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Make-Up Artist Tries Aldi's New Beauty Range: A Surprising Dupe Discovery

CEO Tinh Phung
Aldi, the powerhouse in the world of makeup and skincare dupes, has just released a new range that is sure to excite any beauty buff. With affordable options that rival high-end brands like Charlotte Tilbury,...

Aldi, the powerhouse in the world of makeup and skincare dupes, has just released a new range that is sure to excite any beauty buff. With affordable options that rival high-end brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Lancome, and Elemis, Aldi's latest offerings are a game-changer for budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts. But which products are actually worth trying?

A Professional's Verdict

To help us separate the gems from the duds, we enlisted the expertise of London-based professional makeup artist Safia Cox. With experience painting the faces of celebrities like Georgia Harrison and Clelia Theodorou, Safia's opinion carries weight. We brought her into the Mirror HQ to put Aldi's new beauty range to the test.

A Surprise Discovery

Make-up artist tries Aldi's new beauty range and £1.99 Charlotte Tilbury dupe is 'identical'
Aldi's new beauty range - a Charlotte Tilbury dupe

As a skincare enthusiast, I was immediately drawn to Aldi's budget-friendly takes on viral Elemis products. One standout is the Lacura Hydrating Gel Serum, priced at just £4.99, compared to Elemis' Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice, which costs a staggering £44.

Another impressive dupe is Aldi's Lacura Illuminating Primer Moisturiser, inspired by Elemis' Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser. Priced at a fraction of the cost, it promised to deliver similar results. Having used the Elemis version before, my expectations were high.

When it came to makeup, we tried out Aldi's Lacura Collagen Lip Oil (£2.99). With packaging almost identical to the viral Charlotte Tilbury Lip Oil, it was an easy dupe to spot. And finally, we tested the Lacura Dramatic Lash Mascara (£4.99), a copycat of the high-end Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara.

Skincare First

Safia, an advocate for affordable makeup herself, began with the Lacura Hydrating Gel Serum. "Skincare is one of the most important parts before makeup, as it really sets the base for your foundation," she explained.

Applying the Lacura serum, Safia was instantly impressed. "It's already tacky, which is a good thing as it means your foundation will stick well." The product injected a burst of hydration into the skin, leaving it plump and dewy. But how would makeup apply on top?

Safia noted that the consistency of both serums is almost identical. They have the same smell and cooling effect on the skin, leaving it well hydrated. The Aldi version is slightly stickier, which, according to Safia, is actually beneficial for makeup longevity.

An Illuminating Primer Moisturiser

Moving on to the Lacura Primer Moisturiser, Safia's face instantly lit up. "This is so glowy already," she commented as she applied it. A fan of rich moisturisers, the idea of a hybrid product intrigued her. She dubbed it a "good option" for those with dry to normal skin.

She could see immediate results and suggested that it would work well for people desiring a minimal makeup look. "It would work well as a base with just a little concealer over it, as it's already so glowy and doesn't necessarily need foundation." The similarity between the Aldi and Elemis packaging was striking, although Safia did note that the Elemis version felt thicker and more luxurious.

However, for my oily skin, Safia cautioned against using this product, especially after applying a hydrating serum. She suspected that my skin was experiencing hydration overload, leading to clumping when foundation was applied.

A Charlotte Tilbury Dupe

Before applying foundation, Safia reached for the Lacura lip oil. "It's a great way to give your pout deep hydration while applying makeup," she explained. Instantly, her face lit up with excitement. "It is the exact same. It's the same consistency, smell, and even has all of the same ingredients and packaging," she exclaimed.

The application was smooth, aided by a roller ball applicator that added a touch of luxury to the experience. With the added boost of collagen, my lips looked plump and hydrated. Safia couldn't contain her enthusiasm, stating, "I love the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Oil, and I can't believe how similar this one is." With non-sticky properties, the lip oil also proved to be wind-friendly, sparing me from the dreaded hair-on-lips situation. It's no wonder this product made a comeback due to its popularity.

The Lancome Mascara Dupe

The final product Safia tested was the Lancome mascara dupe. Mascara is always a challenge for me, as it tends to smudge by the end of the day. Safia coated each lash, and to our delight, she declared it a "really, really good mascara." It added length and volume to my lashes, with a wand shape that prevented clumping.

After five hours of wear, the mascara stayed put without any smudging or smearing. The only downside Safia pointed out was that it wasn't waterproof. She explained, "A good waterproof mascara won't transfer or run down your face, or leave you looking like a panda."

While the Lancome mascara did seem to provide slightly more length, the Aldi version was an impressive copy.

The Verdict: A Surprisingly Good Range

As Safia finished off with another coating of the lip oil, my transformation was complete. Safia's overall impression of the range was positive. The lip oil garnered a perfect 10/10 rating for its similarity to the Charlotte Tilbury product at a much more affordable price.

The mascara and serum both secured an impressive 8/10 rating, with the mascara providing exceptional lash length and volume. Safia's only gripe was that the Primer Moisturiser received a 5/10 due to clumping when foundation was applied.

Despite a few skincare hiccups, my foundation lasted all day with the Aldi products, even on a sweaty train journey. The mascara's performance came as a pleasant surprise, while the lip oil offered a luxurious feel with its collagen-infused formula.

The Lacura Hydrating Gel Serum and Illuminating Primer Moisturiser are currently available in stores nationwide. Aldi's Lacura ProNight Skincare range, which includes the Collagen Lip Oil and Dramatic Lash Mascara, will be available from 25th February, while stocks last.

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Make-up artist tries Aldi's new beauty range and £1.99 Charlotte Tilbury dupe is 'identical'
Aldi's new beauty range - a Charlotte Tilbury dupe