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Meet Logan Wilkes of Envy Lifestyle Group

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Today, let's dive into the extraordinary journey of Logan Wilkes, the self-made entrepreneur and owner of Envy Lifestyle Group. With offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, and Miami, Logan has built a flourishing modeling...

Today, let's dive into the extraordinary journey of Logan Wilkes, the self-made entrepreneur and owner of Envy lifestyle Group. With offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, and Miami, Logan has built a flourishing modeling and influencer agency that is making waves in the industry.

A Passionate Dreamer with Big Ambitions

Logan's story begins in a small town in Georgia, where he nurtured his dreams while studying Mass Communications and Fashion Merchandising at the University of Georgia. Fueled by a desire for something more, he took a leap of faith and moved to Miami after college. Although he had incredible experiences there, Logan always knew that his true passion lay in owning his own company.

After several failed ventures, Logan found himself in Miami during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was during this challenging time that he received an irresistible offer. The CEO of a startup skincare company asked Logan to become the VP of Marketing in Los Angeles. Little did he know, this opportunity would lead him to uncover his true calling.

A Journey of Discovery

Working with the skincare brand, Logan faced the daunting task of building a brand from scratch. The mission was to revolutionize skincare for men, a seemingly insurmountable challenge. That's when Logan realized that one of the best ways to influence men's grooming habits was through the advice of women.

As the head of marketing, Logan created and managed the brand ambassador program, enlisting over 2,000 models and influencers even before the brand's official launch. From organizing brand photoshoots in their luxurious Beverly Hills mansion to planning brand events, Logan fell in love with this aspect of his work. It was during this time that he discovered his true purpose.

Envy Lifestyle Group Takes Flight

In October 2020, Logan founded Envy Lifestyle Models, a modeling agency focused on event staffing. Instead of competing for brand campaigns and magazine editorials, Envy carved a niche in the event atmosphere modeling market. These "atmosphere models" are hired to enhance the beauty and energy of events.

Starting out, Logan couldn't believe that he was getting paid to hang out with models and attend parties. However, the path to success was not without its hurdles. Logan faced challenges like clients refusing to pay and having to cover costs out of his own pocket. But these setbacks only strengthened his determination.

A Year of Growth and Success

Fast forward to today, and Envy Lifestyle Group has experienced exponential growth. In addition to atmosphere models, the agency now offers trade show models, brand ambassadors, and influencers. With over 200 new models added to the roster and operations expanding to multiple cities, Envy has become a force to be reckoned with.

While Logan initially juggled both modeling and running the agency, he eventually shifted his focus to the business side, and that decision paid off in a big way. Looking back, Logan finds it surreal how far the agency has come, especially considering it was established during a pandemic when events were being canceled left and right. His story is a testament to the power of determination and the belief that anything is possible.

Envy Lifestyle Group - Bridging the Gap

Envy Lifestyle Group stands out among modeling agencies because it is owned and operated by models themselves. Logan's diverse background in both marketing and the modeling industry uniquely positions him to understand the goals of companies and help them create innovative marketing strategies. He's also learned valuable lessons from his own experiences as a model, enabling him to attract top talent and avoid common pitfalls.

The Power of Perseverance

Logan's journey has been marked by moments of doubt and personal struggles. Battling anxiety and depression, he faced immense challenges when he moved to Los Angeles, especially after losing his grandfather. However, with the support of friends and a life coach, Logan found the strength to pull himself together and reignite his passion.

Embracing the Unknown

The most important lesson Logan learned along his remarkable journey is to keep going, even when life throws unexpected curveballs. His path to success was far from conventional, but each step taught him invaluable lessons. While Logan initially dreamed of becoming a lawyer, life took him on a different and more fulfilling route. He now embraces the uncertainty of the future, knowing that remarkable opportunities can unfold around any corner.


  • Trade Show Models: $65/hr+
  • Atmosphere Models: $100/hr+
  • Brand Ambassadors: $75/hr+

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Join Logan Wilkes on his incredible journey to success and discover how Envy Lifestyle Group is revolutionizing the modeling industry. To learn more, visit Envy Lifestyle Group's Website or follow Logan on Instagram and Envy Lifestyle Models.

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