms of texture. If you prefer a lighter texture with an added boost of hydration, thanks to the amino acid-rich formula, the cream-to-foam cleanser is the perfect upgrade. It feels weightless, rinses off easily, and leaves your skin feeling comfortable and soothed.

In conclusion, CeraVe continues to impress with their range of skincare products. Their dedication to affordability and effectiveness ensures that they remain a top choice for all skin types. If you're looking for a reliable cleanser that delivers on its promises, CeraVe should definitely be on your radar. So why not give it a try and experience the magic for yourself?

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Caption: The CeraVe Cream to Foam Cleanser is a gentle yet effective skincare solution.

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