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Do the Fall Trends Mean It’s Time to Buy Socks Again?

CEO Tinh Phung
Ask The Kit is here to answer all your burning beauty and style questions. And today, we're diving into the fall fashion trend that's been taking over mood boards everywhere: socks! Yes, socks are making...

Ask The Kit is here to answer all your burning beauty and style questions. And today, we're diving into the fall fashion trend that's been taking over mood boards everywhere: socks! Yes, socks are making a comeback, but not just any socks. We're talking about socks meant to be shown off. If you're wondering how to rock this trend and which shoes to pair them with, we've got you covered.

The Return of Socks

For years, bare legs were the go-to fashion rule. We all wore those tiny invisible sock liners with our sneakers or went completely bare-legged with heels, no matter the weather. Socks were considered dorky and uncool. But then, some of our favorite celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber started sporting pulled-up socks, and suddenly, they were back in style. Designers like Balenciaga and Gucci contributed to the trend by incorporating socks as standout accessories on the runway.

To help us navigate the world of socks, we reached out to Georgia Groom, a talented and renowned stylist based in Toronto known for her wit and inclusive approach to fashion. According to Groom, the revival of socks is a response to the past year's events. People want to be seen again, to create a stir with their fashion choices, and to feel good about themselves.

How to Wear Socks

When it comes to acing the sock trend, it's all about proportion. As skirts and shorts get shorter, socks can help balance out the higher hemlines. Groom suggests pairing knee-high gym socks with a slip dress or skirt for a stylish summer look. Moving into fall, she recommends incorporating socks with chunkier shoes and boots to avoid the "naughty schoolgirl" vibe. Start simple with basic black or navy socks and opt for sleek and sophisticated styles rather than novelty socks.

Groom also notes that the trend blurs traditional gender boundaries, with men confidently embracing skirts and relying on socks to ground their outfits. However, it's important to find the right balance and not look like you're playing dress-up. Famous examples, like Oscar Isaac at the Moon Knight premiere, show how men can successfully pull off the skirt-and-socks trend while maintaining their masculine edge.

Shopping for Socks

The best part about this trend is that you can try it without breaking the bank. Groom recommends checking out the sock selection at Simons, which offers a great variety and quality. And remember, investing in a good pair of socks requires proper care. To keep your socks crisp and in good shape, Groom suggests washing them in a laundry bag and air-drying them instead of using the dryer.

Lastly, socks can also make a thoughtful and stylish gift. Groom shares how she gifted a pair of Gucci socks to a friend starting her directing career, and now they serve as her lucky socks, peeping out from her outfits.

Shop the Trend

Here are a few sock options to get you started on your sock journey:

Simons Classic Knee Socks - These knee socks come in navy, black, white, and grey and are currently on sale for $13.99 (set of three).

Gucci Lamé GG Logo Socks - For those looking to invest in the trend, Gucci offers logo-forward socks in beige, pink, and navy for $385.

Spanx Sheer Knee Highs - Rethink knee-highs as a fashion statement with these sheer Spanx socks, perfect for pairing with loafers or chunky oxfords, priced at $13.

Balenciaga Tennis Socks - These sporty Balenciaga socks are surprisingly easy to wear. Try them with your favorite white sneakers or a sleek slide for $175.

Remember, this trend allows you to experiment and have fun with fashion without spending a fortune.

So, are you ready to kick off the fall season with some stylish socks? Embrace the trend, find your favorite pair, and show them off with confidence!

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Simons socks Simons socks, $14, simons.ca. (Photo: Simons)

Gucci logo knee high socks Gucci lamé GG logo socks, $385, gucci.com. (Photo: Gucci)

Spanx knee high socks Spanx sheer knee highs, $13, spanx.ca. (Photo: Spanx)

Balenciaga pink socks Balenciaga tennis socks, $175, balenciaga.com. (Photo: Balenciaga)