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How The Shoe Company in Canada Is Revolutionizing Ahead of Its 70th Anniversary

CEO Tinh Phung
In the competitive Canadian market, Designer Brands Inc. has emerged as a prominent player, owing much of its success to its long-standing partner turned family member. With an equity stake in Town Shoes Ltd., the...

In the competitive Canadian market, Designer Brands Inc. has emerged as a prominent player, owing much of its success to its long-standing partner turned family member. With an equity stake in Town Shoes Ltd., the largest multibrand retailer in the country, Designer Brands Inc. has paved the way for innovation and growth. The merger of the two parties in 2018 led to the establishment of 27 DSW locations in Canada, all operating under the Designer Brands Canada division. However, it is The Shoe Company, a beloved family chain with 117 doors, that has stolen the spotlight.

Mary Turner, the EVP of Designer Brands and president of Designer Brands Canada, shares the company's vision for delivering a seamless experience akin to DSW in the United States. By closely collaborating with their American partners, Designer Brands Canada ensures that customers can enjoy the same impeccable experience, regardless of their location. The Shoe Company, on the other hand, allows complete autonomy in strategy and direction. The goal is to deepen the company's connection with customers, ensuring that it becomes the top-of-mind destination for family footwear in the Canadian market.

As The Shoe Company gears up to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2022, it is undergoing a visual rejuvenation that will be completed by next year. The white-boxing process involves refurbishing stores, removing outdated signage, and creating a consistent shopping experience that showcases the brand portfolio. Mary Turner emphasizes that conveying the remarkable range of brands offered by The Shoe Company is a top priority. The company's selection, which ranges from athletic to casual to seasonal, caters to every customer's needs and preferences.

While DSW stores boast an average of 20,000 square feet, The Shoe Company locations are smaller, measuring around 5,000 square feet. These stores are strategically nestled in neighborhood strip centers and streetfronts, making them easily accessible to the local community. Nancy Figenshaw, the head merchant, assures customers that despite the smaller assortment, The Shoe Company has something for everyone. From well-known brands like Steve Madden, Timberland, Adidas, and Vans to in-house labels from the sister Camuto Group such as Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, Lucky, Crown Vintage, Mix No. 6, and Kelly & Katie, The Shoe Company offers exclusive products that set it apart as the ultimate destination for these brands.

The Shoe Company has also formed partnerships that have elevated its sales. Lids shop-in-shops have been integrated into 45 locations, targeting the growth of the men's portion of the business. Additionally, Claire's shop-in-shops have been rolled out to 17 doors, offering support to the company's strength in kids' footwear. These strategic collaborations further solidify The Shoe Company's position in the market.

Beyond the tangible aspects, Designer Brands Canada is committed to enhancing the customer experience both in-store and online. The company recently migrated its digital operations to a unified corporate platform, enabling streamlined technology and development processes across all website banners. Eric Penno, the digital lead, explains that this consolidation provides a tremendous advantage as they invest in the platform, introducing new features and functionalities that enhance the customer's online shopping journey.

Moreover, Designer Brands Canada leverages its extensive history of in-store fulfillment to efficiently meet the growing demand for digital orders. This fulfillment capability proved to be invaluable during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when many physical stores were forced to close. The scalable distribution model ensured customers could continue to receive their orders promptly.

As The Shoe Company approaches its 70th anniversary, it is evident that the brand is not resting on its laurels. Through continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and a focus on customer experience, The Shoe Company is modernizing and solidifying its position as a leading retailer of family footwear in Canada. With a refreshed visual identity, a diverse portfolio of brands, and a commitment to seamless online and in-store experiences, The Shoe Company is set to captivate customers for decades to come.

Mary Turner Designer Brands Canada Mary Turner - Courtesy of Designer Brands Canada

The Shoe Company Lids Shop in Shops Lids shop-in-shops have been added to The Shoe Company locations - Courtesy of Designer Brands Canada