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How to Rock Pastels for Men: A Guide to Effortless Style

CEO Tinh Phung
Neutrals are a safe bet when it comes to fashion, but it's time to break free from the monochrome. Pastel colors are making a comeback, adding a refreshing and vibrant touch to men's wardrobes. Whether...

Neutrals are a safe bet when it comes to fashion, but it's time to break free from the monochrome. Pastel colors are making a comeback, adding a refreshing and vibrant touch to men's wardrobes. Whether you're new to the trend or a seasoned pro, here's everything you need to know about wearing pastels with confidence and style.

Consider Your Skin Tone

When it comes to wearing pastels, finding the right shade for your skin tone is essential. Warm undertones, such as red, orange, and yellow, pair well with warm pastels like coral or pistachio green. On the other hand, cool undertones, like green, blue, and purple, match beautifully with cooler pastels like mint green or lilac.

Additionally, fair skin can be washed out by soft pastels, so opt for brighter and more vibrant shades. Medium complexions, with warm olive undertones, can rock both soft and hard pastels. Darker skin tones have the freedom to experiment with the entire spectrum of pastels.

Loosen Up Your Fits

When wearing pastels, it's essential to balance the color with the right fit. Avoid combining pastels with tight-fitting clothes, as it can give off a childish vibe. Instead, opt for slim-fitting chinos, tailored blazers, or shorts. Remember to maintain a slimmer silhouette to avoid looking larger than you are.

Check Your Surroundings

Before rocking pastels, consider the occasion and dress code. While pastels can work in smart settings, such as summer weddings, it's essential to read the room and adhere to the dress code. For a summer party, try a pastel suit with a white t-shirt and sneakers for a stylish yet relaxed look.

5 Ways to Wear Pastels

Pastel Tailoring

Sorbet-colored suiting requires confidence and careful consideration. Opt for a slim and neat cut, using summer-weight wools or cotton blends. A single-breasted jacket is the easiest option, but a modern four-button double-breasted style can also work well. Keep the trousers cropped and pair the look with loafers or sneakers for a contemporary twist.


Pastel Streetwear

Introduce a pop of color into your streetwear outfits. Combine a minty fresh sweatshirt with ripped black denim or wear soft lemon sneakers with any outfit for a subtle yet stylish look.


Tonal Pastels

Head-to-toe pastels can be risky but rewarding. Pick one color that suits your skin tone and work your way down to darker shades of the same hue. Consider pairing a contrast shirt or tee layered underneath a jacket to break up the monotony, and complement the look with neutral sneakers or a strategic belt.


Smart-Casual Pastels

Elevate your smart-casual look by incorporating a single pastel item. Swap your usual navy blazer for one in powder blue or your black jumper for a summer-appropriate yellow. The vibrant colors instantly make your outfit more casual while maintaining a polished appearance.

richard jamesRichard James

Preppy Pastels

Give the classic preppy style a modern twist with subdued pastel colors. Incorporate one or two key pieces into your outfit and mix them with contemporary staples. Wear varsity jackets with denim and sneakers or pair chinos with a hoodie and an Oxford shirt for a sophisticated and on-trend look.


5 Easy-to-Wear Pastel Pieces


Introduce a pop of color with pastel sneakers. Opt for minimalist tennis shoes or retro classics for a refined and stylish look. Avoid bulky running or basketball sneakers, as they can appear childish in pastel shades.

urban outfittersUrban Outfitters


Experiment with pastel shirts for a casual yet sophisticated outfit. Stick to soft shades like sky blue and pink when pairing with a tie, and reserve more vibrant tones for casual Oxford or Cuban collar shirts.

urban outfittersUrban Outfitters


If you prefer a predominantly black wardrobe, start small by incorporating pastel accessories. Add a pop of color with socks, a baseball cap, or a silk tie or pocket square for formal occasions.



Chinos are no longer limited to khaki and stone colors. Opt for slim-cut chinos in washed-out shades of pink, blue, or green to add a touch of pastel to your outfits.

massimo duttiMassimo Dutti


A versatile staple, sweatshirts can be dressed up or down. Choose hard pastels with bold logos for a sporty look or opt for softer plain versions for a casual yet refined style.


With these tips and easy-to-wear pieces, you're ready to rock pastels with confidence and style. Embrace the trend and add a splash of color to your wardrobe for a fresh and modern look.