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On Roger Pro Review: Is Federer's Tennis Shoe Worth the Hype?

CEO Tinh Phung
Image Source: shopmrkatin.vn When tennis legend Roger Federer teamed up with Swiss running brand On to create a performance tennis shoe, it raised eyebrows. However, after several seasons of the Roger Pro silhouette, it's clear...

On Roger Pro Tennis Shoe Image Source: shopmrkatin.vn

When tennis legend Roger Federer teamed up with Swiss running brand On to create a performance tennis shoe, it raised eyebrows. However, after several seasons of the Roger Pro silhouette, it's clear that this partnership has staying power. Athletes from around the world eagerly await each restock, hoping to get their hands on these shoes designed by one of the sport's greatest players.

The Roger Pro has been on my radar since its exclusive release in 2021. While the hype surrounding the shoe is undeniable, I wanted to know how these tennis shoes actually perform on the court. So, I decided to test them out during a few recreational games at my local courts. Although I'm no professional tennis player, I can hold my own and provide valuable insights into the traction, pickup, and overall comfort of the Roger Pros.

On Roger Pro: What We Think

The Roger Pros are undeniably premium tennis shoes designed for elite players. They offer snappiness, comfort, and support, but the overall profile may be a bit too much for most recreational athletes. The Speedboard carbon plate and underfoot geometry reward good footwork but punish bad technique or flat-footed landings. While this may be a testament to my own lack of tennis skills, it's worth considering if you're not an experienced player.

The engineered mesh upper and continuous rubber outsole provide great traction and a stylish look. However, after just a few wears, I noticed that these sneakers weren't built for the long haul. Considering their nearly $200 price tag, replacement pairs might be an afterthought for professional players, but for the average athlete, it could be a significant investment.

On absolutely aced the looks and comfort.

The aesthetics of the Roger Pros immediately caught my attention. Unlike other sporty silhouettes, these shoes have a fashionable look that can be worn off the court as well. The clean-cut white base and subtle accent colors add personality to any outfit. The comfort level is also impressive, with a thick tongue and plush collar that create a cozy cradle for your feet. The midfoot cage eliminates any sloppy space, providing stability during intense gameplay.

The chunky looks don't play into the "maximalist" title.

Despite their chunky appearance, the Roger Pros are surprisingly agile on the court. The 13.4-ounce silhouette moves effortlessly, thanks to the engineered mesh upper that combines breathability and support. While they may not give you a parachute-like experience as you rush toward the net, they offer enough ventilation to keep your feet cool. These shoes truly excel in fast-paced play, but if you're not used to playing at a near-professional level, they may be overwhelming.

Your footwork needs to be on point with these high-performing tennis shoes.

To get the most out of the Roger Pros, your footwork must be on point. The stiff midsole, Speedboard carbon plate, aggressive toe spring, and centralized weight at the forefoot demand an aggressive playing style. The shoes reward good footwork with comfort, traction, and energy return. However, taking a break or playing at a slower pace can result in a rigid landing that feels uncomfortable. Consider your tennis goals and aspirations before investing in these high-performance shoes.

The Roger Pro burns bright and fast when it comes to durability.

Although the Roger Pros require no break-in period, their durability may be a concern. After just a few matches, I noticed signs of wear and tear on the outsole, particularly at the raised edges along the sides of the foot. The shallow tread also led to decreased traction over time. For a tennis shoe at this price point, I expected better durability. Additionally, the engineered mesh upper may not withstand regular wear and tear, making it difficult to keep these shoes looking clean.

On Roger Pro: Alternatives

If you're considering adding a pair of sneakers tied to one of tennis's greatest icons, or have a high-stakes match approaching, the Roger Pros might be appealing. However, there are plenty of other options available that deliver on-court performance with better durability, all for under $200. The Asics Gel-Resolution 9 offers stability and cushioning, while the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 combines energy and style. Brands like New Balance and Babolat also offer suitable options for players of all levels.

In conclusion, the Roger Pros are undoubtedly impressive tennis shoes, but they may be better suited for elite players rather than recreational athletes. Consider your own tennis skills, playing style, and budget before making a purchasing decision.