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Grunge Fashion For Men: Outfits and Style Guide

CEO Tinh Phung
In the late 1980s, out of the Seattle music scene emerged a genre known as grunge. It was not just a sound but also a fashion statement - a look that was moth-eaten, unwashed, and...

In the late 1980s, out of the Seattle music scene emerged a genre known as grunge. It was not just a sound but also a fashion statement - a look that was moth-eaten, unwashed, and grungy. Grunge style ignored fashion and focused on being warm and comfortable. It was a rejection of the excesses of the 80s and a reaction to a recession and right-wing governments.

Grunge fashion hit the mainstream when designer Marc Jacobs released a collection that reworked grunge staples with high price tags. Despite the initial backlash, grunge style has never truly left. It has become a mood board staple, providing authenticity to any designer's creations. As 90s fashion resurfaces, grunge has found new life.

Rappers have also embraced grunge style, with artists like Lil Yachty, A$AP Rocky, and Travis Scott incorporating elements like black ripped jeans and flannel shirts into their looks. Luxury brands such as Saint Laurent, Off-White, Fear of God, and Amiri have capitalized on the grunge aesthetic, offering high-end versions of thrift store finds.

Kurt Cobain, 1990 Kurt Cobain, 1990

Kurt Cobain, the iconic frontman of Nirvana, embodied the essence of grunge fashion. His no-fuss, no-rules style resonated with artists and individuals seeking to add a touch of Cobain cool to their own looks.

To rock grunge style today, here are some key tips:

Get The Denim Right

Recreate that worn-in look with heavily washed, ripped jeans. Opt for darker tones like black and indigo or lighter stone and acid washes.

Fear Of God

Add A Note Of Hip-Hop

Mix grunge with hip-hop influences by incorporating designer trainers and bold jewelry into your outfit.

Travis Scott

Make Your Clothes Your Own

Customize your thrifted finds or neglected pieces. Add metal buttons to jackets, sew on band patches, or create unique artwork on your shoes. Embrace the DIY vibe and stand out from the crowd.


Make It Authentic

Avoid looking like you're playing dress-up by channeling the grunge vibe instead of copying specific looks. Embrace ugly accessories, shirts that don't quite fit, and vintage sunglasses.

Fear Of God

Play With Fit

Experiment with loose, androgynous clothes or explore the kinderwhore look for a more sensual take on grunge. Boxy hoodies, loose shirts, and wider leg jeans are all great options.


Discover Salt Spray

Achieve that signature grunge hair look with sea salt spray. Apply it to damp hair and blow dry for a slightly damp, stringy appearance.

Long grunge hair

Oversized Knits

Embrace the slouchy, oversized look by wearing jumpers or cardigans over band tees. Opt for faded colors and size up for an authentic grunge fit.

Allsaints Insignia Graphic Print Oversized Sweater

Band Tees

Show your musical affiliations with band tees that reflect the grunge era. Choose obscure bands for that authentic touch.

A-COLD-WALL* Erosion Oversize Jumper

(Not That) Checked Shirt

Complete your grunge look with a soft, checked flannel shirt. Opt for faded colors and wear it undone over a band tee for a relaxed yet stylish vibe.

boohooMan Oversized Striped Brushed Distressed Jumper

Military Jackets

Channel the grunge aesthetic with an army jacket. Look for pre-patched versions or customize your own to create a more personal and unique piece.

MASTERMIND WORLD Oversized Logo-Embroidered Brushed-Knit Sweater


Embrace the versatility of the Breton shirt, which Cobain made his own. Pair it with loose, patched jeans or layer it under a short-sleeve tee for an effortless grunge look.

IRON MAIDEN Number Of The Beast T-shirt

Grunge fashion is all about self-expression, individuality, and embracing the imperfect. Rummage through thrift stores, experiment with different combinations, and make the look your own. With grunge, there's always a new way to capture that timeless spirit of teen spirit.