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Nike Metcon 4 Review: Unparalleled Stability for Cross Training

CEO Tinh Phung
In late December 2017, Nike launched the highly anticipated Nike Metcon 4, the fourth iteration of their renowned cross-training shoe. With each new model, Nike aims to enhance the functionality for strength athletes, incorporating features...

In late December 2017, Nike launched the highly anticipated Nike Metcon 4, the fourth iteration of their renowned cross-training shoe. With each new model, Nike aims to enhance the functionality for strength athletes, incorporating features such as smaller heel-toe offsets, plastic heel clips, larger outsoles, and reinforced shoelace eyelets.

The Nike Metcon has become synonymous with cross-training activities, and over the last few months, we've thoroughly tested the Nike Metcon 4 in both the gym and day-to-day activities. Our goal was to determine how this model compares to others on the market and find the ultimate cross-training shoe.

What Sets the Nike Metcon 4 Apart

Out of all the cross trainers we've tried, the Nike Metcon 4 stands out as the most stable option for heavy loaded compound lifts. Its solid outsole, featuring hard TPU in the heel, effectively limits compression even under the heaviest weights. The shoe's outer construction is well-made, with durable reinforced mesh and TPU. Additionally, the Nike Metcon 4 boasts additional Flywire for a reactive feel and a flatter 4mm offset.

Construction: Sturdy and Grounded

The Nike Metcon 4's outside material consists of a sandwich mesh, with Nike Flywire and a light TPU covering it. The inside of the shoe's sandwich mesh is lined with a softer material, providing additional comfort and flexibility. To prevent drag in movements like burpees, Nike has added a synthetic material towards the big toe.

Nike Metcon 4 Functionality Nike Metcon 4 Functionality

The shoe's 4mm offset ensures that it sits flat and feels sturdy and fully grounded. Ankle stability is not an issue during strength, power, or cardio-based movements. The TPU used in this Metcon model is slightly harder than in previous versions, which proves beneficial for heavy lifts. On the lateral and medial sides, the outsole wraps up far along the arch, providing excellent grip for activities like gripping medicine balls. The plastic heel clip, extending from the mid-foot to the heel, feels sturdier and more secure compared to the Metcon 3's clip.

Nike Metcon 4 Construction Nike Metcon 4 Construction

The tongue of the shoe is lightweight, made of mesh and leather material, and offers breathability towards the bottom of the shoe. With six reinforced eyelets, the Nike Metcon 4 ensures a secure fit. The bottom and outsole of the shoe are composed of sticky rubber, providing solid traction even after months of intense workouts.

Performance: Stability for All Dimensions

To assess the Nike Metcon 4's functionality, we subjected it to a series of gym-focused tests including heavy back squats, power cleans, box jumps, rope climbs, and wall balls. Our main concern with cross-training shoes is their ability to provide stability during strength-focused movements, and the Nike Metcon 4 exceeded our expectations.

Nike Metcon 4 Performance Nike Metcon 4 Performance

This model proved to be one of the most stable Nike Metcon shoes we have tested to date. During heavy back squats, we noticed zero give in the heel or outsole. The solid TPU construction guarantees stability and provides confidence, even with the heaviest squat weights. The small offset in the power clean is compensated by the flat outsole, ensuring a grounded and sturdy base. The Nike Metcon 4 also performed exceptionally well in movements like wall balls, keeping the foot flat and stable throughout the throwing and catching phases.

Nike Metcon 4 Performance Nike Metcon 4 Performance

During rope climbs, the shoe's sticky rubber outsole gripped the rope effectively on both the medial and lateral sides. The only minor drawback we observed was the firmness of the shoe. Although it may not be the most comfortable option for absorbing multiple box jumps, it is a negligible issue that can be easily resolved by adjusting your landing technique.

Durability: Built to Last

As mentioned earlier, the Nike Metcon 4's construction incorporates Nike Flywire and light TPU. Flywire, with its cable-like filaments, offers support throughout the shoe while allowing flexibility. The sandwiched mesh used in this model provides excellent breathability, particularly towards the front of the shoe. The heel cup is low cut, ensuring comfort and preventing chafing. Overall, the shoe feels durable, and we did not experience any signs of early wear and tear.

Nike Metcon 4 Construction Nike Metcon 4 Construction

Stability: Unmatched in Performance

Stability is a strong suit of the Nike Metcon 4. Throughout our performance tests, we found it to be highly stable, almost to the point of being uncomfortable during cardio-based movements. The 4mm offset ensures that the outsole sits flat on the ground, eliminating any elevated feeling. The extended outsole on the medial and lateral sides, along with the heel clip, enhances stability. This Metcon model's unparalleled stability is a testament to its design.

Nike Metcon 4 Security Nike Metcon 4 Security

Price: Worth the Investment

The Nike Metcon 4 starts at around $130.00, which falls within the expected price range for high-quality cross-training shoes. Considering its exceptional performance and stability, we believe the Nike Metcon 4 offers excellent value for the price. This model has proven itself in every performance test, particularly in terms of stability. While it may be slightly too sturdy for cardio-based activities, it remains a reliable and worthy investment.

Nike Metcon 4 Nike Metcon 4

Wrapping Up

To conclude, the Nike Metcon 4 is a standout model that truly lives up to its reputation. It surpasses previous Nike Metcon versions in terms of stability and offers ample support during workouts. The shoe's sandwich mesh construction feels durable, and we observed no signs of wear and tear. The only minor downside is its firmness, which may make it less suitable for repetitive heel strikes during cardio-based activities. However, if you're in search of a stable and high-quality cross-training shoe, the Nike Metcon 4 is an excellent choice that will undoubtedly provide a sound investment.