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Everything You Need To Know About the Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag!

CEO Tinh Phung
Hello friends! Today, I want to share my thoughts and provide a review of the Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag, also known as my first EVER Chanel bag! This Classic Chanel bag is one of...


Hello friends! Today, I want to share my thoughts and provide a review of the Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag, also known as my first EVER Chanel bag! This Classic Chanel bag is one of the most affordable handbags in the Chanel collection, making it a perfect first Chanel bag for any future collector. It's also a wonderful gift for a special occasion and a bag that never goes out of style! But before we dive into the Chanel clutch with chain bag review, let me share my personal story with this bag.

My Chanel Clutch with Chain Bag Story...

As I mentioned, this bag was my FIRST EVER Chanel bag, and I couldn't have been prouder (and I still am!). I received it as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. A few days before Christmas, he called me from inside a shop and asked, "If I were to buy you a handbag, would you want gold or silver hardware?" It was a subtle hint! I quickly responded, "Gold," hung up the phone, and took a deep breath. I remember feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. Could it really be a Chanel bag?

A few days later, I was presented with a glorious black box, containing my first EVER Chanel bag! And the rest is history. I've worn this bag for years, and I've fallen in love with it. It's super cute for daytime and stunning as an evening dinner clutch bag. I've had mine for 8 years now, and I'm thrilled to provide you with a thorough review of it. Who knows? Maybe it will be your first Chanel bag too!


Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag Size & Dimensions

Firstly, I would like to mention that not all Chanel Clutches with Chains are the same size, as there are seasonal variations. However, mine is pretty standard compared to the ones I have seen online/in-store. It measures 27cm wide, 18cm tall, with a depth of around 4-6cm (depending on how much you put in the bag) and a strap length of 59cm. The strap is not adjustable, but it can be tucked inside the bag to be worn as a clutch. There is also a back slip pocket inside the bag. I can fit a fair amount inside mine, including a small amount of makeup, a card holder, lipstick, keys, and a phone. You could even fit a portable charger and cable, although I try not to overstuff it, as I prefer the bag not to bulge. For an evening clutch or a small daytime bag, you can fit a nice amount of stuff inside, a little more than you can fit inside the WOC (Wallet On Chain).

Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag Price

Now, let's talk about the price. To the best of my memory, my boyfriend paid around £1,100 for my Chanel clutch bag. At the time, it felt like a lot of money, but these days, the bags are around £1,900, if you can even find them in stock. Because they are considered an "entry-level" Chanel bag, they tend to sell out quickly. Looking back, I wish I had bought more Chanel bags when I got this one as they would be worth a fortune now. This serves as a reminder that if you do buy a Chanel bag, it will only increase in value over time. So, it's better to buy one now rather than waiting years. Of course, this is only applicable if you have the spare cash. #ShopResponsibly!

However, there is another option. It's always worth looking for Chanel bags on the preloved market. Places like Vestiaire Collective offer authentic treasures at a lower price than retail. You might even find seasonal variations you like even more! I will include some links below.


Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag Black Lambskin

I want to mention that I have never seen the Chanel Clutch bag in caviar leather. It mainly comes in lambskin, which is absolutely stunning. However, if you prefer caviar leather, you might be disappointed to find out that this bag is predominantly available in lambskin. The main difference between the two is that lambskin is super soft and buttery to the touch, but it is more fragile. On the other hand, caviar leather has a tougher, grainier finish and is more durable. If you are buying this bag for everyday use, you might want to consider a caviar leather option instead, like the Classic Flap Bag or the Chanel WOC Bag.

Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag On Sale?

Chanel rarely has extensive sales, and when they do, the discounts are not significant. Usually, only select items are discounted by around 30%. Bags, especially classic ones like the Chanel Clutch with Chain, sell out quickly and are rarely part of the sales. However, you may have more luck finding one at an airport and buying it through tax-free shopping. If you buy a Chanel bag at the airport (on a long-haul journey), you can enjoy a 20% discount. Not all airports have Chanel stores, so keep an eye out for those that do. Heathrow Terminal 5, for example, has a Chanel store. Additionally, you may want to explore the preloved/vintage Chanel market. Platforms like Vestiaire Collective offer guaranteed authentic items and the chance to find a great deal. Personally, I'm a big fan of Vestiaire Collective—I love it!


Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag Review

So, there you have it! A comprehensive review of the Chanel Clutch with Chain bag. I absolutely adore this bag. It's a cute little clutch with the chain tucked inside, but it also makes a great day bag with the chain out. You can wear it over your shoulder or in your hand. It's a versatile bag, perfect for travel and a nice size for both daytime and dinner outings. I still love mine, even though I don't wear it as often anymore, as I have other Chanel bags that are larger, like the Deauville Tote and the Boy Bag. Plus, I don't go out for dinner as frequently these days. Nevertheless, I still wear it occasionally, and it holds a special place in my heart. I keep it in its original dust bag and box, as it's more likely to add value over time. If you're looking for an evening Chanel bag, this is a wonderful choice. Similarly, if you're considering your first Chanel bag, the Chanel WOC is another great option, depending on whether you prefer a slightly larger bag with a shorter chain or a smaller bag with a longer chain. Personally, I think the Chanel Clutch with Chain is a slightly less obvious choice, but that's just my opinion. Either way, it's a fantastic Chanel bag that will always remain stylish!

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