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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Petite Sweatpants: 14 Best Stores for Short Women

CEO Tinh Phung
If you're like me and stand at a modest 5'2", you know the struggles of finding the perfect pair of sweatpants. Most clothing stores cater to average height individuals, leaving us petite women with limited...

If you're like me and stand at a modest 5'2", you know the struggles of finding the perfect pair of sweatpants. Most clothing stores cater to average height individuals, leaving us petite women with limited options. But fear not! I've done the legwork (pun intended) and compiled a list of the best stores to buy petite sweatpants.

where to find petite sweat pants Finding the right pair of petite sweatpants can be a challenge, but not anymore!


Gap is a go-to store for affordable and trendy sweatpants. They constantly update their collections, including a range of options for all sizes, including petites. You can always count on Gap for comfortable and stylish jogger pants. Check out these Gap Pull on Joggers ($69.95).


Nordstrom makes the search for petite-sized joggers a breeze. Simply click on the "petite size" option, and you'll be directed to their entire petite size department. They offer a wide price range, with designer brands for those willing to splurge, like the Cara pocket joggers ($38.35). You can even find French terry joggers in petite sizes, ranging from $40 and up.


ASOS offers a great selection of petite-length joggers at an affordable price point. What sets them apart is that their models are actually petite girls, so you can see how the joggers will look on someone with a similar height. ASOS is perfect for finding joggers that you can wear without worrying about throwing them in the wash. Take a look at these Petite sweatpants ($36.00).


For trendier designs, look no further than Express. They carry a wide selection of petite-size pants, including joggers. Their inseam is typically around 25", making them a perfect fit for shorter legs. Don't miss out on their signature high-waisted sweatpants in petite sizes.


Abercrombie may be known for its youthful designs, but they also offer sweatpants suitable for grown-ups. Their petite-size pants, like the Petite Quilted Sweatpants ($70), are trendy and high-quality. Don't be surprised to find stylish options that cater to your taste.


Believe it or not, Zappos has a decent selection of sweatpants for short women. They may not be listed under the petite collection, but you can find them with a little trick. Simply navigate to the "Women" section, click on "Clothing," then "Activewear & Yoga" and select "Pants." Under "Inseam," choose a length that works for you, ideally under 28 inches. For example, try these Mayslie Joggers ($137.96).

Petite Dressing

As a store specifically designed for petite women, Petite Dressing understands the struggle of finding the right length. They offer a range of joggers, including linen petite jogger pants ($69) with inseams starting from 24". Embrace your petite frame with their exclusive collection.

LL Bean

LL Bean is renowned for its durable outdoor clothing, and their petite jogger pants are no exception. With reasonable price tags, LL Bean offers a solid variety of petite jogger pants, such as the Women's Bean Cozy Jogger ($69.95). Trust this brand to provide you with comfort and quality.

Beyond Yoga

If you're into yoga or workouts, Beyond Yoga is the brand for you. Despite not explicitly offering petite sizes, they offer short-length sweatpants that work well for shorter women. Featured at retailers like Nordstrom and Zappos, Beyond Yoga is a reputable and mid-priced brand. Check out these Fleece Sweatpants ($108).


Champion surprises us with their French terry jogger pants, which are petite-friendly. They offer 7/8 joggers with a 27.5-inch inseam, perfect for petite women under 5'4". While they don't have a dedicated petite category, a quick search for "7/8" will lead you to their collection of drawstring petite-friendly sweatpants. Enjoy their affordable price range, like these Soft touch joggers ($41.00), available on their website and Amazon.


Known for their underwear, Hanes also offers petite-length joggers/sweatpants on their website. They even label them as petite jogger pants, making them easy to find. With prices starting at just $15 (or even lower during sales), Hanes is a budget-friendly option worth exploring.

JC Penney

JC Penney's online store is a hidden gem for petite women. They offer lounge jogger pants specifically made for short women, with a perfect inseam of 25". Don't miss out on their promotions, as you can snag a pair for less than $20.

With this ultimate guide, your search for petite sweatpants is finally over. Explore these stores and find the perfect joggers that cater to your height and style. Embrace your petite frame and rock those sweatpants with confidence!