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The Versatile Hermès Evelyne Bag: History, Sizes & Prices

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If you're a fan of Hermès, you may already be familiar with their iconic Birkin bag. But there's another bag in the Hermès lineup that has been quietly gaining popularity - the Hermès Evelyne bag....

If you're a fan of Hermès, you may already be familiar with their iconic Birkin bag. But there's another bag in the Hermès lineup that has been quietly gaining popularity - the Hermès Evelyne bag. Loved for its simple design, functionality, and more accessible price point, the Evelyne is a top choice among Hermès enthusiasts looking for a more casual option. Whether you already own one or are considering adding it to your collection, here's everything you need to know about the Hermès Evelyne.

Hermès Evelyne History

The story of the Hermès Evelyne bag dates back to 1978 when Evelyne Bertrard, the former head of the Hermès riding department, and her team set out to create a bag that would be a convenient carryall for horse grooming equipment. They designed a crossbody bag with a messenger-like silhouette, featuring a small belt closure and a removable shoulder strap. The bag was aptly named the "Evelyne" after Bertrard.

The defining feature of the Evelyne bag was the perforated "H" design on the back, which allowed for ventilation of the grooming tools while being carried. Interestingly, the bag was intended to be worn with the "H" facing the body. However, the Evelyne bag was initially exclusive to the equestrian department and remained there for many years. It wasn't until the early 2000s that Hermès recognized its wider appeal and officially moved it to the leather goods department.

Hermes Evelyne PM Gold Hermes Evelyne PM. Media Credit: Instagram @justluvabag

Top Features of the Hermès Evelyne Bag

The Hermès Evelyne bag boasts several features that make it a practical and stylish choice. It has an adjustable strap, an outside pocket for easy access to essentials, a leather belt closure, and a spacious main interior compartment. These features combine to create a bag that is not only beautiful but also functional for everyday use.

3 Generations of the Evelyne

Since its introduction, the Hermès Evelyne bag has undergone several evolutions. It currently exists in four versions: Evelyne I, Evelyne II, Evelyne III, and Evelyne Sellier. The Roman numerals signify the bag's generation. Let's take a closer look at the differences between these generations.

The original Evelyne I did not feature an external pocket, unlike the current version. The external pocket made its debut with the second generation, Evelyne II. All Evelyne II bags, except for the smallest size, included an external pocket. Evelyne III introduced both the external pocket and the adjustable canvas strap.

Evelyne Sellier is a newer addition to the Evelyne lineup, released in Fall 2016. It features an embossed, diamond-shaped "H" logo instead of the perforated design and does not have an external pocket.

Hermès Evelyne Sizes

The Hermès Evelyne bag comes in four different sizes: 16 (TPM), 29 (PM), 33 (GM), and 40 (TGM). Each size offers its own unique advantages and caters to different preferences and needs.

The 16 or TPM size is the smallest in the Evelyne lineup, measuring 16 centimeters in length and 18 centimeters in height. Despite its compact size, the TPM is surprisingly spacious and can comfortably fit an iPhone, a small wallet, and other essentials. Many consider it ideal for travel, as it doesn't take up much space in a suitcase and is perfect for carrying travel documents.

Hermes Clemence Evelyne TPM Gold Hermes Clemence Evelyne TPM Gold. Media Credit: Fashionphile

There have been speculations about the possible discontinuation of the Evelyne TPM, but as of June 2021, it is still available for purchase at Hermès boutiques worldwide. Discontinuing the TPM size would be a significant mistake for the brand as it remains one of the most popular sizes for the bag.

Next in line is the Evelyne 29, also known as the PM (Petit Modèle). This size measures 29 centimeters in length and 30 centimeters in height. Many Evelyne enthusiasts consider the PM size the ultimate everyday crossbody. It comfortably accommodates all your essentials, including a makeup bag, snacks, and even a bottle of water.

The Evelyne 33, or GM (Grand Modèle), measures 33 centimeters in length and 31 centimeters in height. Choosing between the PM and GM can be a personal preference. If you prefer not to overstuff your bag, the GM might be a better choice. However, it's recommended to try both sizes and consider your own frame and style before making a decision.

Finally, if you're looking for a bag that can hold your entire life, the Hermès Evelyne 40, or TGM (Très Grand Modèle), is the one for you. This size measures 40 centimeters in length and 44 centimeters in height. With its generous dimensions, it can accommodate all your belongings, making it ideal for those who carry a lot or frequently travel.

Here's a breakdown of the Hermès Evelyne III sizes:

Hermès Evelyne Bag Sizes Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (inches)
16 (TPM) 16 x 18 6.3 x 7.1
29 (PM) 29 x 30 11.4 x 11.8
33 (GM) 33 x 31 13 x 12.2
40 (TGM) 40 x 44 15.7 x 17.3

Hermès Evelyne Materials & Colors

The Hermès Evelyne bags are typically made from two types of leather: Clemence and Epsom. Clemence leather is a matte, flat-grained, and scratch-resistant option, while Epsom leather is lightweight and embossed calfskin. The bags are also available in other Hermès leathers, such as Maurice (an alternative to Clemence) and Hunter (a smooth and soft cowhide leather).

It's important to note that regardless of the leather type, the interior of the Hermès Evelyne bag is always left raw. The removable strap is made of durable canvas with leather accents that match the colors of the bag. Speaking of colors, Hermès offers a wide range of both neutral and vibrant options for the Evelyne bag. From classic black to bright green and yellow, the color choices are endless.

Hermes Clemence Evelyne III PM Etoupe Hermes Clemence Evelyne III PM Etoupe. Media Credit: Fashionphile

Hermès Evelyne Prices

If you're considering purchasing the Hermès Evelyne bag in 2021, here are the latest prices.

Hermes Evelyne Bag Style Price (USD) Price (EUR)
TPM $1,800 €1,330
PM $3,375 €2,490
GM $3,800 €2,800
TGM $4,500 €3,100

Please note that these prices are for the Evelyne III in Clemence leather and are current as of June 2021. Prices may vary in different countries and boutiques.

Compared to other Hermès styles, the Evelyne bag is considered relatively affordable, with a starting price of $1,800. For example, the iconic Birkin bag starts at over $9,000. The accessibility and everyday practicality of the Evelyne make it a compelling choice. Whether you're running errands or meeting friends for lunch, the Evelyne is a versatile bag that effortlessly complements any occasion.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this article are for reference purposes only. Actual prices may vary in Hermès boutiques.

The Hermès Evelyne bag is a true testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, functionality, and timeless design. With its rich history, various sizes, high-quality materials, and attractive price point, it's no wonder that the Evelyne has become a favorite among Hermès enthusiasts worldwide. So, whether you're a long-time admirer or a newcomer to the world of Hermès, the Evelyne is definitely worth considering for your collection.