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Frequent Travelers Are Raving About the Beis Mini Weekender Bag

CEO Tinh Phung
Airlines these days are notorious for charging exorbitant fees for extra luggage. This means that finding the perfect travel bag is just as challenging as finding the perfect hotel. I've been using a duffel bag...

Airlines these days are notorious for charging exorbitant fees for extra luggage. This means that finding the perfect travel bag is just as challenging as finding the perfect hotel. I've been using a duffel bag from Target for the past three years, and it has served me well. However, I recently received the Beis Mini Weekender bag as a birthday gift, and it has completely upgraded my travel experience.

I decided to put the cult-favorite Mini Weekender to the test on a recent trip to Mexico and a weekend camping trip. After just a month of use, I can now understand why it's such a popular choice for frequent travelers, whether they're flying internationally or taking road trips.

What Sets the Beis Mini Weekender Bag Apart?

Beis Weekend Bag On Suitcase Image Credit: Andrea Carrillo/RD.com

Beis, a chic luggage brand created by actress Shay Mitchell, gained popularity for its functional and stylish travel bags. The Weekender bag, in particular, has become a fan favorite, offering ample space and even an extra shoe compartment. The Mini Weekender is essentially a scaled-down version of its larger counterpart.

Upon first inspection, I realized that the Mini Weekender is not as "mini" as the name suggests. It is tall and wide, measuring 16 inches in both dimensions, with a depth of eight inches. Despite being smaller than the regular Weekender, it still provides generous space. It features a construction reminiscent of a classic doctor bag, and the bottom compartment is perfect for keeping shoes or any other items separate from the main compartment. What sets the Beis bags apart is their ability to maintain their shape due to internal structuring.

Beis Mini Weekender Features

Rd Beis Mini Weekender 7 Beis Weekend Bag Image Credit: Andrea Carrillo/RD.com

The Mini Weekender has two main compartments that make packing easy. The first compartment is a spacious storage area with a doctor bag zipper opening. It includes a laptop sleeve on one side and two smaller pockets for organizing smaller items on the other side. The bottom compartment is designed to hold shoes or other items and zips all the way around. On the outside, the bag features a trolley sleeve that can be attached to a suitcase handle for convenient transportation.

While some may be concerned about the size of the Mini Weekender being too large for a personal item, I can assure you that it fits comfortably under the seat on most airlines. Even when flying with a budget airline known for strict luggage limits and small planes, I had no issues with the Beis bag.

My Personal Experience with the Beis Mini Weekender

When I received the Mini Weekender for my birthday, I couldn't wait to take it on my trip to Mexico. I chose the orange Creamsicle color from Beis' latest Sherbert collection, as it stood out among the sea of black bags at the bustling O'Hare airport in Chicago.

Despite being able to pay for carry-on luggage, I opted to use the Mini Weekender as my personal item. To my surprise, I was able to fit all my essentials for a four-day trip and still had room to spare. Here's a list of what I managed to pack:

  • Toiletry bag
  • Makeup bag
  • Laptop and charger
  • Over-the-ear headphones and carrying case
  • Flat iron
  • Two jewelry bags
  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses with cases
  • Eyelash extension cleanser bag
  • Small purse
  • Cropped jacket
  • Extra pair of sandals

My only complaint about the Mini Weekender is that it can get quite heavy when filled to the brim. Just because you can fit a lot inside doesn't mean you should. After an hour of carrying it, my shoulder started to ache from the weight. However, having rolling hardshell luggage allowed me to slip the Mini Weekender's trolley sleeve onto it, relieving the strain on my shoulder. Additionally, I noticed that the bag's polyester material scuffs easily, so buyers should be cautious, especially with bright colors like orange.

During the flight, the bag fit perfectly underneath the seat in front of me, albeit sideways. I even had extra space to store some souvenirs. Despite the weight and scuffing issues, I can see myself using this bag for all my future trips. Its generous storage capacity makes it an ideal travel companion, and it hardly takes up any space in my car's trunk, making it perfect for road trips. Even after taking it camping for a weekend, the bag can easily be spot cleaned to look good as new.


  • Ample storage space despite its compact size
  • Fits comfortably under airplane seats
  • Features a separate zippered compartment underneath
  • Trolley sleeve allows for easy attachment to rolling luggage
  • Vibrant colors available
  • Wire frame maintains its shape
  • Affordable, priced under $100


  • Material scuffs easily
  • Becomes heavy when fully packed

What Other Reviewers Have to Say

Rd Beis Mini Weekender 5 Beis Weekend Bag Image Credit: Andrea Carrillo/RD.com

Other travelers and reviewers have also expressed their satisfaction with the Beis Mini Weekender. Verified buyer Kelly R. praises the bag, stating, "This bag has everything you could possibly want in a weekender bag. No stone has been unturned." Another five-star reviewer, Taylor D., raves about the bag, calling it the best she's ever owned. She mentions that the Mini Weekender is larger than expected but still qualifies as a carry-on for most airlines. Kelly C., another user, replaced her large purses with the Mini Weekender for her flights and couldn't be happier with its many compartments and comfortable shoulder band.

Product Comparison

The regular Weekender bag is slightly larger than the Mini. It measures 15.5 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. Weighing 3.8 pounds, it features the same durable polyester material. If you require more space or plan on using it as a carry-on, the regular Weekender is an excellent choice. However, if you're looking for a compact bag for a weekend trip or as a personal item, the Mini Weekender is the way to go.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Beis Mini Weekender is a reliable travel bag for any type of trip. Its high quality, ample storage space, and chic appearance make it an excellent choice for weekend getaways and vacations. Furthermore, with a price tag under $100, this affordable luggage option won't break the bank.

While the Mini Weekender may struggle to maintain its shape when the bottom compartment is empty or unzipped, and scuffs may be noticeable on the bright orange material, these minor inconveniences are easily outweighed by its many benefits. Selecting the perfect personal item for travel can be challenging, but the Mini Weekender might just be the solution.

Where to Buy the Beis Mini Weekender

Rd Ecomm Beis Mini Weekender Via Beistravel.com Image Credit: via merchant

The Beis Mini Weekender is available for purchase directly from the Beis website for $98. Don't let your personal item cause unnecessary stress during your travels.

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