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Making Waves with Vivida Lifestyle: Dive into Sustainable Performance Swimwear

CEO Tinh Phung
Image: Sustainable performance swimwear from Vivida It’s time for another beachy post! Today, I want to share my exciting experience with Vivida Lifestyle, an eco-friendly fashion brand that creates sustainable performance swimwear. Living on the...

Image: Sustainable performance swimwear from Vivida

It’s time for another beachy post! Today, I want to share my exciting experience with Vivida Lifestyle, an eco-friendly fashion brand that creates sustainable performance swimwear. Living on the Brighton seafront, I find myself drawn to the beach every day. And with Vivida's swimwear, I feel confident and empowered to swim and get active in the sea!

What To Look For In Sustainable Performance Swimwear

If you're looking for swimwear that stays put, is suitable for swimming and watersports, and cares for the environment, Vivida is the expert. I had the opportunity to speak with Jackie Tyburski, Global Engagement Director at Vivida, to learn more about their approach and designs.

Sustainable Swimwear Styles

"Our mission is centered around living life to the fullest, pursuing activities and passions that make you feel alive and connected to yourself, nature, and the joys of life," says Jackie. This passion is evident in Vivida's swimwear styles. From their bikinis to their Water Warrior one piece, their designs combine dreamy ocean colors with intricate plant prints, catering to different body shapes. Their swimwear is designed for ocean use, offering more coverage and better mobility. You can mix and match their rash-guards and high-waisted bikini bottoms to create your perfect combination. Plus, each garment is reversible, adding a fun element and encouraging more wears over time!

Stay-Put Power

As a new sea swimmer, I wanted to know how Vivida's designs compare to regular swimwear. Jackie told me, "Our swimwear is made to 'stay put' for women who want to be active in the water while wearing beautiful pieces. We aim to empower women to feel strong and comfortable doing what they love - be it surfing, swimming, or simply enjoying the beach." Trying on their swimwear for the first time, I noticed the difference immediately. Even their simple surf bikini feels incredibly secure! The well-made straps and figure-hugging bottoms ensure they stay in place. I feel confident and free to move in the water, instead of being restricted to cautious dips.

Ethical Garment Making

Vivida works with two garment factories, one for their swimwear and another for their towel ponchos. They share this information on their website, which is fantastic! I'm particularly interested in SHEICO, an eco-friendly factory in Cambodia that produces Vivida's wetsuits using recycled neoprene. SHEICO is also part of the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing worldwide. Knowing this, I appreciate the brand's commitment to transparency and ethical production.

Sea-Friendly Materials

Vivida places the environment at the core of their designs, from the prints to the cuts and the materials used. Their swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles, and all their print and dyestuffs meet the high standards of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I. This certification ensures that their garments are free from harmful substances for both human health and the environment. Furthermore, Vivida is continuously exploring more sustainable materials such as bamboo, upcycled coconut shells, upcycled coffee grounds, and upcycled pineapple leaves for their future collections.

Besma in sea wearing recycled wetsuit Image: Besma in the sea wearing a recycled wetsuit

Specialist Pieces

In addition to performance swimwear, Vivida also produces eco-friendly wetsuits. Traditional neoprene wetsuits have a poor environmental track record. However, Vivida collaborates with SHEICO to create their wetsuits using EcoCarbon Black, a revolutionary new material made from recycled rubber tires, post-consumer plastic bottles, and solvent-free glue. When I tried on the Linda reversible wetsuit, I couldn't even tell the difference. It feels incredibly soft, supportive, and fits perfectly. Plus, it offers two color options with its reversible design!

Supporting Green Policy

While exploring Vivida Lifestyle's website, I was impressed by their commitment to the United Nations' Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. The brand has actively participated in their working group since 2019. As someone who deeply cares about sustainable practices, I am thrilled to know that Vivida supports policies that align with my values.

Vivida Lifestyle: For Sustainable Performance Swimwear

To conclude, I am absolutely delighted to wear Vivida's swimwear and wetsuits whenever I venture into the sea. I feel comfortable, confident, and proud to contribute to a healthier planet. It was surprising to discover that many well-known outdoor brands lack transparency. In contrast, Vivida demonstrates its genuine care for people and the environment. If you're considering investing in sustainable performance swimwear, I highly recommend visiting Vivida's website at www.vividalifestyle.com.

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