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Corduroy: The Versatile and Elegant Fabric for the Modern Gentleman

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Learn to Appreciate an Original Sports Fabric Too often, corduroy is dismissed as a cheap substitute for velvet, but this versatile and elegant fabric deserves more recognition. Worn by landed gentry, Old Money scions, preps,...

Learn to Appreciate an Original Sports Fabric

Too often, corduroy is dismissed as a cheap substitute for velvet, but this versatile and elegant fabric deserves more recognition. Worn by landed gentry, Old Money scions, preps, and Classic Style aficionados for centuries, corduroy is as soft as velvet, yet more durable and easier to maintain. It offers a luxurious nap, delicate hand, and impressive shape retention without compromising on longevity. Whether you're into hunting apparel, Prep or Ivy style, or simply love a sophisticated look, corduroy is the perfect choice.

The History of Corduroy

Corduroy Developed from Fustian Fabric

Corduroy is a variety of fustian, similar to velvet. Fustian, a thick, durable twilled cloth, has been used throughout history for various garments. It was a major product of Norwich, England, during the reign of King Edward VI. Corduroy was originally created to provide comfortable and protective clothing for sporting activities such as shooting, hunting, and riding. It quickly gained popularity for its ability to dry quickly, provide warmth in cold weather, and require minimal maintenance.

The Origins of the Name "Corduroy"

The true origins of the term "corduroy" are unclear. However, the fabric itself has a beautiful sheen and is surprisingly soft, making it a popular choice among intellectuals and students in the 20th century.

Corduroy Today

Although corduroy has had its ups and downs in popularity, it remains a staple within the Classic Style community. Associated with academic types and Anglophilic country-style aesthetics, corduroy is now seen as a unique and refined textile for the modern gentleman.

Corduroy Fabric Characteristics


The best corduroy is made from natural materials, particularly long-staple cotton. Cotton corduroy offers the best combination of comfort, durability, and visual appeal. Synthetic fabrics should be avoided, as they lack breathability and quality.


Corduroy fabrics vary in weight, with medium-density corduroys ranging from 270-350 grams per square meter. Heavier corduroy with a denser weave offers superior durability and a more pleasing drape.


The durability of corduroy depends on its fabric characteristics. Look for corduroys with a high double-rub rating, indicating superior durability and longevity.


The nap of corduroy refers to its distinctive, directional texture. High-quality corduroys have a uniformly arranged nap that adds visual interest and luster to the fabric.


Corduroy is measured by the number of ridges per inch, known as the "wale." A wale count between 8 and 12 is most versatile and pleasing.


Corduroy can be dyed in a wide range of colors. Versatile colors like dark brown, tan, khaki, and navy are perfect for Classic wardrobes. For a bolder look, consider vibrant colors like light green, yellow, red, and burgundy.

Common Corduroy Garments

Corduroy can be made into various garments, including trousers, jackets, caps, and sports shirts. Its versatility allows you to incorporate it into your wardrobe effortlessly.

How to Buy Corduroy

When buying corduroy, consider the fabric characteristics mentioned above. Look for corduroys made from natural materials and with a higher density weave for better durability and appearance. Pay attention to the fit, construction, and quality details to ensure you're investing in a superior product.

How to Wear Corduroy

Corduroy trousers and jackets are best paired with a fuller, drapey cut that accentuates the fabric's weight. A higher rise is ideal for trousers to ensure comfort and a clean drape. Consider pairing corduroy with other Classic Style garments for a refined and polished look.

How to Style Corduroy

Corduroy can be styled in both casual and formal looks. Pair it with complementary garments and accessories to create a cohesive and stylish ensemble. Experiment with different colors and patterns to express your personal style.

How to Care for Corduroy

Follow the cleaning instructions provided for your corduroy garments. Dry-cleaning is recommended to maintain the color and quality of the fabric. Clean paired corduroy garments together to prevent uneven fading. Spot cleaning can be done at home for minor stains.


Corduroy is a unique and timeless fabric that offers versatility, elegance, and durability. Whether you're shooting on a country estate or enjoying a walk through the park, corduroy will keep you comfortable and stylish. Embrace the rich history and styling potential of corduroy and incorporate it into your ensembles. Explore Fort Belvedere's collection of corduroy trousers for the finest quality and craftsmanship. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the luxury of corduroy for yourself.


Photo of an array of matte corduroy trousers Caption: Sedate, matte corduroy imparts a sense of dignity and elegance.

Photo of vibrant corduroy trousers Caption: Vibrant corduroy colors provide the perfect pop of visual interest.

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