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Euphoria Makeup Trendsetter Donni Davy on Launching Half Magic Beauty and Embracing New Motherhood

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Over its two seasons, the makeup on HBO’s hit teenage drama Euphoria has become a phenomenon. From the show’s iridescent eyeshadow to generous amounts of glitter, makeup designer Doniella Davy has brought the spirit of...

Over its two seasons, the makeup on HBO’s hit teenage drama Euphoria has become a phenomenon. From the show’s iridescent eyeshadow to generous amounts of glitter, makeup designer Doniella Davy has brought the spirit of fantasy back into makeup on the coming-of-age series.

Now, Doniella Davy, also known as Donni, is embarking on a new cosmetics brand called Half Magic beauty . The 33-year-old artist, raised in Venice, California, didn't initially aspire to be a makeup artist. After receiving her photography degree from Pratt Institute, she was urged by a childhood friend to pursue a career in makeup.

Donni's vision for Half Magic Beauty is to create a line that is unintimidating, user-friendly, and inclusive. The brand embraces whimsicality and practicality, providing high-quality formulas for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. In collaboration with A24, Half Magic Beauty offers a range of affordable products priced from $12 to $26.

The collection features the Chromaddiction Shimmer Eye Paint + Liner in four colors for creating glowy eyelids. Additionally, there are three types of rhinestone face gems available, which can elevate the natural complexion and add a radiant touch to the skin. The lip kits, a favorite among the cast, come in two pairings with a lip cream and liner, allowing for experimentation with earth-toned or fluorescent-colored looks. The Half Magic Beauty collection also includes tools such as tweezers for rhinestones, precision eyeliner brushes, and a silicone guide for eyeliner.

We had the opportunity to speak with Donni about her journey in creating Half Magic Beauty, her experience as a new mother, and her favorite makeup moments on the set of Euphoria. Let's dive into the colorful world of Half Magic Beauty.

Embracing the Magic of Makeup

Donni's background primarily lies in visual arts such as painting, drawing, and photography. The storytelling aspect of makeup intrigued her when a close family friend suggested pursuing a career as a makeup artist. She realized that doing makeup for film and TV goes beyond simple application - it involves enhancing the story through painting and drawing on people's faces.

Half Magic Beauty - Campaign Image - Publicity - 2022 Campaign Image - Half Magic Beauty

The Birth of Half Magic Beauty

Donni had always fantasized about creating her own makeup line, combining different products from various brands to achieve her ideal looks. The launch of Half Magic Beauty fulfills that dream. The initial products focus on layering glitter and shimmer on top of bold colors, allowing users to create colorful and magical eye looks. Donni wanted to provide users with an interactive and immersive experience both online and offline.

From Euphoria to Half Magic Beauty

Donni's work on Euphoria has deeply influenced the development of Half Magic Beauty. The nine-month filming process for season two provided ample time for the brand to incubate and take shape. Donni's attention to detail and expertise in creating captivating makeup looks inspired by light, shimmer, and bright pigments is evident in the products offered by Half Magic Beauty.

Half Magic Beauty - Campaign Image - Publicity - 2022 Campaign Image - Half Magic Beauty

The Half Magic Beauty Experience

The name Half Magic Beauty embodies the brand's philosophy of embracing natural skin texture and personal evolution. Makeup is seen as a form of self-expression, a tool to try on different facets of one's personality. Half Magic Beauty aims to provide a welcoming space for both makeup newbies and Euphoria makeup fans to explore and enjoy the line. The products are designed to be wearable, universal, and provide an elevated sparkle experience that invites users into a world of fantasy and self-discovery.

Creating a Welcoming Makeup Line

Donni's vision for Half Magic Beauty extends to creating a line that is accessible to everyone. She wants to break the misconception that one needs a vast collection of makeup brushes or professional skills to enjoy makeup. Whether you're a beginner or a makeup pro, Half Magic Beauty offers high-end formulas and products that encourage experimentation with bold colors and elevated makeup looks.

Unlocking the Magic Through Tools

When asked about her go-to makeup tool, Donni emphasizes the importance of having extra rhinestones on hand, along with lash glue to secure them. Even though Half Magic Beauty's rhinestones come with medical-grade adhesive, it's always good to be prepared.

Memorable Makeup Moments on Euphoria

Donni's favorite makeup moments on the set of Euphoria involved creating looks for Sydney Sweeney's character, Cassie. The unique makeup looks captured the character's stress and anxiety, adding depth to her portrayal. From the slushy cheek look to the lip colors with an intentional smudged effect, the makeup reflected Cassie's emotions and desire for attention.

Impacting the Beauty Industry

Half Magic Beauty aims to be a one-stop destination for all makeup tools and experiences. By providing wearable and elevated products, the brand invites users to create their own fantasy and explore different facets of their personality through makeup. With its inclusivity and magical packaging, Half Magic Beauty aims to revolutionize the beauty industry by making makeup a welcoming and transformative experience for all.

The Liberating Power of Makeup

As a new mom, Donni finds herself feeling more confident and embracing fun makeup looks. During the quarantine period in 2020, she began experimenting with Euphoria-inspired makeup looks on herself, finding it therapeutic and uplifting. Wearing these looks at home and sharing them on social media allowed her to explore her creativity without the added pressure of wearing them in public. Becoming a mother has also reduced her social anxiety, allowing her to embrace her authentic self.

Half Magic Beauty represents the convergence of Donni's passion for visual art, storytelling, and self-expression through makeup. With its whimsical yet practical approach, the brand encourages users to embark on a transformative journey, where makeup becomes a tool for personal evolution and self-discovery.

Images courtesy of Half Magic Beauty - Campaign Image - Publicity - 2022.

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