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MYO Cosmetic Cases: Streamlining Your Beauty Collection

CEO Tinh Phung
Anyone who loves makeup knows the struggle of a lack of space for your ever-growing collection. Bulky packaging and large quantities of product make traveling with your everyday makeup (not to mention skincare!) a challenge....

Anyone who loves makeup knows the struggle of a lack of space for your ever-growing collection. Bulky packaging and large quantities of product make traveling with your everyday makeup (not to mention skincare!) a challenge. At home, there’s only so much bathroom real estate available for all your favorite cosmetics. And for professional makeup artists, the quest to cut down on kit bulk and excess weight is never-ending. Imagine an all-in-one makeup palette that contains all the cosmetics you need, in the palm of your hand.

An all-in-one makeup palette is a container that contains multiple cosmetic products in one place—it’s the Mari Kondo answer to your beauty needs. There are various palettes to suit your different beauty needs, but they are intended to streamline your beauty products and have everything you’ll need in one place.


Many beauty brands sell makeup palettes grouped by product family, meaning the palette holds various eyeshadows, or different blushes, or a selection of highlighters. One of the most recognizable examples of a product family palette is the Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay, which famously contains 12 shades nude of eyeshadows with various finishes.

While product family palettes offer a variety of shades to create many looks, there is often no customization option, and precious palette space gets wasted on colors you’ll never use.


Some beauty brands sell multi-purpose palettes that house a variety of products in one place. Some examples include lip-to-cheek palettes, or the famed Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palettes, containing highlight and contour products. Some brands even offer full-face multi-purpose palettes which can be great when they contain the products you actually love and use.

Unfortunately, most of these store-bought, full-face palettes come from small-label beauty brands found on Amazon, whose products simply don’t perform the same as your treasured Armani foundation, for example. Established brands that sell multi-purpose palettes rarely offer a customization option, so space gets wasted on products you’ll never use.


Some makeup brands sell empty DIY makeup palettes you can customize with your own products. These come in two categories: magnetized, for powder products that come in a pan (eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, etc) or welled to hold cream products (lipsticks, color correctors, cream contours, etc). While it can be daunting to start depotting your favorite products, the customization factor is unbeatable—while also saving space and cutting unnecessary weight.

A downside to most magnetized and welled makeup palettes is the limited function. If you want a true all-in-one makeup palette, you’ll need something that holds both powder and cream products.

Choosing a makeup palette comes down to your individual needs. Below are a few examples and suggestions for various all-in-one makeup palettes:


If you’re traveling, you need a makeup palette that holds everything you need for a full face of makeup—complete with various options for natural-to-glam looks. If you find a store-bought makeup palette that has all your necessary full-face products already, congrats! You’ve found the needle in the haystack.

Most travelers prefer a build-your-own makeup palette, customized with their favorite products that span various beauty brands.This travel makeup palette needs to be versatile and made of high-quality casing to withstand being jostled in your luggage.


You want a compact all-in-one makeup palette to easily fit in your purse for days when you’re on-the-go and need to touch up your glam or evolve your look from day-to-night.

Again, if you find a store-bought palette that holds everything you need, you’ve cracked the code! Most of us need a build-your-own palette in this instance to take what we love and absolutely need, and leave the rest at home.

This palette needs to be durable, sleek, and just big enough to hold what’s necessary: lipstick, mattifying powder, concealer, bronzer, blush, and some eyeliner or eyeshadow to amp up your look for nighttime.


Pro MUAs are always looking for a better touch-up kit to quickly access all the products needed for clients when there isn’t a minute to waste digging through your set bag for that one lipstick.

Here’s where a build-your-own makeup palette is your best bet—one you can customize based on your subject’s complexion, individual needs, and the job at hand. For example, a bridal touch-up kit will differ greatly from what’s needed for a male news anchor, which will be very different from a special-effects touch-up kit for a horror movie.

This palette needs to be super durable to withstand heavy-duty disinfectants or being accidentally dropped on set. It must be easily customizable and interchangeable, depending on the client and job at hand.


Palettes are essential for getting rid of bulk and saving space, whether you’re consolidating your beauty collection at home or you’re a pro cutting down on excess kit weight.

Perhaps you'd like to consolidate your stack of eyeshadow palettes by various brands into a uniform system organized by color. Or you’re looking to organize individually-packaged powder stacks into a few sleek palettes.

You’ll need a storage system that can grow and evolve with your makeup collection. Following the Mari Kondo method, these palettes should have a clear top to be able to see the contents upon first glance, without having to open each palette to know what’s inside. These should be high-quality makeup palettes with reinforced snap enclosures that will last for years to come.

Unfortunately, store-bought palettes often miss the mark, wasting precious real estate on shades you’ll never use, or a product you don’t need—without the option to customize. Most build-your-own palettes on the market are only customizable to a certain point. Magnetized palettes only hold pan-packaged products, and welled palettes only hold cream products. Also most DIY palettes are flimsy and are prone to leaking or shattering products at the slightest jostle—not to mention are near-impossible to disinfect (a must for professional makeup artists).

From store-bought to build-your-own, there are so many makeup palette options out there. However, they’re either flimsy, lack in customization, or come pre-packaged with products you’ll never use. There is really only one alternative that checks all the boxes, and that’s MYO Cosmetic Cases.

Our magnetic makeup palettes have everything you need, whether you’re looking for a durable, custom on-the-go makeup case or the ultimate storage system for your beauty collection.


Holding creams, powders, brushes, eyeliners, and liquids - 100% customizable - the MYO Pro Travel Makeup Case is the ultimate all-in-one makeup palette. Build your own palette of colors, liquids, and cream products within this protective, sleek case!

This palette safely holds pan-products like eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, and powders. What makes MYO truly shine is our unique system of insertable accessories. Clamshell pods hold creams and liquids—perfect for skincare, foundations, gel liners, cream contour, and blush, lipstick, and lip gloss. Magnetic dividers keep loose pencils and brushes safely in place. Take everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

Built to last, the Pro Travel Makeup Case boasts a unique shock-absorbent case and hypoallergenic gasket to protect your precious products. Go ahead and put it in checked luggage, the bottom of your tote bag, or your set bag for touch-ups. It’s made from ultra durable plastic that can withstand commercial-grade disinfectants for easy cleaning. Designed by engineers, this case features a secure spring-loaded clasp that has been field-tested by professional MUAs to withstand thousands of openings and closings. The Pro Travel Makeup Case is a whole reduce-reuse-refill makeup system for our sustainable, minimalist besties!

Scared of depotting your makeup? Don’t let that hold you back. Here's our comprehensive guide to the best refillable makeup options - you can easily insert these products into our customizable makeup cases!

Whether you’re traveling the world, streamlining your at-home makeup collection, or doing makeup for Hollywood’s elite, MYO has the perfect all-in-one makeup palette for you. While it may not be as easy picking up a store-bought palette, MYO’s fully customizable makeup palettes unparalleled. You’ll need to depot some of your favorite products which requires commitment and creativity, but the space and weight you’ll save while creating your dream makeup palette makes it all worth it. Makeup Your Own Cosmetic Cases has everything you need, beautiful!