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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Double Denim Fashion

CEO Tinh Phung
Embrace the Timeless Double Denim Trend Double denim, also known as denim on denim, has stood the test of time as a fashion trend. Contrary to popular belief, when done right, this style can look...

How To Wear Double Denim – Ultimate Guide

Embrace the Timeless Double Denim Trend

Double denim, also known as denim on denim, has stood the test of time as a fashion trend. Contrary to popular belief, when done right, this style can look absolutely amazing! As someone who has immersed myself in the denim industry for over 7 years, I can confidently say that double denim is one of my favorite combinations. In fact, I even go as far as sporting triple denim, as long as the washes and fits complement each other.

Celebrities, bloggers, and models have all embraced double denim, showcasing its versatility. From Zac Efron and David Beckham to Rihanna and the Kardashian sisters, people from all walks of life can successfully pull off this trend. The key lies in choosing the right pieces to create a modern and updated feel. To help you master double denim, I have put together this comprehensive guide, covering the basics, general rules, and outfit inspirations for both men and women.

What You'll Learn in This Guide

  • The best combinations of denim shades
  • Pairing denim items for a cohesive look
  • Style tips for both genders
  • What to avoid when wearing double denim
  • The general rules for rocking this trend
  • The ultimate double denim outfit

Double Denim Models Olivia Palermo in Double Denim Men Rocking Double Denim Acid Wash Double Denim

The Golden Rules of Double Denim

When it comes to double denim, less is not more in my opinion. If you're unsure about styling this trend, fear not, as it's actually quite easy! The basic rule of thumb is to ensure that the washes and colors of the denim pieces are completely different from each other. For instance, pair a light-washed blue denim jacket or shirt with dark blue, black, or grey jeans. Alternatively, you can reverse the combination with dark washes on top and lighter washes on the bottom. Personally, I find the former option more flattering, as darker colors have a slimming effect on the lower body, creating a more proportionate look.

Another fundamental guideline is to ensure that the pieces you choose fit you perfectly. A baggy pair of jeans with an ill-fitting shirt or a loose denim jacket paired with poorly-fitted jeans is a recipe for disaster. Opt for slim or skinny fits to achieve the best results. Well-tailored cuts, especially on the legs, make a significant difference in pulling off double denim. Loose jeans rarely look good with this style; skinny fits are much more suited.

By adhering to these basic rules, both men and women can effortlessly nail the double denim look. These guidelines are almost foolproof, ensuring you get it right every time. If you want to take your double denim to the next level and make it more interesting, I've included additional tips and a wealth of inspirational photos for each gender.

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Double Denim: A Woman's Playground

The realm of double denim for women offers countless options. Denim shirts, jackets, and vests can be combined with skinny jeans, denim shorts, skinny flares, and even denim skirts. You can even layer denim vests over chambray dresses or tie a denim shirt around your waist for a trendy twist. The possibilities are endless. For those bold souls, triple denim can be achieved by pairing skinny jeans and a denim jacket with a fitted denim shirt, as long as the washes differ, of course.

If you're looking to experiment with on-trend styles this season, try tying a denim shirt around your waist, allowing it to drape over your skinny jeans or shorts. This technique works exceptionally well with dungarees or overalls, creating a completely different energy. It's a throwback to the '90s, but in a modern and updated way, offering a more muted and less overpowering effect.

If you only have similar shades of denim, don't fret! You can make it work without appearing outdated by incorporating accessories. Opt for a printed sweater under your denim jacket, pair it with bold shoes, layer on lots of jewelry, and don sunglasses or a hat. The key is mixing denim with other fabrics and colors to draw attention away from the monotonous denim block. Adding a coat or a smart blazer can also elevate the look, making it more refined and less casual.

My personal go-to double denim combination for women is a light blue denim shirt, vest, or jacket paired with grey skinny jeans. The interplay of lighter blue and grey denim creates a heavenly color palette, resulting in a perfect ensemble. Dark blue jeans work just as well, as long as your top denim piece is in a lighter wash.

Additionally, double denim can be experimented with by introducing prints or bright colors. Feel free to explore denim in various hues, as long as they complement each other. However, exercise caution when incorporating bold primary colors, as you don't want to resemble a children's TV presenter. For instance, white skinny jeans can be paired with a blue denim shirt, or blue skinny jeans can be matched with a colored denim jacket. I've even had success with tie-dye double denim combinations and floral print jeans, as well as acid wash mixtures!

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Double Denim: Men's Raw Magnetism

When it comes to double denim for men, the options may not be as plentiful as for women, but the final result can be even more stunning. The aesthetic can exude a strong and dominant vibe, making it perfect for men. Typically, denim on denim for men consists of pairing skinny jeans with a denim jacket or shirt. You can also incorporate a denim vest for a rocker-inspired look, complemented by plaid accents. And, as I mentioned earlier, tying a denim shirt around your waist adds that extra touch of denim to your outfit.

Given that men generally don't wear skirts or dresses, those options are off the table. I also don't recommend double denim with shorts, as the proportions tend to look awry. Therefore, my advice for men is to stick to skinny jeans in shades of grey, black, or dark blue and pair them with a lighter washed jacket or shirt on top. Nonetheless, make sure everything fits you well to achieve the best possible outcome.

The same rules regarding washes apply to men as they do to women when it comes to double denim. If you prefer not to mix up your blue shades, incorporate printed sweaters, bolder shoes, sunglasses, or backpacks to add a splash of color to your ensemble and prevent it from looking outdated. Beanies and scarves are also excellent choices for introducing more texture.

Denim jackets with fleece lining add texture and variety on their own. For instance, pairing a lighter-washed Levi's shearling jacket with lighter jeans, as seen on Zac Efron, creates a remarkable appeal. On that note, always ensure that each piece fits you well. As long as everything is slim, structured, and fitted, you can pretty much pull off any double denim combination with panache!

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These are my tips for creating the perfect double denim outfit. With the right combinations, you can achieve a chic and stylish look that isn't overpowering. You can shop all your denim pieces online at Shopbop for women and East Dane for men. If you're looking for more affordable options, ASOS is a great alternative. I'd love to hear how you adore the double denim trend and how you rock it, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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