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Coloro and WGSN Announce Key Colors for Spring/Summer 2022

CEO Tinh Phung
Orchid Flower Takes Center Stage in Spring/Summer 2022 Orchid Flower: the standout color of Spring/Summer 2022 Coloro, the universal color system, and WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, have unveiled Orchid Flower as the...

Orchid Flower Takes Center Stage in Spring/Summer 2022

Orchid Flower Orchid Flower: the standout color of Spring/Summer 2022

Coloro, the universal color system, and WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, have unveiled Orchid Flower as the leading color predicted to gain worldwide popularity in Spring/Summer 2022.

According to Joanne Thomas, head of content for Coloro, Orchid Flower possesses an intense, hyper-real, and energizing quality that is bound to capture attention in both real-life and digital settings. Its versatility allows it to transcend seasons and continents, making it the perfect choice to create a sense of positivity and escapism in these challenging times.

Jenny Clark, head of color at WGSN, explains that this season's colors are driven by the desire to uplift and energize, while still maintaining balance. Consumers will gravitate towards tones that evoke joy and nostalgia, providing a sensorial experience. Orchid Flower, with its vibrant magenta hue, will make a lasting impression across fashion, swimwear, interiors, and beauty . Its purple undertones make it appealing to both men and women, with the youth market embracing it initially.

A Partnership Built on Expertise and Innovation

The collaboration between WGSN and Coloro brings together the expertise of WGSN's trend forecasting and Coloro's revolutionary system of 3,500 tones. This union ensures accurate and reliable color forecasting, along with insights from Coloro's technical team on achieving the desired tones on different substrates.

"Working alongside WGSN gives us access to unparalleled trend expertise and creates a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with their forecasting team to identify the season's critical colors," notes Thomas.

A Color Palette Rooted in Nature and Technology

Color Palette Key colors for Spring/Summer 2022

The color forecast for Spring/Summer 2022 strikes a balance between novelty and familiarity. Green, blue, and yellow tones exude reassurance and consistency, while juicy pink and orange tones bring excitement and optimism to the season.

As people experience prolonged periods of isolation, there is a growing appreciation for nature and its vitality. Simultaneously, the celebration of technology as a means of connection becomes essential. The key colors of the new season encompass authentic organic hues and artificially enhanced tones, reflecting this dualism.

Key Colors for Spring/Summer 2022

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Olive Oil: A nourishing and balanced hue

Olive Oil represents a nourishing plant-based green, offering a sense of restfulness and equilibrium. This rich trans-seasonal tone serves as an excellent base to complement other colors. It appeals to a broad range of industries, from outdoor active apparel and workwear denim to soft lingerie sets, footwear, accessories, and interiors. It particularly resonates with practical and functional styles, gaining momentum in both menswear and womenswear.


Butter Butter: A comforting and adaptable yellow

Butter, a softer and creamier yellow, satisfies the desire for wholesome and nourishing experiences. This color pairs well with power pastels and accent brights. Already on the rise in luxury womenswear, warm buttery shades will expand into menswear, lingerie, and interiors for Spring/Summer 2022. With its genderless appeal, Butter is perfect for kidswear, loungewear, and casual wear.

Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet Mango Sorbet: An invigorating tropical hue

Mango Sorbet embodies the invigorating fusion of orange and yellow, injecting energy into seasonal palettes. This tropical hue enhances feelings of wellbeing and health, making it ideal for swimwear, activewear, and outdoor apparel. It also serves as an unexpected off-kilter bright for womenswear, especially contemporary silhouettes. Additionally, Mango Sorbet can uplift homewares and interiors with its juicy quality.

Atlantic Blue

Atlantic Blue Atlantic Blue: A grounded and trustworthy tone

As a perennially popular color, blue's dependability and versatility remain unrivaled. For Spring/Summer 2022, Atlantic Blue takes center stage with its grounded, reassuring, and trans-seasonal qualities. Reminiscent of organic indigo dyes and the ocean, it lends itself perfectly to sustainable and heritage designs. Slow-fashion brands champion deep blues like Atlantic Blue, making it an ideal choice for menswear. It also serves as a classic core for womenswear, activewear, interiors, and beauty color cosmetics.

With these key colors, Spring/Summer 2022 embraces both the comfort of natural hues and the allure of artificially enhanced tones, reflecting the evolving desires and aspirations of the modern consumer.